Over 40+ Free Beautiful And Latest 2018 WordPress Themes


When starting a wordpress website, what you need to do is save as possible. For a new site, you do not need to use other paid services such as hosting and domain. 

But to complete a WordPress page, you need to have dedicated themes and plugins.

With plugins, I have a top ten free plugins recommended for new website. With themes, this article will help you.

The use of free, high quality, responsive word-of-mouth interface on every device, nice interface for your purpose will help you save quite as well as enjoy the web.

This article, I will aggregate nearly 50 free WordPress Themes, with download link and classification based on three main uses:

  • Blog: Can make a personal blog, affiliate blog, news site
  • eCommerce: Making sales page.
  • Landing page: Making pages service, product introduction has few categories.

Ecommerce WordPress Themes


Leto themes are simple but luxurious, the payment is optimized beautiful, convenient and eye-catching customer, compatible Woocommerce makes it easy to build any type of shop.

With the header image highlighted, you can easily take advantage of this location using video explaining the product or featured banner / new product.

The Shop

With the only idea focused on selling more sales, TheShop is designed to be minimalist but very stylish & beautiful to help you showcase your product and beautiful aspects of the product with the image slider.

Customers can easily access product portfolios and other simple features that help drive the shopping experience of customers visiting the website.

Shop Isle

Build on the Bootstrap platform, easily integrate Woocommerce plugins with Paralax effects rarely available in free themes, which will help you achieve a surprising conversion rate when using Shop Isle.

Belise Lite

It is the most suitable interface for restaurant business, compatible with Woocommerce, responsive display on all devices, easy customizable interface and optimized for SEO.

Capri Lite

Capri is designed with minimalist, elegant interface, is the perfect choice to build a one-page style online shop. Woocomerce Compatibility, featuring customizable live interface, compatible with many contact form plugins, is quite suitable for making a fashion store.

Azera Shop Luxury

As a free Woocomedia wordpress theme interface, Azera Shop Luxury is compatible with online store optimization tools such as WPML, RTL, Photo Gallery Grid, Contact Form 7, Meta Slider, SiteOrigin Page Builder, which is dark SEO optimization.

Suitable businesses or shops selling jewelry jewelry, expensive products, …


The wordpress woocommerce interface is a luxurious, beautiful and customizable interface for both desktop and mobile interface. eStore has a lot of premium features that are usually only found on paid themes, and many custom widgets help optimize the online store.


free ecommerce wordpress themes

Designed and developed by Theme Freesia, Excellent focuses on developing ideas for businesses with a variety of front-page gadgets such as widgets, navigation bars, highlight logos and color options.

There are many template templates for business use such as contact template, photo gallery template, business collaboration template to optimize the business activities of the business.

Giga Store

free ecommerce wordpress themes gigastore

Giga is a Woocommerce WordPress theme, responsive display on full range of devices.

Beautifully designed home with enough color choices, custom backgrounds, off-style canvas menus, eye-catching slider displays, carousel displays and many more features.

EightStore Lite

free ecommerce wordpress themes eightstore

Owning the bbPress feature, the rich text option along with the homepage is designed to stand out from the crowd with its slick, beautifully rendered layout that makes the product stand out. Eightstore deserves to be on the list of online store interfaces.

AccessPress Store

free ecommerce wordpress themes accesspress

The AccessPress Store is designed with a simple layout but focuses on exploiting the beautiful slider that allows high resolution images, with text and button overrides to harness the power of building funnel right from the page store.


free ecommerce wordpress themes salejunction

SaleJunction is considered the best choice in the interface for digital products. Having a blog interface with many customizable widgets, the sidebar helps to promote content that boosts traffic to the sales page.


free ecommerce wordpress themes

Has a very modern and interesting design to help attract the attention of customers. Compatible with Woocommerce, the interface makes it possible to showcase your product with a great photo gallery from the homepage and more advanced checkout features than any other free eCommerce theme.


free ecommerce wordpress themes Fruitful

Designed with simple, elegant colors and powerful features for the home page such as: two image slider, customize the background image to your liking, customize the background color, more than 20 google fonts, social networking button spectacular.

Show responsive on all devices, match all browsers and all compatible plugins. Woocommerce supports complete online store for business purposes.

Blog WordPress Themes


free wordpress blog theme cenote

Cenote is a beautiful, streamlined and modern wordpress interface. Consistent with many different blog topics such as personal blog, financial blog, travel blog or blog sharing technology knowledge …



free wordpress blog theme oblique

Oblique is one of the few free wordpress themes designed specifically for blogging purposes that look professional modern at no cost to a paid theme.

With a dark grid style layout that is the dominant color for the background, Oblique maximizes the blog post that is displayed at the homepage, attracting readers.


free wordpress blog theme nisarg

Nisarg is a pretty wordpress blog theme designed with minimalist layout trends, comes with 2 navigation menus and full screen image header section.

Nisarg has a variety of post formats that support blogging for maximum purpose such as videos, photo gallery, audio, chat, quote, …


free wordpress blog theme wisteria

Wisteria is a simple wordpress blog theme, focused on the beauty of typography and content.

There is a navigation menu at the top and a beautiful homepage with a featured section highlighted by a custom short summary with a photo.


free wordpress blog theme poseidon

Poseidon can be viewed as a versatile wordpress blog theme that is easy to use for a variety of purposes, but the most suitable is still the blog.

Featuring a wide layout, the slider display full width with many beautiful templates.


free wordpress blog theme

Maxwell is designed to be minimalist and elegant, featuring a stylish magazine layout with eye-catching formatting. This theme also has a lot of nice post layout and beautiful posture.


free wordpress blog theme verbosa

Verbosa is designed in an elegant style, focusing on the user’s reading experience with the content display in the center of the screen.

Using a 3 column layout with 2 columns for displaying content in very nice grid format.


free wordpress blog theme admiral

Admiral designed magazine style, especially suitable for blogs specializing in sports field, news.

With the beautifully featured article layout, the journal template home page, there are two easy-to-use blog post layout and infinite scroll support to enhance the blog reading experience.


free ecommerce wordpress themes hiero

Hiero is a wordpress blog theme designed just like the child’s first genesis theme but is refreshed with modern style focused on bold colors for title tags and sections to emphasize on the blog.

With a 2-column layout and a navigation menu at the top, the default home page displays the latest posts with beautiful snippets and images.


free wordpress blog theme madhat

MadHat is built on the Bootstrap framework, compatible with Woocommerce, versatile with many uses but best suited for blogging.

Featured with white and black layout, easy to customize as you like. There are many beautiful fonts available, diverse blog layouts for various blogging purposes.


free wordpress blog theme magbook

Magbook is designed for high-quality websites / blogs such as magazines, news blogs, blogs, and more. Featured with minimalist design, layout and ease of use. Take a look through the demo with just one click.


free wordpress blog theme

Extant is designed specifically for photographers and blog artists.

With the idea of a casual interface, do not use the sidebar or any widget. Extant helps to maximize the focus on content and images or whatever media content is displayed on the site.


free wordpress blog theme baskerville

Baskerville is confident to be one of the free wordpress blog themes with the latest and most modern interface.

Featured with the full image header width rotating display based on articles displayed grid on the home page.


free wordpress blog theme hoffman

Hoffman stands out among thousands of free wordpress blog themes with elegant designs, eye-catching typography, buttons and light theme colors. Focusing on the user’s reading experience, giving the reader the feeling of reading a reading machine.

Landing Page WordPress Themes Service


free landing page wordpress theme flash

Flash is a free, flexible, feature-rich and most advanced wordpress landing page theme ThemeGrill has ever developed. The number of active users of Flash increased rapidly after the first half of 2018.


free landing page wordpress theme singleapp

SingeApp is a wordpress theme in one page format with parallax style design. With the design concept for landing pages specializing in introducing telephony applications, SingleApp has a striking array of features that will grab the reader’s attention more than ever.


free landing page wordpress theme optimizer

Designed and provided by OptimizerWP, Optimizer is considered a powerful and advanced theme suitable for all types of website today, especially dedicated to building professional landing pages for professional products.

Pixova Lite 

free landing page wordpress theme

Pixova is a one-page, one-page wordpress theme designed for modern day use and flexible.

The feeling of streamlining and modern when visiting the website inspires the purchase process of customers. Pixova’s most prominent feature is that you can use an unlimited number of images for header images without fear of site load limitation.


free landing page wordpress theme illdy

Slim, elegant and beautiful are the three most accurate descriptions of the Illdy theme.

It’s a top choice for the purpose of building a business website, landing page for sale, or any other purpose that requires a nice, highly converting landing page.


free landing page wordpress theme west

West is a professional theme for businesses with reponsive displays on all devices.

Some of the more prominent features found in West are: direct editing with demo, easy font and color customization, many blog design options, customizable clickable header and many other cool features.


free landing page wordpress theme onepress

Considered one of the most innovative and versatile theme icons, OnePress deserves a one page wordpress theme to be considered a priority when it comes to building a landing page for any business purpose.


free landing page wordpress theme ascendant

Ascendant is equipped with a layout with unlimited layouts and easy customization.

In line with start-ups, small businesses or business individuals are looking to use landing pages for their own purposes in the process of reaching customers.


free landing page wordpress theme medzone

MedZone is defined as a perfect wordpress landing page theme for the medical field.

A top choice for doctors, dentists, health clinics, or any type of healthcare that needs to build a landing page for the business.

Book Landing Page 

free landing page wordpress theme book

The name given to this purpose is unique to the landing page.

For businesses or individuals who specialize in digital products, especially books and ebooks, Book Landing Page provides a minimalist, minimalist interface that optimizes load and ensures high conversion rates.


free landing page wordpress theme winsome

Winsome is a one-page theme, featured with scrollable pages on the homepage.

Winsome can be used as landing pages for introducing business products, calling for collaboration, introducing digital agency services and many other purposes.


free landing page wordpress theme safreen

Marvel is a theme with ultra-flat design, responsive landing page on all devices and versatility.

Allows for instant customization, with many smart options to help build a business website easily.


free landing page wordpress theme esol

Esol is suitable for building business landing pages, porfolio or any kind of website.

Esol is focused on optimum visibility on different devices and browsers.


free landing page wordpress theme clarina

Clarina is a free wordpress free page theme.

With a flat and lean design based on parallax effects, Clarina offers a minimalistic, modern interface that can be used for any type of business.


free landing page wordpress theme shapely

In business operations of all types of businesses, all the optimization activities focus on maximizing efficiency, increasing quality priority to increase profitability.

And businesses that do well with these customers will gain advantage in the minds of customers.

If it’s uploaded to a website, specifically a landing page, there are no other wordpress themes to help businesses deliver these messages better than Shapely.


Here are listed 45+ wordpress free themes classified in three directions as the main website today: Blog, Ecommerce and Landing pages introduces the service.

I still test new free wordpress themes every day to collect beautiful themes, suitable for use purposes. You can bookmark the article to get the latest themes when you update.

You can start building your website easily, beautiful with free themes that I have introduced.

There are some difficulties in the process of making a website. Please leave comments below that will assist you in the shortest time.


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