The Origin Of Valentine’s Day Feb. 14


Valentine’s Day has become an important holiday, especially for couples. This is the day the whole world celebrates loving couples. On this day, people express their love by sending each other Valentine’s cards, roses, chocolate and some other special gifts that are meaningful.

However, the origin of the Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 truly does not include roses, chocolates, and lovely charming cards. Instead, the feast for these loving couple is inspired by the unexpected story.

There is a lot of information about the origins of Valentine’s Day, associated with the name Valentine. But in fact, there are three people named Valentine or Valentinus canonized so today it is still debated which of these three people created the day that millions of people in the world have been anxiously waiting.

Although there are still some inconsistent views on the history of Valentine’s Day, there is a common ground between the stories of these saints that they die for true love, great love and for the cause.

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One of the most widely accepted myths about the origins of Valentine’s Day is the story of a Roman cleric who lived under Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century AD. In this period, the Roman Empire experienced a period of turbulent and turbulent history, also known as the ‘Third Century Crisis’, when the empire was divided into three states that slaughtered each other.

In the midst of this dark age, Emperor Claudius issued a very harsh order to ban all young men in the marriage empire, believing that unmarried soldiers were better able to fight. But a brave missionary named Valentine has come to the wedding ceremony in secret for the couple to love each other. But this action was discovered, and Valentine was jailed. Emperor Claudius ordered the execution of Mr. Valentine on February 14, 273.

According to writer Greg Tobin, many people think Valentine’s Day cards are derived from pieces of paper showing the love and admiration that children flush through prison bars for Valentine, as well as the letter the words ‘Your Valentine’ before his execution. But this may be just another episode that people add to this tragic story.

Another popular legend about the origin of Valentine’s Day is the story of a father named Valentine. In 250, Emperor Decius gave the punishment to all those who did not worship the Emperor. This edict was directed at Christians because they worship God. Consequently, many Christians were arrested, imprisoned and executed. Among those arrested were Father Valentine, who was arrested in 268.


Mr. Valentine was wise, virtuous should be believed by the Romans. Thus, Empror Claudius sought to question him in order to find out and to persuade him to deter others but failed. Anger, the Emperor ordered the detention of Mr. Valentine. Locked in the prison, Priest Valentine has sensed a guardian named Asterius, by healing his daughter. Encouraged by the spirit of Valentine, Asterius and his family of 46 baptized Christians. Fearing this would threaten the kingdom, the Roman emperor passed the decree to punish Valentine’s priest on February 14, 270, on Flaminius Road.

The death of the priest Valentine was touched and admired by the people and Christians. Since then, the name Valentine has become a symbol of great love.

Another legend holds that, in the second century AD, a physician was chastised for believing in Jesus. During his imprisonment, waiting for the beatings, the physician cured the blind girl of the guards. Girls find light and between them arise love.

On February 14, the physician was sent to execute. Before dying, he sent her a love letter with the signature ‘Valentine’s Day’. This story became legendary and it is widely believed that this day is a festival of lovers. To date, couples have traditionally signed up with the phrase ‘From your Valentine’ of the old days instead of their names in Valentine cards.

In addition, there are many other myths related to the history of St. Valentine. Although different, these legends are absorbed lyrical, romantic, to honor the love couples.

Valentine’s Day begins in Europe but is now held in other places, from Asia to America and Africa. As of the end of last year, Valentine’s Day market around the world began to launch. The industry flourishes on Valentine’s Day. People sell a lot of roses, postcards, candy, with all kinds.



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