What Is Nextycoin? Introduce The Opportunity x300 Times With The Project Nextycoin


What is Nextycoin? Nextycoin is a codename for the Nexty platform. Nexty is a platform for e-commerce startups to call community capital like Ethereum, but in the niche market is e-commerce.

Why would I introduce you to this project Nexty? Because of:

First, according to the ICO Lending trend, the same series of Lending projects imitate each other, Nexty stands out with its long-term vision and strategy as well as the direction of building an e-commerce ecosystem with enormous potential.

Second is the roadmap of Nexty: After the ICO ended, Nexty will set a price of $ 15 on the floor and Nexty’s target price is $ 300 by the end of 2018. Let’s look back to Hextra before when the floor is priced at $ 20, the black market is extremely vibrant and the end of the price sometimes up to $ 11 – $ 12 per Hextra. And Hextra is not that special, while Nexty has so many different things and a long-distance orientation, the only unique and unique technology platform in the world that helps solve the extreme problem large of the current coding currency.

What’s different about Nexty?

There are so many differences and to talk about Nexty, but within the framework of this article, I will only introduce the highlights of Nexty.

First: Nexty allows transfer of money without charge

Second: Nexty transactions are completed almost immediately, if the past few days who have to buy, transfer, withdraw, load Bitcoin, Ethereum will see the bottleneck leading to the transaction confirmation time long time and this is extremely uncomfortable. This would lead to Bitcoin or Ethereum and other coding currencies would not be suitable for e-commerce transactions. That’s why Nexty was born.

Third: It’s the Nexty’s Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System. This means that Nexty has two currencies at a time: 1 for NTY and 2 for NTF. NTF will be used to confirm NTY transactions and instead of receiving the bonus payment at the time of the transaction, the transaction fee will be paid to NTF holders at the end of each month. This allows the transaction to take place immediately with a zero charge.

Fourth: SmartStaking system. Unlike regular Staking we have to keep our wallets online 24/24 to receive more coins, SmartStaking helps us still enjoy interest without having to the online wallet. In addition, the time of SmartStaking is also shorter than the usual staking lot: cycles by week, month and year. And if we look at Lending projects so far, we see that holding coin instead of lending is more advantageous and safer. Details will share with you why this is so in the following articles and videos.

Fifth: that is the roadmap and whitepaper of the Nexty are extremely clear and detailed.

Let’s take a look at the introduction video for the Nexty project below

Nexty’s target price is $ 300 by the end of 2018. See Nexty’s roadmap below:


My favorite point of Nexty is the way that Nexty will create its ecosystem, as Nexty uses its own platform, money to invest in e-commerce startups. When these startups want to raise capital, Nexty will provide support for the platform, technology and communications, of course, and the money to exchange for a stake in these startups is conditional upon the use of Nexty’s currency to call for capital and after the end of the ICO, the Nexty currency will be put into use in the startup itself.

By doing so, it will create a tremendous ecosystem for Nexty, and the $ 300 price target at the end of 2018 is well founded.

When Nexty launched, Immediate Effects created a great impact on the Bitcoin community.

Nexty’s BitcoinTalk thread here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2498919

Nexty’s whitepaper: https://nextycoin.com/images/nexty-whitepaper.pdf


Coin name: Nexty

Abbreviation: NTY

Algorithm: POW / POS / POF

Presale Date: December 12, 2017

ICO Date: December 19, 2017

Total coin supply for ICO: 11,000,000 pNTY (NT $ 110,000,000,000)

Total POW: 4,000,000 pNTY

Total POS: 4,000,000 pNTY

Dev & Team: 2,000,000 pNTY

Marketing: 1,000,000 pNTY

Minimum stake age: 15 days

Maximum stake age: 90 days

Block spacing: in 90 seconds

With this target price, NTF is the more valuable, since NTF is only allowed NTY mining and receives rewards for transaction verification and is paid for by NTY itself. NTF is limited: only 10,000,000.

The only way to obtain the NTF is through the ICO, the first 10,000,000 pNTY purchasers will be granted NTF ownership through SmartStaking (the possibility of sending SmartStaking over a period of time to receive an NTF)

So we see the highlight of the Nexty is the Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System (DCCS) with focus on NTF. Certainly, if Nexty’s ecosystem is strong, the NTF will be extremely valuable and will compete for NTF ownership.

The only preference for ICO buyers, who owns the first 10,000,000 pts of NTF ownership, is in favor of the first investor. It means to actually buy 1 that is 2 and for the current presales price of 1 pNTY is $ 1 then in fact we only spend $ 0.5 only.

If a successful coin is successful, it’s up to the community to support it. Fortunately, we have the Nexty community here:


Home Page: http://nextycoin.com/

Registration link: https://goo.gl/751fkN (this is the ref link, if you do not like you can go directly to the home page to register)

To understand more about Nexty and its enormous potential, I advise you to read carefully the FAQs of Nexty below as you translate, I’m sure after reading you will feel very excited. With this project like yourself.

However, you should keep in mind that investing in ICOs is risky and inexplicable. When investing in ICO projects, it is always a good idea not to pay attention to them. Affected by simply applying the investment principle of 5:4:1 (I shared it with my community). Remember, only use the money as part of our investment fund to invest.

Weaknesses of Nexty:

  • The project has just been launched, the community is not very large – this is both weak points and strengths, so that we can buy more easily with the drip open type as the project Hextra, Ucoincash then the purchase will be extremely difficult.
  • The ico coin lending project is always a super risky and risky venture, the risk of losing the investment is very high.

Lastly, wish you success and do not forget to read the Nexty FAQ below

1, What is Nexty?

Nexty is a platform based on blockchain technology to help startup e-mails from the community, the startups that will create the ecosystem for Nexty.

2, If the startup is not in the field of e-commerce, then use Nexty to call the community capital is not?

Absolutely OK ! But if that startup in e-commerce is more supportive of Nexty’s ecosystems, most likely, it will benefit from Nexover’s Instant Transfer and Zero Fees.

3, Instant Transfer and Zero Fees?

This is a unique technology that is unique to Nexty. The lack of transaction fees will help e-commerce sites such as online shops, online services … transactions more convenient and bring great benefits to users. Shop and pay online with no transaction fees and no waiting transaction confirmation – that’s great.

To learn more about this technology, please read more in our Whitepaper.

4, There are many platforms with similar functions such as Ethereum, Neo, Waves … Why need Nexty?

The problem of these platforms is that there are still transaction fees and transaction time is not fast enough. This is not suitable for e-marketplaces, especially e-commerce platforms that handle micropayments and daily transactions.

Imagine if you go to Amazon to buy a 10 cents item that pays for Bitcoin or Ethereum and with the current exchange rate of a Bitcoin about $ 10,000 and an Ethereum of about $ 400 then the number you pay will be extremely confusing because of the too many zeroes ahead, not to mention the high transaction costs as today, the payment of 10 cents by Bitcoin or Ethereum is not feasible.

5, so the total supply of Nexty will have to be large enough, I see Nexty only 22 million Coin?

Coin 22,000,000 is the total supply of pNTY. 1 pNTY is converted to 10,000 NTY

6, so Nexty actually has a total of 220 billion. How much of that reduction in Nexty?

Yes, Nexty has 220,000,000,000 NTY. That’s why we converted 10,000 NTY = 1 pNTY. When trading on pre-coded trading platforms, pNTY will be used. When used on eCommerce sites and for everyday transactions, NTY will be used.

In addition, Nexty has a system called the Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System that adds value and benefits to early adopters of pNTY.

7, What is the Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System?

Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System, also known as DCCS. Besides NTY, Nexty also has a coin called NTF (Nexty Foundation).

DCCS will help NTY transactions take place immediately without any transaction fees. NTF will be used to verify NTY transactions and holders of NTF will receive rewards at the end of each cycle instead of receiving immediate transactional verification fees as commonly found in other coded currencies.

Not only that, only NTF holders have NTY privileges and NTF’s total supply is extremely limited: only 10,000,000 VND.

With the ecosystem model of Nexty, the NTY will be increasingly valuable, which means that the NTF is becoming increasingly valuable.

8, How to own NTF?

The first to own 10,000,000 pNTY will be converted to 1 pNTY = 1 NTF, which means you buy 1 that is 2. This means that you only have the opportunity to own NTF during the ICO period. Otherwise, you will have to wait for NTF to be put on the market to be able to buy.

However, the ability to buy will be very difficult because NTF owners have the right to train NTY as well as receive benefits from the transaction confirmation to receive rewards by the NTY itself. Because of such benefits, NTF holders will not want to sell the NTFs they hold. If they do, they will sell for a very high price. Remember that the current price of Ethereum is over $ 400, the target price of 1 pNTY is $ 300 at the end of 2018 and pNTY is only 22 million.

One thing to note is that the owners of 10,000,000 pNTY must first freeze their pNTYs so they can receive NTFs through the SmartStaking program.

9, What is SmartStaking? Freeze the NTY will lie there?

Do not worry when we talk about “Closing.” Freezing with SmartStaking will be profitable for you.

SmartStaking means that you will not have to keep your wallet in the online state just like the regular staking you still get income from. Details of the SmartStaking program can be found in the Nexty Whitepaper here.

10, How to join ICO?

To join the ICO you will need to have a Nexty account. If you do not have an account, click here to create yourself an account.

Once you have an account, sign in here and have Bitcoin or Ethereum available to wait until your Nexus ICO sale date.

11, Does Nexty have affiliate programs?

Yes, Nexty has three affiliate programs:

1st floor: 1%

2nd floor: 3%

3rd Floor: 6%

Nexty’s affiliate program applies to both ICOs and Lending programs.

12, Why is Nexty’s affiliate program different from most other projects? I see other projects on the 1st-floor commission are usually the highest

Nexty is geared towards a strong and sustainable community, so we created this affiliate system so that referrals are responsible for helping and guiding those they refer if they want to get the most out of it from this affiliate program.

13, With such affiliate program structure, Nexty is not afraid to have many people create multiple accounts themselves? Does Nexty allow one person to own multiple accounts?

Each person will only be allowed to own one account to avoid the price. Nexty will strictly manage this issue and the offending accounts will be locked.

14, Why is Nexty deploying Lending?

Nexty uses Lending to attract investors and build communities. Click here to view Nexty’s Lending policy.

15, How many coins per person are owned during ICO?

This number is not fixed and depends on each ICO stage. Will range from 100-500.

16, Nexty accept the load by what?

Nexty accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum

17, After the recharge, I have been withdrawn not?

In order to maintain the system and avoid overload, during the ICO period, the withdrawal function will be temporarily blocked. You will be withdrawn after the ICO finishes or when you buy the coin in the ICO successfully.

18, If I have pNTY, can I transfer internally to another member?

Absolutely OK.

19, With such open sales, I’m afraid I will not be buying pNTY in the ICO period.

To ensure fairness for all members, Nexty only allows one account to purchase a maximum of 500 pNTY. Those who have purchased a full 500 pNTY will not be able to buy again and we will handle it tightly, while the rest will have to rely on your luck.

20, how will Nexty invest in Startup?

There are many startup ideas with great ideas, even have finished products but no financing to develop the project. Nexty will invest in such Startups by providing a platform to call for capital through the ICO and support communications as well as strategy advice, in return Nexty will receive a percentage of the shares under the deal in that startup.

Remember, when an ICO is based on Nexty, investors have to buy Token via pNTY, which creates tremendous growth potential and elevates the value of the NTY.


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