Precautions With 5 Drugs That Can Affect Memory Loss


Medications are as two-blade knives. They treat the disease quickly but leave a little effect on health. Some medications are also known to reduce brain activities. So let’s see what drugs that can affect memory loss.

  1. Antidepressants

This is a Benzodiazepine group in the sedative group. Because there is a sedative effect directly to the brain, there are also many effects on memory decline. Moreover, long-term use of this drug will make patients transition from temporary to eternal memory loss. Midazolam is the most potent drug in this group.

  1. Addictive Pain-relieving Drugs

This drug is an anesthetic for surgery, which inhibits the key points of the nervous system to other organs of the body. This effect should make the person at risk of memory loss.

  1. Hypertension-treatment Drugs

Blood flow to the brain helps the body function best, but when it comes to hypertensive conditions, it can lead to illness. This is a beta-blocker leading to the inhibition of two most important chemotherapeutic messengers of the brain – norepinephrine, and epinephrine, which leads to memory loss in patients.

  1.  MedicationsUsed For Urinary Incontinence

This is a class of drugs that have anticholinergic effects can cause a risk of memory decline in people with urinary incontinence because it creates the inhibition of the activity of acetylcholine. This is one of the important chemicals in signaling that affects the human body.

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If used for a long time, it will cause dementia and cognitive decline. Or the combination of other anticholinergic drugs can also cause dementia more severely in patients.


  1. Antihistamines Used In The Treatment Of Allergies

This drug has the effect on the brain like urinary incontinence medications do. An allergy medication that inhibits the action of acetylcholine affects the memory function of the brain. Over time, leading to long-term memory loss.

The above are some typical drugs that reduce memory but are used by people often to treat some diseases. In addition, anti-insomnia drugs or anti-seizure medications also belong to the dangerous drug group that severely affects the human brain. Therefore, you need to ask for guidance from doctors and do not overuse the drug to avoid the bad cases to your health.


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