OffPage SEO Guidelines in Detail (Part 2)


This is the second and the last article in the series OffPage SEO Guidelines in Detail.
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Google’s Website Rating Algorithms

Two pets, as well as two most popular website rating algorithms of Google, are the Penguin algorithm and the Panda algorithm, which are the obsession of every SEOer.

1. What is Penguin Algorithm?

Penguin is the algorithm focused on websites that have practices that perform SEO techniques in contrast to the principle of Google, causing spam to increase ranking speed, include OnPage and OffPage.

If you see a keyword that is rising or in the top of a non-stable (Dance) category, dropping out suddenly and quickly, you’ve been penalized by Google’s Penguin.

Things to do that make you easy to be punished:

  • Over-optimization.
  • Large, unnatural EMAT Text size.
  • Link stuffed.
  • Elements of OnPage such as Keyword Spam in Content, Hidden Text, Cloaking, Spinning, Low-quality Content (with terms that you do not understand, Google will have exact definitions)

How to prevent Penguin penalty: once you know which actions will make your website penalized by Penguin, you need to prevent it by fixing:

  • Invest in building the main content for the website.
  • Have various backlink resource, increase domain coverage, steady backlink growth, not linking to increase the number of backlinks in a short time.
  • Limit or not to use the link purchase service.

2. What is Panda Algorithm?

If Penguin is a punitive algorithm for websites with spammy links, OnPage and OffPage optimization, Panda is a content algorithm that removes junk, copied content and low-quality websites.

Google’s mission is to deliver value to users, so Panda is increasingly improved and of course, only real website investment in content directed to users can survive and get high rankings.

Factors to consider not to be penalized by Panda:

  • Time on Site: This is very easy to understand, if the Time on Site is high then Google understands that your website has useful information with users, they visit and stay there to find what they need.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate helps Google evaluate whether or not you have committed any fraudulent activity, whether your website is exactly what it appears on the search result, or when clicking, the user immediately exits because he feels it has no value.
  • Rate of return.
  • Social Networking.

3. Rules of natural link development

In the process of link building for the website, the attention to natural link development will help you avoid the algorithms of Google. Many times when you do not intentionally spam, but the way to build your link accidentally caught spam, this is very dangerous.

When you understand the reasons why Google has introduced the Penguin algorithm to remove the criminalized spam site, you can prevent it is no longer difficult.

Some Feasible Link Building Ways For SEOers

I will list all the way that I know, apply and learn, to be able to build links from that. In each form, with personal insights, you will add notes to help you make better decisions how to invest on your own, what does not belong to the strength you need to outsource or not. And with all the possible link building channels that I’ll talk about below, when you learn about link building models, you’ll enrich the resource pool for creating backlinks for yourself as well as self-create different styles for the model outgoing link has.

Use quoted share source code

  • Requirement: content writing skills.
  • Form: website contains quality content, insert copy code to record the source to the site.

In-depth study

  • Requirements: content writing skills, specialized knowledge (can outsource depending on ability)
  • Forms: posting in-depth articles about the field of the website, statistics, and reports on actual data in the industry.

Controversial topic

  • Requirements: creativity.
  • Form: the more creativity of debatable topics in your field, the more traffic, and natural links will be attracted to share, comment and visit your site.

Guest Post

  • Requirements: Good writing skills, strong knowledge in the field to write.
  • Form: This type of link building is very good, based on the same niche sites that have a good rating, you can build relationships and get permission to write articles on it, website owners will have specific rules to promote your name which helps build Personal Brand and allow you to link to your website. Linking the same domain (Context) and placing Dofollow links on the site as well as the individual image being promoted are better than everything.

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Website directory

You only need to search the keyword ‘website directory’, then thousands of website appear for you to register your business website. Register the account, fill in some basic information that the website requires and then submit the link of your website. That’s it! This is a good backlink, not being spammed by Google.

Create/install game on website

  • I did not know this before, then I learn clearly and have a broader view of SEO. My viewpoint of SEO is that SEO is to do marketing for users, the only difference is the website form.
  • The above talk about the effects of Time On Site and the interaction is good for SEO. So if you can paste the small game code into your website so that your visitors enjoy, increasing the interactivity and make your website viral.

RSS content

You go to any website that has this icon, it is where to get RSS links, a form of self-update on each of your post and news. If other websites see your content well and updated, they automatically get this RSS feed code to install on their website or follow. Then you will have the very natural backlinks.

Interview content

  • This form I have not tried, but after learning it, I found it very interesting and will certainly apply in the future.
  • For example, your website is in the field of computer training, particularly PHP programming. In your field, there are definitely many masters and they also have their own website with lots of fans. Human psychology is looking forward to being famous. If you dedicate an interview to them, with simple topics like ‘Future’, ‘Career Opportunities’, ‘Programmers’, etc, just email them for permission and rewrite them on your website along with their information. 99.99% of them will share your article on the social network under their personal account as well as post on the individual website. It’s extremely good to have quality link and traffic to your website.

Useful documents, PDF-PPT digital files, ebook

  • You can create useful information sharing products in PDF format files, Ebooks, and post on free sharing sites such as Slideshare.
  • In the document, you comfortably insert the link to the page that you want SEO and still have to do everything naturally.

Theme, plugins, layout, utility-app

  • Just like installing a game on your website, you can create your own (if you know coding) or outsource (you will see the cost of outsourcing freelancers are very cheap) that determined to meet the needs of the visitors.
  • With nearly 70% of the world’s current site is the WordPress source code, you are entitled links to your website copyright for your own Themes or Plugins products. When other people like, use and install on their website, you have a natural backlink.

Create the Infographics

  • I like reading and also adding infographics skills to build more infographics. This is the type of content Google is extremely fond of and appreciate.
  • DIY or outsource. If you have much time, the self-made on PowerPoint is very easy as well as have the design skills in the photoshop. If you have limited time and budget then just outsource.

Post comment on Blog CommentLuv

  • This form is very good, but because there are so many spams so today many blog owners have locked the comment feature or if not, it is Nofollow links. However, it is still good and you still apply.
  • For good application of this form, follow the value of quality link. Commenting on same-field blogs, creating comments related to the article, not cramming keyword deliberately into the comment link.
  • You try finding a blog list for comments with syntax filetype: xls + dofollow + keyword or filetype: xls + commentluv and see the result.

Social Bookmarking

  • Social Bookmarking is about sharing, storing, re-marking your website on social networking sites. The purpose is to pull traffic to the site, push keyword rankings for the website, search for customers and enhance the brand.

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  • There are many social bookmarking sites that allow you to share, store, bookmark your site. However, what is abused and not used correctly leads to spam and is expunged quickly. So you need to follow these rules:
    • Use title and description that attract readers. You have good content but no attractive invitations when posting on social networking sites then no one is interested in your article to access the link to the site at all.
    • No Spam: You should not spam on social networks. The same content that you post on various social sites will lead to bad effects: brand negatives, Google attention, and underestimation. And with major social networking sites, user protection laws are very strict, they will always block your website link.
  • Perform a search for quality social bookmarking sites that allow you to create links of this type with simple keyword ‘the best social bookmarking sites’. You will have a list of dozens of quality bookmarking sites. I usually use: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube/Vimeo, Linkedin, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon,

Create a Profile link

  • Forum pages now allow you to create accounts and enter personal information. On the profile page, there is a website section, you can enter your website URL to get a profile backlink.
  • The search syntax for the same domain is intitle: “keyword” + “Powered by Vbulletin” or intitle: “keyword” + “forum software by xenforo”. You check it yourself, alright?

Writing PR articles and advertising

This method needs a decent budget to buy a good position and content just enough to post on high-volume newspapers. You may want to consider investing in your SEO campaign.

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Exchange links

You and another website exchange link to each other, which is very good if you have the same domain and high trust. However, you should check that after some time, if the co-worker exchanges with you using the Nofollow attribute to link to your website to ensure that this exchange maintained for both websites or not.

Free website and blog 2.0

  • Link building form from web 2.0 with high PR is very popular now. With source code that allows you to create a free website, an easy-to-use interface like com,, etc. your job is to build quality content and insert clever links to the page need your SEO.
  • Just google search with top free web 2.0 keywords you easily have a list of more than 50 free sites to conduct link building.

Link Building Models

1. Pyramid Model

This linking model is quite popular and it is very effective with increasing keyword rankings. This model requires a great deal of work and often applies well to large projects. Online marketers with the Niche Site form usually apply many link building models like this.

Its principle is based on avoiding bad Google reviews of backlinks and avoid direct impact on your main site. Pyramid model usually has 3 tiers:

  • Tier 1: Money site – the main website you need to be on the top by SEO.
  • Tier 2: Satellite sites – 2.0 blogs or websites with high PR (5+) and personal blogs built with good DA. At these sites, you will build it similar to the main website, write content and point links to it, with the density and level of regularity, not cramming, not linking much in a short time. And here are the quality backlinks because it comes from reputable addresses and standard metrics.
  • Tier 3: You conduct SEO for sites on the second tier, to increase the strength and quality of the backlink on the first tier for Google to appreciate that link and positive impact on the main site. On the second tier, you create links through free 2.0 blogs and web (PR index from 3+), Article Submission pages, Social Bookmarking, Blog comment. The amount depends on how you like and what you can do.

The use of this pyramid model is to help the number of dense backlinks with unequal quality that do not simultaneously flock to the main site to Google attention and bad reviews for the main site. If backlinks on the third tier are spam and dead, they will not have a direct impact on your main site, your money site remains secure.

2. Link Wheel Model

For this model, each satellite site will link directly to the main site and link to another satellite site in a natural way to form a wheel.

A few notes when using the Link Wheel model:

  • Link Wheel satellite sites can point links to money site or not.
  • If the money site is on the top, select a random site that Link Wheel point to.
  • At the Link Wheel satellite sites, post with the product images that you use to post at the main site.

Use Rivals To Increase Link Building Resources

If you have used all the backlink building channels but still do not feel enough, this is the way to find out what your opponents did.You need to observe and analyze what they have done, how much backlinks they have and try to create those backlinks and even do better.

There are 2 ways to choose:

  • Using the best affiliate tracking tool nowadays is Ahrefs, this tool is very good but you have to pay the monthly maintenance fee.
  • I do not use Ahrefs to track opponents, I check by hands only. Take advantage of search tips on Google that finds where backlinks that their top site has, then you have to follow. Do a search with syntax “keyword” + domain -site:domain. Domain is your rival site that needs checking or simply a site at the top with keywords you need SEO. The search syntax allows you to find out with that keyword, where the competitor’s site has the links pointing to and excludes links from their main site.

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Efficient Support Tools For Content Marketing

Submit Backlink – Helps Google Index Backlink Quickly

After investing a lot of time and effort to build quality links, we are very anxious to backlink google index soon to help improve keyword rankings on the SERP. At this point, we need to do a job called Submit backlink or Ping backlink.

You can use the following free Ping backlink tools together to get more effective backlink index:

I usually use the paid tool Backlinksindexer at Very effective.

The article is the entire knowledge of OffPage SEO for beginners who are self-taught SEO and also very necessary for those who already SEO but still have some problems in link building process. OffPage SEO is not an easy task, it requires your perseverance, observation, analyze and carries out what is thought out.

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