Playboost Review – Top 3 Ways To Counter The Video Autoplay Shutdown


AutoPlay is BANNED worldwide and your views, leads and sales are dropping by the second.

Something no one saw coming. People noticed views dropping (and when I say dropping, I mean halving overnight). In a panic, a quick Google search returns something stomach-wrenching.


It was like a scene out of an apocalypse movie.

People were scrambling in Facebook groups, private chats, Skype conversations. You name it.

“Are your views down?”

“Did you hear the news?”

Chrome, Safari, FireFox… All major browsers followed the trend.

Video views have literally halved overnight for most brands and businesses.

This means the same time and money marketers, businesses and agencies were pumping into videos were just not being seen, at all.

Over the last few months, you’ve seen everyone putting these over their videos.


Or even worse they do nothing and just use these defaults embed thumbnails that look like images (…not even videos).


Using a still thumbnail image just doesn’t cut it.

People scroll STRAIGHT PAST your videos now, because they look like a normal image and that’s your opportunity gone.

The fact is, up until now it simply hasn’t been possible to create the ‘click to play’ call-to-actions up without hiring a developer to custom code one for each and every video.

That racks up expensive designer and development bills, not to mention time and troubleshooting when something goes wrong.

So, do you want to get rid of this frustrating hassle once and for all?

If your answer is “Yes”, there is only one way: creating better-looking thumbnails!

But here comes the problem: How?

Well, not to worry; today, my Playboost Review is going to help you solve this matter!

Playboost Review – Overview


  1. Homepage: Playboost Official Site
  2. Product name: Playboost
  3. Vendor: Mario Brown et al
  4. Front-end price: $27
  5. Release Date: 2019-Mar-31
  6. Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  7. Recommended: Very High
  8. Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  9. Support: Friendly and Effective
  10. Bonuses: On my review
  11. Refund: 14 days Money Back Guarantee

Playboost Review – What is it?

Playboost is a unique thumbnail builder that enables you to create exclusive animated videos’ thumbnails with no string attached!

How it works is very simple. First, you need to provide it with a video. After that, just search for your favorite effect in the tool’s massive library and add it into your video. Playboost will automatically combine them together to give you the final result.

Of course, there will be zero technical problems involved because everything will be carried out by the clicking of your mouse!

Sounds like a nice way to get more loves for your videos, don’t you agree?

About the Creator


Playboost was created by Mario Brown and his partner Brad Stephens. The name Mario Brown does not sound strange to you. He is a famous marketing guru, an inspirational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and a bestselling author.

Mario has a lot of experience in developing tools for marketers. Some of his products are VidMatrix, AutoWebinarX, Videlligence 2.0, etc. The following part of my Playboost Review is going to focus on its functionalities.

What Are the Features of Playboost?

Add video through URL

Playboost lets you directly add a video to its dashboard with nothing more than the video’s URL itself! Much better than downloading and uploading it, don’t you think? At least this way can save you some more time.

Create all kinds of animated thumbnails

Playboost can provide you with a variety of thumbnails for you to embellish your videos.

For examples, there are GIFs and emojis if you want something with funny-looking.

If you want to grab more customers, there are some impressive call-to-actions

And if you want to make your video stand out completely on your page, there are also all kinds of patterned overlays!

To accompany these, hundreds of animation elements have been stocked up inside the tool. Feel free to use them however you want!

Compatible with many platforms

Playboost allows you to grab links from several popular video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vidello, and so on. The animated thumbnails it provides also work well with almost every page builder available.

Therefore, rest assured that you will not run into any problem!

For more information about this product, click the button below:

How does it work?

You Can Only Do This Using Playboost’s Point and Click Simple Features.



Who can benefit from ‘Playboost’?

In my opinion, Playboost is going to benefit anyone that has already got a business but still struggle with raising brand awareness.

Videos have always been what everybody prefers over written content. With the attention-grabbing videos’ thumbnails, the tool is obviously going to grab more attention back to your advertisements, products’ details, and so on.

Why is Playboost different from other video software?

Reason #1

It ISN’T a video player, video hosting company or a video creation software (although Playboost ties in perfectly with all 3 if you already own them).

Reason #2

It solves a totally different problem to other video software that have been launched. Other video platforms solve the problem of creating videos and/or hosting them – Playboost solves the problem of not being able to get enough views on your videos due to the auto-play shutdown.

TIP: If you have purchased one of the video creators or other video software – just plug Playboost in to boost your views!

Reason #3

Playboost allows you to use ANY video player (so you don’t need to be locked into any one service), you don’t have to re-upload anything (you can leave your video as they are on your pages and Playboost auto-detects the video and applies the overlay)

…and you aren’t limited to ONE ‘click for sound’ template that only some paid services offer (which you need to pay for monthly).

Reason #4

You get UNLIMITED customizations, so you can drag & drop your way to a masterpiece of an animated thumbnail to boost your views – all for a one-time fee (with $70 off if you use my link).

If these 4 reasons connect with you on some level – Playboost is for you.

In addition, you will be getting tons the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action.


Why should you get it?

#1 – Auto-Play is Disabled Across All Major Browsers

The obvious BIG problem here is thаt views hаve decreаsed drаmаticаlly аnd аll the hаrd work behind the scenes of getting а video creаted аnd then mаrketed hаs gone to wаste.

Playboost solves this issue by аllowing you to creаte cаptivаting аnimаted thumbnаils for your videos plаced on your websites, lаnding pаges, eCom stores or аny other web pаge. You simply need to creаte your cаmpаign inside of Playboost аnd plаce one line of code. Playboost will аutomаticаlly detect your existing video аnd аutomаticаlly plаce your brаnd new аnimаted thumbnаil over your existing video (…no editing/re-uploаding/replаcing embed codes)!

This helps cаpture the аttention of visitors, cаlls them to аction to ‘click play’ аnd creаtes а greаt experience for your business.

#2 – Videos Appear Like Still Images and Are Scrolled Past (Still Thumbnails)

The аutoplay аpocаlypse cаuses videos to аppeаr like imаges on а web pаge (especiаlly when visitors аre blindly scrolling аs most do). This meаns а SHАRP DIP in views for you!

А Playboost аnimаted thumbnаil аcts аs аn ‘engаgement hаck’ by аllowing you to аdd аny elements you choose (imаges, GIFs, text, emojis, custom play buttons аnd more) аnd on top of thаt you cаn аnimаte those elements for аn enhаnced effect.

#3 – “Click to Play” Call-to-Actions Require Custom Design and Development 

The only wаy you would be аble to increаse your views with аn аnimаted experience like Playboost provides would be to hire а designer аnd developer to collаborаte on the creаtive design аnd implementаtion of а custom script. Аlternаtively, you’d need to uploаd your video to а premium expensive video hosting compаny аnd even then, you’re limited by а simple “click to unmute” cаll to аction in the top right corner.

Playboost аllows you to rаther drаg & drop your wаy to аn аnimаted experience аnd instаll it without replаcing аny existing code on your website (…using Playboost’s simple video аuto-detection).

#4 – Workaround Scripts Get Penalized

You might see аuto-play workаround scripts floаting аround аnd think they’re а reаl solution however these scripts cаn get your domаins penаlized (which meаns no more trаffic).

Playboost on the other hаnd provides а browser аnd seаrch engine friendly experience to solving the аuto-play аpocаlypse issue.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Simple dashboard
  • Create automated thumbnails
  • Add videos using URL
  • Several stunning effects
  • Mobile friendly
  • Capture visitors’ attention
  • Boost sales, leads, profits


  • So far, there is none


Now that you have known what Playboost is capable of, let’s move on to its price.

Right now, if you go to its sales page and order a copy, you will only have to pay $27. Personally, I think this is quite reasonable, not to say cheap.

I mean, a tool that lets you build cool animated thumbnails for your videos is not something you can come across every day. In fact, this is the first time I have seen one. And $27 for a never-seen-before product? Definitely worth a shot!

Still, if you want to enjoy this offer, you should act now. This is just an Early-Bird plan. In other words, Playboost’s price will soon escalate into something out of reach soon!

Beside, Playboost has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs as below:

– Front-end: Playboost Unlimited License ($27 Early Bird) (See Details)

The world’s first & only 100% compliant tool to solve the auto-play apocalypse and boost your views from existing videos to bring you leads & sales in 3 simple steps!

– OTO 1: Playboost Pro ($67) (See Details)

Playboost Pro gives you access to a whole range of premium upgraded features, templates, voice-over technology and more. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Text-to-Speech Technology: Imagine an extra line of sound protection against the auto-play apocalypse on your video saying “Unmute me, I’m ready to play…”. You’re able to capture attention using visual and sound effects. You can upload a custom voice-over, or use any of integrated voices and just type what You want the voice to say!
  • A/B Split-Testing: You can split-test your Playboost video campaigns to make sure you’re getting the most out of your traffic.
  • 20 Premium Done-for-You Templates: You get access to library of 20 premium templates hand-crafted by only the best professional designers. Simply ‘plug’ these over your videos with no customizations necessary (…or you can customize them).
  • Extra Premium Animations: You get extra premium animations that you can apply to any elements you add to your Playboost campaigns.
  • Extra Premium Overlays: You also get extra premium overlays that act as backdrops for your campaigns. These professionally designed overlays demand attention.
  • Extra Premium Fonts: Call-to-actions are essential to increase leads and sales. The creators have hand-picked extra premium fonts to help you not only have a wider range of beautiful fonts to choose from – but to increase results from your crystal clear text!
  • Extra Play Button Templates: The play button is the center of each and every video, and it’s where your visitors’ eyes will go before they click ‘play’. They’ve created (custom) extra play button templates that makes standing out easy.
  • Pro Analytics: Without the hard data on their video campaigns, you are simply guessing what is working. Inside of the pro version, you get the exact analytics you need to make crucial decisions for what is working and what is not.

– OTO 2: Playboost Agency Package ($67) (See Details)

The agency package will give you the option to use Playboost for client videos (full agency rights). It also comes with a client management dashboard so you can easily add, delete and manage client campaigns.

– OTO 3: Playboost White Label Rights ($197 for 100 Licenses & $297 for 500 Licenses) (See Details)

You will have the option to upgrade to either a 100 license or 500 license package if you decide to purchase the white label rights. This gives you your very own admin panel where you can customize your branding, manage your users, add your own domain and much, much more.

– OTO 4: Playboost Lead Toolkit with White Label Rights ($147) (See Details)

The Playboost lead toolkit allows you to be able to collect leads directly from your videos! Using the ‘lead toolkit’, you’ll be able to lock your videos from playing (at any time) until the visitor enters your email address or subscribes as a Messenger subscriber of your Facebook page.

So you have the option of collecting 2 types of leads from your videos.

They’re including white label rights for this ‘lead toolkit’ package too so you can leverage this technology as a consumer and as a vendor to generate sales.


Getting more people to click on the play button of your video will no longer be so hard once you have got a powerful assistant by your side.

With Playboost, aside from creating interesting thumbnails, you can also avoid the technical hassles that often accompany the process of building a digital product. In short, you can persuade people to watch your videos without breaking a sweat!

Much better than doing it the old way, don’t you think?

Playboost and its outstanding animations can fix this in no time. With these never-seen-before thumbnails, the visitors cannot scroll down your page without getting attracted.

Secure Your Prospects’ Attention & Boost Video Views by Using Engagement Hacks on ALL Your Videos – Automatically…

Don’t Forget, with Playboost you can plug any NEW or EXISTING video directly into it and see a boost in views, leads and sales!

Thank you. I truly hope that you can get something useful. Let me know if you have any concern. Goodbye!


And Special Bonuses From Me For You


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

Step 1: Order Playboost by Clicking here. My ID is 672499. You Will See It At The Payment Gate.

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  • Boost Traffic, Leads & Sales WITHOUT Creating MORE Videos by Using Smart Engagement Hacks!
  • EASILY Drag ‘n Drop Your Way to Irresistible Eye-Catching Animated Video Thumbnails in Minutes
  • Plugs Directly into ALL NEW OR EXISTING VIDEOS (…created with ANY video builder you own).
  • Playboost Automatically Places Your Campaigns on Your Videos FOR YOU (No Messing Around with Your Video Codes)
  • Save Money & Time on Developers And Designers



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