Mistakes In Creating A Personal Branding


We all take our careers seriously. Not only that, we all want to be respected, trusted and influenced by others.

A person’s personal branding, built over a long period of time both inside and outside the office, both in real life and on social networks.

But people often forget that it must be built on consistency in every situation, every time.

Here are the mistakes people often make in creating their personal branding.

1. Personal Branding Is Due To Promotion

In today’s world of high-speed internet, our names can be known all over the world, which will affect the most basic elements of each individual, each brand.

For corporations with unified transmission methods and the content of messages, they are capable of preserving the brand very well and gaining a high reputation.

A personal brand is no different from the brand of a business or corporation. We must develop our reputation through unified conduct, creating a trust for those who know and are watching us.

It is not possible to just say it by mouth, but it must also be done by moving.


2. People Of Work And Personal Life Are Separated

We all tend to return to ourselves when we step out of the office.

But remember, there will always be people who are watching us anytime.

So need to protect your professional image. Behaviors or behaviors that make others question to authenticate a person’s identity can also affect his or her reputation.

When the patterns of behavior are unified in the work outside your life, people will believe in who you really are. Be yourself wherever you are, anytime.


3. Social Networks Are Just Entertainment

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks have created a method that not only connects relatives, friends, and acquaintances but also helps us connect to the whole world.

Just sitting in front of a computer screen doesn’t mean we can’t see the world. Political comments, negative views and other personal infringements are all things that make your personal branding worse.

Even if we pay close attention, posts or comments can be misinterpreted. If you don’t have enough information and you still have doubts, don’t speak up or comment.

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