Polymath – The Door Into The Trillion Market


What Is Polymath?

Polymath is a platform based on blockchain technology that aims to connect securities and finance.

From creating, releasing, or raising funds, Polymath will guide issuers through the complex and legal technology of a successful token-issuing project.

You can view a demo of the platform on the Polymath.network website

Polymath is currently preparing for ICO, from 01/15/2018. Polymath is marketing on a very prestigious Coinmarketcap site.

The Polymath Telegram community now has more than 40,000 people a few days ago, only 10,000, proving that they are doing very well marketing. On CNBC, which is a very prestigious American financial site, also posted an introduction to it.

Projected Roadmap


How Does Polymath Work?

Polymath is built with the vision that property, or stock, is geared toward blockchain technology. Developers believe there will be a big change going on. When the economy collapses, traditional assets will need to be closely linked to the blockchain technology.

Polymath targets some of the target securities, and private equity assets, derivative securities, venture capital…

Today, the release of a stock token is often difficult. It is difficult to associate a property with blockchain without compromising the security of the property. Even when stocks are listed on the blockchain, they have limited liquidity because the underlying transactions often refuse to associate securities for fear of speculators.

That was the opportunity of Polymath. Polymath is a platform that is considered ‘one-stop shop for stock tickers’. This platform is built with a lot of features below:


  • Collaboration: An active global community.
  • Regulation: Polymath will provide and comply with the rules set out.
  • Can create: Polymath can generate the certificate (ST) within minutes.
  • Fuel: The network is provided by the PLY token code
  • Liquidity: Polymath is intended for the first purpose of easy exchange.

In short, Polymath wants to do a project on securities just as Ethereum does for ICO projects and releases tokens.


Compared To The Pre-mathematical Market

Currently, the market capitalization of the forex market is about $800 billion, it’s very small compared to the stock market of about $10000 billion.


Features Of Polymath

Polymath relies on four layers to create an ecosystem of securities tokens. Include the following classes:

  • Protocol layer: This is the class where the rules are followed. This layer uses Ethereum’s smart contract to provide KYC / AML evidence from the original.
  • Application layer: The application layer allows companies to create a stock code in just minutes. This platform will guide users to create their tokens throughout the process.
  • Legal layer: This layer includes a set of legal tools that companies can use to ensure they comply with regulations.
  • Transaction layer: Trading class provides liquidity through ST trading.


About Polymath Token

Polymath Token is a token release utility for companies, investors and developers. The token code will be used to access and use and further develop in Polymath’s network.

The issuer does not have to pay to generate the stock code. Investors will pay a POLY fee for KYC/AML verification and to interact with Polymath’s network (ST trading and trading will be subject to a POLY fee). Developers will get POLY to continue developing the system.


You can visit Polymath.network to get the latest information on the project.

Founders Of Polymath

Polymath was founded by Trevor Koverko (CEO) who has made great progress in Silicon Valley technology. He is also the founder of DAI, a global leader focused on selling super-profitable websites. And co-founder Chris Housser.


Advisor Team


Development Team



Polymath aims to provide a secure, easy-to-use, platform-based trading platform based on blockchain technology. The project aims to release out the tokens of securities like what Ethereum makes for the ICO, and the money market codifies. This makes it easier for companies to issue tokens, and its ultimate goal is to create a market with only highly liquid securities tokens.

To learn more about Polymath, or to keep up to date on its project, visit Polymath.network.

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