SEO Dominator Review – Turn A Profit Within Hours By Siphoning Free Traffic & Authority From 16 Biggest Sites

SEO Dominator Review

From the moment you enter my SEO Dominator review, I can say you can wave goodbye tiredly waiting forever to profit online.

Can you imagine how powerful it is to be able to pick up an expired domain that still has a LIVE link from ANY of those sites above?

Or be able to pick up an expired domain that is still posted below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or even THOUSANDS of views per day?

Or picking up a domain that is still linked to from a highly ranked post on Quora?

I bet my hat you understand the size, if not, it is really huge. And SEO Dominator will help you benefit from it.

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with SEO Dominator.

SEO Dominator Review – Overview


Product name SEO Dominator
Vendor Atanas Grkov
Front-end price $37/M
Release Date 2020-Nov-07
Release Time 10:00 EST
Niche Software
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 650 Bonuses Value At $278,455
Refund 60 Day Money Back Guarantee  

SEO Dominator Review – What is it?

SEO Dominator is a powerful software that helps you get instant traffic from expired domains, profiles, and earn passive commissions from other people’s efforts at any time in any niche or offer you’d like.


About Creator


David Porro and Atanas Grkov teamed up and developed SEO Dominator for you.

These guys are new if not completely strange to most of us. So of course, I did some researches.

Atanas has been the owner of DoX – Software for over 3 years. He is also a well-qualified freelancer with an impressive profile on many job platforms.

He is especially good at Analytics, Bulk Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Sales & Lead, and more.

And David is a trustworthy middleman to deliver this offer to you.

So give it a shot and you will not regret it. It is all revealed in my SEO Dominator review.

What Are the Features of SEO Dominator?

Here’s a snippet about SEO Dominator:

Keyword Scraper To Get More Keywords

Paste in your few keyword suggestions, that will be transformed into hundreds of expired Domains, Web 2.0 Property or Expired Social Media Accounts seekers in seconds.

Uses Hyper-Threading for Faster Search That Cuts Hours From Big Tasks

When you start using SEO Dominator regularly you will be entering loads of keywords to find the maximum number of available properties.

As you can appreciate this can be quite slow. To make the process faster, they have built-in hyper-threading.

This means SEO Dominator will carry out multiple tasks at once.

All you have to do is set the number of threads you want running (this has to be at least your number of keywords you entered) & the software will do the rest for you.

Use Proxies for Bigger Jobs (Developed For Heavy Users)

Heavy users of SEO Dominator, especially SEO pros & agencies run the risk of getting a “Google Challenge” – this is only triggered if there are too many requests from your IP address.

At this point, the program will stop working for the penalty period “sin bin”.

To solve this problem, they have a built-in option that allows you to load proxies. You can use free ones if you wish.

For best results simply follow their training videos where they’ll show you how to get the best results out of SEO Dominator!

Smart Filtration & Moz Metrics

With smart filtration, you can pre-select what type of property stats you want SEO Dominator to find for you using Moz Metrics:

  • PA – Page Authority
  • DA – Domain Authority
  • Equity Links (valuable links)

Check The Domain Or Web 2.0 Property History

Using SEO Dominator Check History Feature, you can check for what purpose was the property you are interested in, used!

Search 18 Powerful Platform Choices – Powerhouse Authority Sites Included

1. 6 Feature Choices Targeted At Expired Domains

Expired Domains Search

This is the “stealth mode” because finding an expired Domain with this feature means, that there is a chance nobody else knows about the found domain that is expired.

From Database

This feature produces most results which means it provides you with more choices of Domains to choose from.

From YouTube

These Domains already have backlinks from the biggest video authority site in the world.

From Wikipedia

Links from Wikipedia the online encyclopedia, almost certainly have high authority value since Wikipedia pages are used on daily basis by most internet users to get information on various subjects.

From Quora

Quora is a unique place to ask and answer questions. So Domains found from this feature will have highly targeted traffic.

From Reddit

Reddit is another powerhouse of the internet with a network of communities based on people’s interests.

2. 8 WEB 2.0 Platforms To Find & Register Expired Accounts For Free

  1. Tumblr is a microblogging and social network web 2.0 platform with one of the biggest user base.
  2. Webs is a freemium, primarily static site-only web host founded in 2001.
  3. WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder.
  4. Wikidot is a social wiki platform where EVERYONE can start a wiki.
  5. LiveJournal is a strong social networking service where you can keep a blog, journal or diary.
  6. OverBlog is a French blogging platform, but its blogging services are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.
  7. Blogger is owned by Google, Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs.
  8. Weebly is an online website builder with a drag and drop style of builder

3. 4 Social Media Platforms Supported To Find Expired Profiles & Register For Free


Instagram is the biggest photo and video sharing social networking service in the world.


Twitter is a social networking service on which users post and interact with short messages.


Flickr is one of the biggest image hosting and video hosting service, as well as an online community.


YouTube is the biggest online video-sharing platform in the world.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work?

There are 9 main tactics you can apply to encash with SEO Dominator:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most used and easiest strategy to deploy. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.

You find a product you like, promote it for others, and earn peace of the profit for each sale you make.

With SEO Dominator, all you have to do is: Find Expired Domains or Properties, redirect the traffic to an affiliate offer, and profit!

2. Your Own Product Marketing

If you have your OWN products this can be a very powerful strategy.

You can just redirect the traffic to your offers from the expired domains or properties in your niche or can set up SEO-optimised articles for your offers to rank in Google.

3. List Building

List building is growing your mailing list by collecting the client’s email addresses.

All you have to do with SEO Dominator is to set up a squeeze page and redirect the traffic to your subscription form.

4. AdSense

AdSense is a great strategy for blogs and you can use SEO Dominator to find Domains or Web 2.0 Properties that already have high authority and use AdSense as revenue, or redirect their traffic to Your Blog where you have AdSense on.

5. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the practice of buying a domain name as cheaply as possible.

Then, without doing anything with the domain, you’ll sell the domain to an interested party for more than what you originally paid.

With SEO Dominator, you can find high amounts of expired domains to chose from to resell

6. PBN

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. Its purpose is to bring link juice to your money site (the site from which you intend to make money).

In short, this is an advanced strategy where you create multiple fully functioning websites and create backlinks to your money site.

SEO Dominator allows you to find Expired Domains which are more powerful And Expired Web 2.0’s from which creating PBN is free because there are no hosting expenses.

7. Resell to Original Owner

This is one of the simplest strategies. Sometimes domain owners forget to renew their domains and they became expired.

Then, you can buy the domain and contact the owner if they are interested in reselling them, all you have to do is negotiate the price.

8. Redirect

Another simple strategy that can be deployed in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Find High-Quality Niche Expired Domains or Web 2.0 Properties with SEO Dominator

Step 2: Well Just 301 redirect the traffic and authority from the Domain or Web 2.0 Property to your Money site (the site from which you intend to make money)

9. eCom

Just like ranking or bringing traffic to a Website, you can also do the same to your Amazon or E-bay listings.

Heck, the increase in sales from the targeted traffic will rank you higher on those platforms as well, which will result in even more sales. Talking about 2 birds with 1 stone.

This is how I tested SEO Dominator:

  • Step 1: Fill In A Keyword You Want To Analyze


  • Step 2: Adjust Filter To Receive Desired Search Results


  • Step 3: Register Your Findings & Watch Your Traffic Roar



SEO Dominator Review Is it worth buying?

Once you get your hands on SEO Dominator, you’ll be able to start legally hijacking domains from 16 of the above sites (Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, etc) and getting traffic and sales in as little as 24 hours.

Now you will be able to get domains that are STILL actively linked to on a MONSTER site like Wikipedia.

Not only will these domains continue to benefit from the INSANE ranking authority that comes from having a link FROM Wikipedia, but you’ll ALSO benefit from all the click-through traffic that lands on Wikipedia.

And just like YouTube, Wikipedia links out to millions upon millions of websites for reference so they can solidify the content posted on their site.

However, over time, some of these privately-owned sites let their domains EXPIRE!

But as the saying goes, someone else’s trash could be YOUR GAIN!

And they developed SEO Dominator that FINDS these broken domains FOR YOU and redirect that traffic and authority ANYWHERE you’d like – INSTANTLY!


In short, SEO Dominator will hand the following benefits to you:

  • Full unlimited access to SEO Dominator Agency Edition with no limitations
  • Full access to Keywords Seeker so You won’t Run Out of Niche Ideas EVER
  • Unlimited Searches so you can find as much as you need expired properties
  • Hyper-Threading for Faster Professional Findings
  • Ability to Use Proxies
  • 6 Different ways to Finding Powerful Expired Domains
  • 8 Different WEB 2.0 Platforms
  • 4 Different Social Media Platforms
  • Unlimited of Earning Potential
  • Pre-Filter Results
  • Sort Results for Better Preview
  • Ability To Export Results to CSV format
  • Ability To Check The Domains Past
  • Use Search For Quick Access To Found Domains
  • (Reverse Search) Backlinks Getter

What People Say About SEO Dominator

SEO Dominator has made its users’ head spinning:

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Who Should Use It?

Generally, SEO Dominator is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


✅ Get Flood In Traffic & Revenue From Big Authority Sites 

✅ Additional Improved Functions For Agency Use

Over 9 Easy Strategies To Start Printing Your Money 

✅ No Paid Traffic, Hectic Tasks, Prior Skills Or Experience Required

✅ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


SEO Dominator has 1 Front-end:

Front-end: SEO Dominator ($37/Month-$369) (See Details)

Option 1: SEO Dominator Agency Edition Monthly ($37-$57/Month) (See Details)
Option 2: SEO Dominator Agency Edition Yearly ($229-$369) (See Details)



Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do they offer a one-time-fee option?
    No. SEO Dominator is not a pump and dump software. This is a Research Software/Marketing platform that is maintained and supported.
    It is impossible to maintain high-quality software with a one-time fee. There is also NO UPSELL after you subscribe. You can Get The Yearly Option Tho and Save.
  • Can I Use SEO Dominator on a MAC?
    No, SEO Dominator is built for the PC as the architecture allows hyper-threading to work correctly. This is necessary for heavy-duty use.
  • How many expired Domains and web 2.0 links do I need?
    In low competition niches, they found a dozen or so links are sufficient for P1 ranking however, it all depends on your competitor strength & site quality.
  • Can I use Only Web 2.0’s since they are free to register?
    Some of their clients use only Web 2.0’s successfully. I recommend you do on-page optimization, mixed links + social signals for best results.
  • Do I need to use Proxies?
    For light use, the answer is no. If you become a heavy user, I strongly recommend you use proxies. They cover this in their tutorial videos.


Now let’s put SEO Dominator into action in your business and make you a positive ROI on your investment.

I hope that in my SEO Dominator review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 13 Bonus 601 – 650 (Value At $27,685) (See Details)

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SEO Dominator













  • Get Flood In Traffic & Revenue From Big Authority Sites 
  • Additional Improved Functions For Agency Use
  • Over 9 Easy Strategies To Start Printing Your Money 
  • No Paid Traffic, Hectic Tasks, Prior Skills Or Experience Required
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
5/5 (12 Reviews)
5/5 (12 Reviews)
5/5 (12 Reviews)
5/5 (12 Reviews)


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