Sendiio Review – Best Autoresponder That Creates Marketing Campaigns On The Three Most Profitable Platforms Has Never Been Easier

Sendiio Review

Sendiio Review1

Choosing an autoresponder can be a hard question to any marketer. Almost all of us want a reasonable price with the maximum outcome to increase engagement and improve sales effectiveness.

So there must be a great deal ever you will hear of, a product which can help you to create campaigns and send emails to leads in email list, phone list and Facebook messages. By integrating the 3 most profitable niches into one product, this autoresponder is a comprehensive solution to any marketers.

While many other people are busy arguing which niche is preferred, you can sit here and leverage all leads in all 3 platforms at ease.

Why don’t we have to cherry pick up a single niche while we can harvest from all of them?

Sendiio Review – Overview


  1. Homepage: Sendiio Official Site
  2. Product name: Sendiio
  3. Vendor: Joshua Zamora
  4. Front-end price: $37
  5. Release Date: 2019-Feb-21
  6. Release Time: 11:00 EST
  7. Recommended: Very High
  8. Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  9. Support: Friendly and Effective
  10. Bonuses: On my review
  11. Refund: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Sendiio Review – What is it?

Sendiio is an autoresponder of new generation with the integration of the 3 most profitable niches to take care of your leads. Within its system, Sendiio helps you leverage with unlimited leads and control lists to manage your campaign. The aim of this product is to take advantage of all the possible channels so its operation scale will be expanded further. By this way, you can extend your business as well as the amount of traffic you approach.

Not only about sending email or message, Sendiio offers a solution to interact with your leads and analysis tool to improve your campaign in the next ones. You will see more details in my Sendiio Review below.

About the Creator

Joshua Zamora- Sendiio Creater

Joshua Zamora is a familiar name to on Online marketing market. He has been working on IM for decade with much experience about the upside down of the industry. Therefore, He understands which is the shortcut for a campaign to get flying colors, Sendiio is one of those to help you succeed in 3 most profitable campaigns

He has launched many products meeting many requirements of digital marketing such as SociFeed, SociRobot, Big Content Search, Tube Sniper Pro, Seamless SEO and so on. If you are looking for a solution to increase your passive income, you should consider using Sendiio to make money from Email, SMS and FB Messenger.

Take a look at some his very successful product which have been launched in the past:

Joshua Zamora- Proof

What Are the Features of Sendiio?

Unlimited access to 3 most profitable niches

With Sendiio, you can create campaigns with no limits with all 3 ways: email marketing, phone text, and Facebook message. On these 3 platforms, you can create unlimited campaigns and start to make millions from your lists, leaving no cold lists behind.

Build unlimited lists in all 3 platforms

Sendiio is a tool to build your list in all platforms unlimitedly. You can gather the FB subscribers at ease, build even more lists with more email and phone contacts.  All can be done within Sendiio.

Directly connect to FB pages

To send message to your subscribers, Sendiio needs to connect and verify your FB pages at first time logging in. After that, you can create campaign and send message directly to leads. Moreover, this product doesn’t require an API interruption.

Import unlimited lists

Normal autoresponders will ask for verification to be able to import all of your leads in one list. With Sendiio, you can easily import the complete lists in 3 platforms without verifying your account time to time.

Create campaigns with sequence and unique mails

Inside Sendiio, you can create sequence campaigns and unique campaign easily. This product allows users to prepare the sequence mails instantly to launch their campaign. The follow-up emails is a good way to remind and retarget your leads.

Chatbot to increase FB engagement

Sendiio uses an AI system to provide you a chatbot on Facebook. With the chatbot, you can set up the replies based on the keywords found in comment or messages of customers. This feature can operate both in FB message and replies in comments.

Connect to SMTP provider

Sendiio allows users to connect to any SMTP provider with no limits, which improve the conversion and the delivery rate, Your emails can be sent to almost all kind of mails and leads.

Filter new leads and old leads in lists

When you add new contact in an existing list, Sendiio allows you to choose to send sequence mails to both new and old leads or remove the new leads in specific campaigns. This is a very smart idea to help you categorize your contact easily.

Automate remove and resend the emails based on customer behaviors

With bounced emails, Sendiio will automatically remove from your lists to keep the list clean and get good delivery rate. With unopened mail, the system will resend the mail with customizable subjects to retarget the leads. Though automatic, you can set up and modify the blueprint later in the software.

Stats to track and analyze the performance

User always can keep track of the performance of the app by checking the data gathered by Sendiio. Sendiio can track send rate, open rate, lead device, location or so on.

Scheduling timetable for all campaigns

With powerful system, Sendiio has a fully flexibly scheduling system which allows you to pick up the exact date and time to schedule your campaign.  Users can also set up the delayed hours between mails and messages.

For more information about this product, click the button below:

How To Use Email Feature?

Sendiio provides step – by – step tutorials, these tutorials will help you use sendiio feature.

You only access to sendiio dashboard and then expand Tutorials Item In  The Left Menu > select tutorial item to learn.

Step 1 – Login Sendiio

step1 Login Sendiio

After login, you can see sendiio central dashboard as below:


The left menu is used to manage emails and SMS, Facebook feature and it’s divided 5 parts that are Help, Email, SMS, Facebook, Subusers.

Step 2 – Create new list

In left menu, you scroll to email part > Select List Management Item  > Select Add List  > Enter Needed Information (List name, description…) > Click Create button to create new list


Step 3 – Import and add email contacts

  • From Central Dashboard, you scroll down to Quick Actions > Select Emails > My Emails screen.

Or Go to left menu, Click Emails Management > Select My Emails > My Emails screen is displayed.

In my emails screen, you select:

  • “Add Email” if you want to add new email address to your list.
  • Import Emails if you want to import Email Contacts from the files


Step 4 – Create Email Campaigns

  • One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

With Sendiio, you can create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time broadcast email campaigns as well! Use these to send out a quick announcement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you’d like!

From Left Menu In Central Dashboard, you scroll down to email part > Expand Broadcasts Management > Add Broadcast  > Add New Broadcast Screen is displayed > And now, you can make your campaigns


  • Create Sequence Campaigns

From Facebook > Select Sequences Management > Add New Sequence


Step 5 – Send Email without monthly fees

In order to send email without monthly fees, you need to have SMTP accout.

  • Add SMTP domain


  • Add SMTP Accounts


  • Schedule System To Send Email Campaigns


How To Use SMS Feature?

In order use SMS feature you need to Twilio account. Because Sendiio is integrated with one of the TOP platforms for delivering your text campaigns directly to your subscriber’s mobile device.

Step 1 – Login Sendiio( see How To Use Email Feature)

Step 2 – Create new phone list

In left menu, you scroll to SMS part > Select List Management Item  > Select Add List  > Enter Needed Information (List name, description, Phone numbers…) > Click Create button to create new list.


Step 3 – Create SMS Campaigns

  • Sequence Campaigns

In SMS part, Select Sequences Management and then click Add Sequence to create sequence Campaigns.


  • One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

In SMS part, Select Broadcasts Management > click Add Broadcast to create One-time Broadcasts Campaigns


Step 4 – Send SMS text

Sendiio has a fully-flexible scheduling system that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to be sent out immediately OR schedule it for the next day or as far out as you’d like.


How To Use Facebook Feature?

Step 1 – Login Sendiio( see How To Use Email Feature)

Step 2 – Connect Fan Pages

From Facebook > Pages > Add New Page


After that Sendiio automatically adds them as a messenger subscriber that you can immediately start sending messages to.

Step 3 – Create campaigns

  • Create Up Facebook Messenger Sequence

From Facebook > Select Sequences Management > Add New Sequence


  • Create One-Time Messenger Broadcast Messages

From Facebook > Select Broadcasts Management > Add New Broadcast


Step 4 – Send FB Messages

It’s the same as SMS, Email Feature, You can run your FB campaign immediately or schedule it for the future.



You can also see the more in-depth demos below:

Email Autoresponder Demo


SMS Autoresponder Demo

FB Messenger Demo

Sendiio Review – Why should you buy it?

With many valuable features as mentioned in my Sendiio Review, I think this will be a great product for many marketers at all levels:

  • Affiliate marketers

Email, Text and FB messenger to generate affiliate sales? Yup, it works with ALL three! In fact, it can easily be said that affiliate marketing was built on the back of email – and now Text and FB messenger has allowed affiliates to take it to the next level.

  • e-Commerce Stores

Yup, if anyone DESPERATELY needs the power of email, text and FB messenger, it’s e-commerce stores. Since they ship to people’s homes and are likely using paid ads to get sales, there’s a good chance they’re already capturing emails, phone numbers AND FB messenger subscribers – but have NO idea what to do with that information!

  • Digital Product Vendors

As a digital product vendor myself, list building is what allowed me to FINALLY leave my 9-5 job and go full-time online. It’s the most powerful asset you can posses and it can supply you with predictable, long-term income.

  • Agency Marketers

Are you running FB ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads or ANY other kinds of ads for your clients? Why not offer to take over their ENTIRE follow-up strategy via email, Text and FB Messenger and INSTANTLY add additional profit to your agencies bottom line AND to your clients bottom line as well? It’s the ultimate WIN-WIN. With Sendiio, now you can!

  • Local Marketers

If you’re dealing with ANY kind of local business, implementing email, text and FB messenger for your clients is probably the EASIEST of all the other business models. Think about it – your clients deal with people face-to-face, they can easily ask them to sign up to their mailing list, or get text updates, or even connect with their FB page in exchange for a discount on products or services. And there’s a good chance, MANY local businesses already have a list of customers in an excel sheet somewhere just collecting DUST! Offer them these 3 additional services and add an endless supply of recurring income to your bottom line!

  • For ANY other business model online or offline

ANY business, big or small, MUST be implementing Email, Text and FB messenger as part of their sales and marketing strategy. Those that are NOT are leaving a TON of profit on the table and if they don’t adapt quickly, they’re going to be left behind!

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • 3 platforms integrated
  • Work for both follow up or single email
  • Track mails and messages
  • Compatible with SMTP provider


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

In addition, you will be getting tons the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action

Sendiio Bonuses

Start your Free

Evaluation and Price

The pricing schedule of Sendiio is $27-$37. Considering its features, I think it’s a reasonable price but it won’t stay long. The price will go up because this product is on high demand. Therefore, I suggest you to consider the Agency option to get unlimited features with lowest possible price.

Sendiio has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

– Front-end: Sendiio (See Details)

For the first 36 hours starting at $47 for Agency and $37 for personal.

Then on the 22nd at midnight:

  • Price goes up by $10 for Agency and Personal ($57 and $52)
  • Coupon code to get a $5 discount “get5off

At 00:00 on February 24th-25th at midnight (23:59:59):

  • The Agency License Bonus expires
  • And price goes up by another $10 ($67 and $62)
  • Coupon code to get a $7 discount “get7off

From the 25th-closing time

  • Use the coupon code “finalchance” to get $7 offer until closing

On February 26th at midnight

  • The price goes to $97 for Pro and $87 for Personal
  • ALL the rest of the bonuses expire

– OTO 1: Sendiio Academy ($67) (See Details)

In this training the creators are going to show you how to build their first 1,000 subscribers in the next 14 days or less. They’re going to share with you 10 different FREE traffic strategies that you can start using TODAY to generate as much traffic as you’d like and start building your list.

– OTO 2: Sendiio Elite ($27/Mo) (See Details)

Allows you to bypass the SMTP set up the process and send emails using their powerful SMTP servers of SEASONED IP Addresses. This will ensure you get HIGHER, FASTER, and more RELIABLE delivery right out of the gate. Be able to charge their clients and run campaigns on their behalf

– OTO 3: Sendiio VA License ($97) (See Details)

Give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads.

– OTO 4: Sendiio Booster ($67) (See Details)

One of the most powerful things when it comes to List marketing, is to send to your unopens. One of the unique things about Sendiio is the ability to send to your UNOPENS automatically when setting up your campaigns.


This is only one platform that allows you to do email marketing, facebook marketing, sms marketing, twitter marketing in same dashboard with zero monthly fee.

Using Sendiio will rocket your business. I totally recommend this one for you today.

What’s more, I want to send my grateful thoughts to those who have patiently followed my Sendiio Review until the end. Although I have no idea whether this is precise or not because of my personal opinions, I truly hope that you can get something useful. Let me know if you have any concern. Goodbye!

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  • Create UNLIMITED Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Facebook and Text Message Campaigns
  • Easily Import UNLIMITED Emails AND Phone Numbers
  • ZERO Monthly FEES During our Charter-members opening
  • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Auto-Link Swapper Feature


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