Why Need To Research The First Keyword When SEO

KeyWord Research

With me, before making the website to make money online, the original work will always be keyword research. If the purpose of your website is to get SEO traffic from Google, the keyword research work can determine the success or failure of a website.

SEO is increasingly competitive, so in order to pass the competition, you need to have a day strategy from scratch and this strategy must be lasting, and your first goal is always to have a good set of keywords to implement both content and direction in a reasonable way.

Keyword research also gives us many benefits. In the following article, I will show you 5 key benefits from keyword research that can help your website outperform the competition. The article will only outline the benefits of keyword research, practical guidelines and keyword research tips that will be covered in other articles in the keyword research section as soon as possible.

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1. You will select the right set of keywords to get started.

The word “rational” here will include the following:

+ Keyword sets relate to the field of the website you are doing and the product you are selling. For example, if you are doing a niche advertising for Amazon, then your keyword set must always be there:

  • One group of buyers keyword is targeting those who are looking to buy, which is the main keyword group to find many customers. This group of keywords will be aimed at content is the introduction, evaluation, product comparison, product selection guide, …
  • A group of information keywords targeted to those who want to find information, this is a subset of keywords to google “useful” evaluation for your website. This group of keywords will focus on the content is the tips, guidelines on the field that the website is growing.

Depending on the type of website you can divide the different groups of keywords, but the two groups of keywords mentioned above are the two most popular keyword groups, there is another type of lock group that is Tire Kicker Keywords, with this keyword group customers will find to download or download something free on the network.

+ Keyword sets have a reasonable amount of searches per month: You do not have to choose keywords that have tens of thousands of searches every month, those keywords are so hard to SEO, you can combine the longtail keyword and the medium tail keyword to get a set of keywords that have a reasonable search volume, to begin with.

At first, you can research keywords by tools like Google Keyword PlannerKeyword Tool IOLongtail Pro,…combined with some thinking, tips to get the keyword set has a total search range of several thousand, will later from there to grow out. This depends on the size of the development, manpower and budget of each person.

Without keyword research, you will not have a full set of keywords that can be easily started, this will greatly hinder the development direction for you.

2. You will know how to build the content.

Having keywords is the only way to develop content. At the present time and forever in the future, content is still the main factor that Google took to rank search results. Your content should always be geared towards users.


Content development will be easier when you have a set of keywords, keywords, high search volume and high profitability for your website, you have to invest heavily in content. Often such important content you need to develop the content is complete, detailed, must be 2000 words or more, preferably more than 3000 words.

With additional content, plugins and tips, it is easier to develop content, but you should not write content for the website too short, preferably over 1000 words per article.

Also, when looking at keywords, you can build some extra content around the content of that keyword, then point to the internal link to the main content, this is good for SEO and also navigate the client. Read more of the main article, which can lead to purchasing action.


3. You will know what more customers will look for in your field

In the keyword research process, you will know some keywords that customers are interested in your service, from this feature you can develop the better website, hit the customer psychology.These keywords you may not have thought of before.

customer psychology

Depending on the needs and psychology of the customer, you can improve your product or service better to meet the customer needs. Or you could write content that focuses on the needs of the customer more, this is also where you are optimizing conversion rates (CRO).

Many times when customers are interested in small things in your field that you do not know, in the course of keyword research, you will discover these keywords.

4. You will find your opponents and try to overcome them.

When you see a keyword that looks plausible, you can hit it on google to see who your SEO adversary is, how well they grow, what size they are, and whether they can surpass them.

Competitor analysis is also a factor in marketing success. If you target the top 10 strong search results, it is difficult to pass, then you should find another keyword.

It may seem a bit difficult and inaccurate to look at them, but by looking at their website you can only gauge the overall professionalism, scale and content development.,…So there are a number of tools to help you make more detailed assessments of other SEO-related factors, such as Longtail Pro, AhrefsOpen Site Explorer,..These tools will help you to have more SEO indicators like SEO Method Onpage of the opponent, PA, DA, Backlink, Juice Link,…

5. You can miss a lot of opportunities without researching keywords.

Many times you will find a keyword “gold” profitable very high when conducting keyword research, so do not skip this step. Choosing the keywords for website development will not give you a specific data about the keyword as well as the direction of development for the site.

Also if you choose the wrong keywords to develop the website, you can spend effort, time, money but still can not top, the simple reason your keyword competes so high and you come after rivals that do not outperform your opponent is that you can not beat them.

In general, if you want to develop your website and intend to SEO your website to the top Google, the keyword research is something you CANNOT skip. This is the main step, deciding the success, help you make money, so spend more time to do this step, later you will not regret.

In the future, in other articles on keyword research, you will be helping you get more knowledge as well as accurate instructions on the steps to take as well as keyword research methods to help you. To better start, these articles will be updated in the keyword research guide directory.

See you again!




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