OnPage SEO Guidelines in Detail (Part 1)


After researching keywords and having a good set of keywords, then the second major factor is OnPage SEO for website. This article will continue to be a handbook that provides full knowledge and basic OnPage SEO guidelines in detail for you. Whenever you need it, just save this post to read again and again.

When you step into the Internet world and go to Google to find a place that sells a product, then the top results will be present on the SERPs (or search results) after you enter the keyword in the Search bar.

A series of results will appear in order and which one will you choose? Surely you will choose a result that leads to the website that you feel its title, description line, link, and content reliable and eye-catching.

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What Is OnPage SEO & The Importance Of OnPage SEO

OnPage SEO is the process you optimize the content and structure of your website to be friendly to the Google Search Engine and importantly friendly to users.

Optimizing Onpage for a website is extremely important, it not only affects the searcher’s desire to visit your site, not only affects the conversion rate from searchers to customers. Another very positive meaning is your brand will be professional in the mind of the customers.

And with SEO alone, you will be more favorably with Google, the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) increases and customers stay on your website longer. Besides, lower Bounce Rate (BR), higher PageRank (PR).


What Are Main Elements Of OnPage SEO?

To optimize the OnPage for a website or when you receive a website to SEO for your clients, you will pay attention and optimize the following key elements:

  • Domain
  • Website Structure (or Website Architecture)
  • Title, Meta Description, Heading (H1 – H6)
  • Image
  • System File
  • Internal Link
  • Page Load Speed

1. Domain – How to choose the best domain name for SEO

A domain is an address that identifies a website with information data that is stored on a host (or server) database. And domain is unique, not duplicate.

The structure of the domain consists of a portion of the name you choose and a section called the domain’s extension. A domain’s extension is very diverse. And what extension is popular and good for SEO? I will talk about later.


What types of domain & What good for SEO

  • EMD – Exact Match Domain: A primary keyword that needs SEO.
  • PMD – Partial Match Domain: A name related to EMD.
  • Branded Domain: A name can be said to be the most difficult to SEO and needs to invest the most quality content.


With 3 types of domain as above, choosing which domain is your preference. Previously, the EMD was easier to SEO. But with constant updating and user-oriented algorithms, no matter what domain you choose, you need to focus on building and developing quality content for your website.

And Branded Domain is the most encouraged because it can develop content and build brand for your own website.

A few note when choosing to buy domain name

Once you have purchased the domain name that is not duplicate, you should go to who.is to check whether the information of the domain’s owner is your information or not. To avoid things that do not happen later.

When your website has potential, but the information is not yours then others easily have it, legally. If you do business and hire SEO staff, you should also keep this in mind to avoid the risk.

A good and effective domain name will contain the following factors:

  • Branding (sometimes unnecessary which depends on your purpose)
  • Contains keywords.
  • Short, easy to remember.
  • Bought for a long time.
  • And one thing to notice, buy different domain names: .com/.net/.org

Finally, I advise you to invest and choose a domain or hosting in the major, reputable suppliers that ensure good support such as Godaddy, Namecheap… You can hunt cheap coupons too, but do not buy from the unidentified source that sell non-guaranteed domains.



2. Website Structure

What is Website Structure?

You can understand it as simple as the skeleton of a house, a house with a living-room, a bedroom, a kitchen, etc. A website is just like that, you will have a homepage and subpages.

And getting started building a website structure or reviewing the structure of an existing website is extremely important in the early stages of SEO.


Why should you pay attention to building a proper Website Structure right from the beginning?

First of all, I want to say that in any SEO circumstance, we should start thinking from the psychology/customer behavior. This is a very important thought when marketing (especially digital marketing) and with SEO, it needs to be promoted.

You build a clear hierarchical structure for each page, a category of your site, these works toward the benefit of making it easy for Google Crawler to penetrate your site and with a clear structure, your website will be appreciated.


You have to remember this, everything you build for your website, in addition to ensuring enough criteria to help Google appreciate, is that you build should be really friendly with the users.

When going into Website Structure, I will show you how to determine the right SEO keywords for each page on your website. With a clear website structure, your website’s DA index will increase because the links in the web are distributed reasonably.

In the long run, when your website has good and sustainable content, the site link of it will show up on SERPs beautifully and professionally, which helps increase the CTR significantly. And other benefits, in the process of doing SEO you will discover yourself.

How to choose the right keywords for SEO based on Website Structure

I will repeat this simple keyword selection formula


  • Homepage:

K +A + L

Flexible keyword selection, just 2 of 3 elements or all 3 combinations


  • Category page:

K + A + T + L

Keywords contain additional target audience


  • Product page:

K + B/T + A + T + L

The keyword on this page will be the Long-tail Keyword to be able to bring the best SEO results. Depending on the type of business to choose Brand (B) or Type (T)

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