Neil Patel’s Advice For Affiliate Marketers


Neil Patel is an experienced and famous blogger. His blog a month has approximately 3.7 million visits. He was named one of the top 10 marketers in the world.

Let’s hear some Neil Patel’s advice for affiliate marketers, right here in this article.

About Neil Patel

Neil Patel, born in 1985, started Internet Marketing at the age of 16. Neil’s background is in Marketing.

Neil Patel started out with Internet Marketing by creating his own website and finding different ways every day to rank it on Google. Neil Patel must learn everything he needs to learn, do everything he can to improve his site’s rankings on Google. Finally, as you can see, Neil starts working for others to help them do it like Neil.

In order to be as successful today, Neil must work hard every day, from building his personal brand to consulting, implementing strategies to generating traffic for a lot of companies, and finally creating some software companies.

Today, Neil spends much of his time on his advertising company, Neil Patel.

Common Mistakes Of Affiliate Marketers

According to Neil Patel, most affiliate marketers make the biggest mistake, that is earning money as fast as possible.

They do not think in the long run. They do not think about how to create a sustainable business?

Instead of focusing on an idea and a business and then developing them, most people go looking for high commission offers to motivate, regardless of niche.


Neil Patel’s Advice For Affiliate Marketers

  • Focus on what you’re best at. Neil Patel does not have a very close relationship. Content is not quitely the key to the success of affiliate marketers or other marketers. The key to success is to be whatever you are good at. Just focus on that. For example, Neil is strong in content marketing and SEO, Gary Vaynerchuk is strong in video. Right?
  • Constantly fine-tune landing pages to improve conversion rates.
  • People think that new ads, titles or colors of buttons (for example, Call To Action) affect conversion rates. Yes, but not enough. You need to seriously investigate, find out why the switch is low. Continuously perform fine-tuning. That’s the best way to improve conversion rates on Landing Page.

  • Always spy your competitors to learn from them.
  • Use UberSuggest to research keywords, use Ahrefs to find out where the source of the traffic comes from, use BuiltWith to see which technology people are using and use SEMrush to know what the meaning of what they did with your paid advertising.
  • When writing content, Neil uses BuzzSumo to find popular types of content that are of interest to get ideas out. Then read the competitors’ blogs and social networking sites to see what’s working there. Next, check email to see if people have questions or not. All this gives Neil the best ideas to write. Neil also used Ahrefs to see who was advertising his competitors and asking them to advertise for him.
  • When making affiliate marketing, do not overuse Facebook Ads or Google Ads. SEO is the long-term strategy that you should focus on. You do not have to pay for it, nor pay for Google.
  • The biggest challenge when making Affiliate Marketing is finding quality offers. You have to constantly experiment, go to different networks to find new ideas, experiment further, so until you find the good work and focus that Scaling.

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Some Cool Things About Neil Patel & Other Marketing Tips

  • Neil’s blog has no introduction or marketing for any product. He told he did not need any income. He wants to focus on his business. He is only interested in providing quality content to his readers.
  • Neil only focuses on the website and all the articles are written by him. His editor completes and posts them.
  • Neil decided to shave his head, not because of marketing but because he had lost his hair.

  • Quick SEO Tips in 2018 is to focus on great content, not only Google but also Youtube. If you have a 7-minute video, it will be better than a 2-minute video. A 10,000-word article would be better than a 3,000-word article.
  • CTR is still a very important indicator when advertising. You have to optimize this index better and increase its value bigger. Note: Anything that is profitable for you will help you to compete better. The question is: When?

I believe this article has brought you value. Start work and get good results.

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