Motivational Videos Pack OTO – Sell as Your Own & Keep 100% of the Profits – Motivational Videos Pack Review

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Introducing Motivational Videos Pack – a unique offering of 300 exclusive “assets” that are entirely yours to own and resell at your discretion, allowing you to maximize your earnings like never before!

These remarkable assets consist of motivational videos with an extensive reach, making them ideal for utilization in any niche imaginable. Whether you’re involved in fitness, finance, or any other field, these videos are guaranteed to resonate with your audience and drive them towards success.

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Motivational Videos Pack OTO – Overview


Product name Motivational Videos Pack
Vendor Trevor Carr
Front-end price $13
Release Date 2023-Jun-04
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Niche PLR
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Motivational Videos Pack OTO – What is it?

Motivational Videos Pack is a bundle of 300 motivational videos that you can sell for your clients or sell in places like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and many more.


Motivational Videos Pack FE: Motivational Videos Pack

Motivational Videos Pack OTO 1: Motivational Videos Pack Triple Up

Motivational Videos Pack OTO 2: Motivational Videos Money Making Tools

Motivational Videos Pack OTO 3: Motivational Videos Pack Reseller 100

Motivational Videos Pack OTO 4: Motivational Videos Pack Coaching

About Creator


Motivational Videos Pack is brought to you by Luan Henrique and Trevor Carr.

They’re business mates for years with amazing offers for internet marketing: FaceOff, Highway Traffic, PDF Dynamo, Fiverrocket, Headway, Giant Ebook Kit, The Super ShakedownZappr, Gateway, List Smasher, etc.

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What Are the Features of Motivational Videos Pack?

Here’s what you will receive from Motivational Videos Pack:

300 viral motivational videos with PLR Rights! Videos that you can use to generate traffic, grow a social media following or sell for huge profits, and keep every penny you make.

These videos come with full private label rights meaning you can do whatever you want with them, edit them, sell them, use them as they’re, etc. Here you’re in full control

This is the easiest way to grow a social media following, generate traffic or make money online as you can sell the entire package as your own!

With the Motivational Videos collection you have social media content for years!

And you could use this as a bonus, lead magnet, add into a package, sell as it is or do anything else you want!

For more information about this product, click the button below:


Motivational Videos Pack OTO Is it worth buying?

Motivational Videos Pack is going to set you on the path to generating a tidy income.

=> Get instant access to 300 motivational videos with PLR Rights
=> Motivational Videos that you can use to generate traffic, grow a social media following or sell for huge profits!
=> It fits and cover all niches as those are motivational videos
=> Those videos come with full private label rights meaning you can do whatever you want with them, edit them, sell them, use them as they’re, etc
=> The videos fit perfectly with Youtube shorts, reels, Instagram stories, etc and are proven to go viral!
=> There’s many ways on how you can use this package, you can use it as a bonus, lead magnet, viral traffic generator, you can add this as part of your product, you can add it to a package, you can use to build a social media following, you can sell it as it is, the options are endless!
=> The biggest collection of motivational videos available in the market right now! 300 Videos with PLR Rights!
=> Go viral on social media today!
=> Sell this package as it is and keep 100% of the profits!
=> Full PLR Rights Included!
=> 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What People Say About Motivational Videos Pack

Below are real feedback for Motivational Videos Pack:


Who Should Use It?

Generally, Motivational Videos Pack is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ Unlock instant access to 300 Motivational Videos with PLR Rights

✅ Videos that You Can Use to Generate Immense Viral Traffic

✅ Rapidly Grow Your Social Media Following Without Effort

✅ Sell Them for Huge Profits, Keeping Every Penny You Make

✅ Versatile & all-encompassing, featuring motivational & inspirational videos for any niche

✅ Enjoy complete private label rights: edit, sell, or use as-is, granting you total creative freedom

✅ Endless possibilities: bonuses, lead magnets, traffic generator, add as part of your product, or to a package, social media growth, or direct selling – the choice is yours!

✅ The biggest collection of motivational videos available in the market right now!

✅ The videos fit perfectly with YouTube shorts, reels, Instagram stories, etc, and are proven to go viral!

✅ BONUS: If you act now, you’ll get our powerful training on how to “pimp” PLR

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


Motivational Videos Pack has 1 Front-end & 4 OTOs:

Front-end: Motivational Videos Pack ($12.95)

OTO1: Motivational Videos Pack Triple Up ($37)

You Are Now Just Seconds Away from Getting Started With Motivational Videos Pack!

But Before You Access Your Purchase, We Have a Very Special OTO (One Time Offer) for You

  • 10x Your Results With This Mammoth Upgrade
  • We’ll Add an Extra 400 NEW Motivational Videos Into Your Account
  • These EXTRA 400 Videos Also Come With PLR Rights!
  • We’ll Add an Extra 3,000 Viral image Quotes Into Your Account
  • These EXTRA 3,000 Images Also Come With PLR Rights!
  • We’ll Add an Extra 300,000 PLR Articles into your account
  • We’ll Add an Extra 3,000 PLR & MRR Ebooks into your account
  • We’ll Add 500 Background Music/Audio Tracks into your account
  • This Gives You Content for Life!
  • Unbelievable Value With a Huge
  • Discount on this One Time Offer

Are Your Ready to 10x Your Results?
Are You Ready to Make This Even More Amazing?

You made an amazing investment and now you have in your hands everything you need to generate viral traffic from social media and also everything you need to make huge profits online!

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Welcome to the Motivational Videos Pack Triple Up Upgrade

With this upgrade, we’ll triple up the results and assets you’re getting with the Motivational Videos Pack

With this upgrade you get:

✅ 400 New Motivational Videos added to your account (those videos comes with PLR rights)

✅ 3,000 Image Quotes with PLR Rights – those are motivational image quotes that you can use on social media or sell for profits

✅ 3,000 Ebooks with PLR Rights

✅ 300,000 Articles with PLR Rights

✅ 500 Background Music/Audio Tracks you can use in Your Own Projects or Client Projects

This will not only triple up the quantity and quality of assets you’re getting but will also make you more money

OTO2: Motivational Videos Pack Money Making Tools ($37)

Congratulations! You’ve Been Selected for the Money Making Tools Upgrade!

  • Get Instant Access to TEN MONEY MAKING TOOLS!
  • 10X Your Profits With a Click Here Today!
  • Create Voiceovers
  • Create Videos
  • Create Sites
  • Create Backlinks
  • Create Ebooks
  • Create Articles
  • Create SEO Reports
  • Create Keyword Research
  • Create Graphics
  • Find Buyers For Your Services

Are Your Ready to 10x Your Results?
Are You Ready to Make This Even More Profo?

Now what if you could have access to 10 EXTRA MONEY MAKING TOOLS! 10 EXTRA SERVICES that you will be able to sell for your clients and make more money from them?

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Welcome to the Money Making Tools Upgrade

So now you have 10 EXTRA SERVICES that you can sell either for your clients or in sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many more!

This will 10X The money you make instantly!

OTO3: Motivational Videos Pack Reseller 100 ($97)

What if I Did All the Work for You? What if I Gave You a Product to Sell, Complete with Upgrades…and You Kept All the Money You Made?

How do you fancy your own product in seconds?
I’ll do all the work for you
I build the sales page
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I build the member’s area
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You send traffic and keep all the money!

No, Honestly! There is NO Catch!
I Would Like to Offer You the Closest Thing to Your Own Full Product, Complete with Upgrades, Ready to Go and Bank Big Money

I want to give you a main product, an OTO1 (upgrade), and an OTO2, 3, and 4!

You won’t have to do any work. I’ll do it all for you. And I’ll let you keep all the money

Sound OK?

I’ll build the sales page, write the sales copy, and write and record the sales video for you. I’ll build the member’s area, provide the products, and have them automatically connected so that when you sell, the buyer gets access. I’ll even take care of all of the support!

And you still keep everything you make!

All you need to do is send people to the sales page, and when they buy…you get paid! If they buy the main product you get all the money. If they buy any or all of the upgrades…you keep all of it

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So What Are You Waiting For? Add This Amazing Upgrade to Your Order Now Before the Price Rises

OTO4: Motivational Videos Pack Coaching ($37)

This Upgrade Is Available for the First 25 People Only
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  • Incredible Value – Full Member’s Area Packed With “Make Money Online” Training
  • Discover the Exact Things I Would Do If I Had to Start From Scratch
  • 4 Week High Ticket Coaching Replay
  • Access it at a Fraction of the Original Price
  • Step by Step, I Take you By the Hand and Guide You
  • Includes a Very Valuable Bonus – Full PLR to My Headway Videos
  • Plus 8 Extra Bonuses
  • Completely Newbie Friendly
  • Guaranteed Scam & BS Free Content

How would you like to get instant access to a VIP Coaching Webinar series filmed over 4 weeks during which I will teach you the exact steps that I would take if I had to start again with nothing, from scratch?

This is your chance to get inside this full membership program that details what I would do if I had to start again…and therefore exactly what you should do right now, starting TODAY!

If you add this to your order now, you can get it at a greatly reduced price, at a fraction of the original cost, but only right here and right now.

Not only will you discover the steps you need to take right now to get you making money online this week, but I also GIVE YOU the PLR rights to the videos of my award-winning program, Headway! So you have a product of your own to kick your business off with or elevate it if you’ve been doing this stuff for a while.

Once Again – Strictly LIMITED availability on this upgrade for obvious reasons, so if you still see the Add to Cart button, CLICK IT NOW to avoid disappointment!


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this covered by a Money Back Guarantee?
    Yes! You’re fully protected by our 30 days money-back guarantee, if you don’t like Motivational Videos Pack for some reason or another, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money! There’s nothing to lose and all to win! So grab your copy now!
  • Is there any training? Support?
    Yes, we included training and you get 24/7 support that is available to reply to any of your questions


I hope that my Motivational Videos Pack OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

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