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When working on programming in WordPress such as writing plugins or building themes, visit to look up code in WordPress as functions, classes, and variables that are very frequent. And one more important thing is the internal code that you have to find out and then read or just refer to the relevant functions at the end of the tutorial.

So, here I will introduce you through the resources that can help you look up all the code in WordPress (even the plugin) the easiest way to develop your skills. – The best Website lookup code for WordPress

Home homepage

If you need to look up the code inside WordPress on the website, just this resource is enough. Here, it lists all of the hooks, actions, filters, classes, functions, constants, and shortcodes available in the source code, and is organized in categories and letters that are easy to find. arranges functions in alphabetical order and clearly classifies them.

And one of the features that make Hookr even more useful for programmers is that it also has all the code in the most popular plugins and themes. At the time of this writing, Hookr has support for 827 plugins and 62 themes.

While viewing the content that explains a code function in Hookr, you can customize the contents of that function in different versions, and when you hover over the parameters in the function it will be explained very clearly.

Quickly explain the parameter

In short, is a great site to quickly find some code available in WordPress and support plugins/themes. However, in terms of detail, Hookr will not explain in detail like so if you need more information then look for it.

Zeal – Code lookup software for Windows & Linux


Free code lookup software on Windows

If you still do not like the to see the guide, why not bring all the contents on it? And Zeal is a software that helps you do this. But not only does it support viewing the WordPress code, it also gives you the ability to look up information on a variety of programming languages or other applications that you can see in the image on it.

Dash – Code lookup application for Mac


Application lookup code on Mac OS

While Zeal only supports Windows and Linux operating systems, it does not support the Mac, although Linux is the same. But okay, we have an alternative that is using the Dash app with the same features as Zeal and both of this software are identical in lookup code library. This application is also free but you will need to pay an extra fee to use other special functions, but I found free enough too.

WordPress Template Tags Reference


One of the most commonly used functions in making a theme in WordPress is template tags, which means that keyword functions are used in WordPress template files to display elements in the content or website. If you find it difficult to find a list of template tags then save this link to your bookmark for future reference.


Actually, there are plenty of resources to look up the code in WordPress that you can find more with the word “WordPress Cheat Sheets” keyword, but I think only with the above websites and tools is enough for looking up the code in WordPress. And then I actually use only those resources because only one of the four resources above I have not used up 20% of its “internal” anymore.

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