Six Knowledge To Master Before Creating Your First Facebook Ads Campaign


The lack of understanding of the nature of Facebook Ads especially lacks knowledge of the most basic root cause many advertisers to “burn money for Mark” useless.

Facebook Ads is a powerful tool to help you reach potential customers. Here I emphasize “ACCESS”, meaning that Facebook Ads will bring your message to the user.

Whether the message is effective or not, or whether you choose the right object to approach or not, it depends on you.

You need to find out everything is clear before running the ads, otherwise, you will waste a lot of budget from the failure.

The 6 tips that you set out in this article will not go into how you run an advertising campaign, but it will help you fill some of the shortcomings that you may not previously know.

1. What Is USP (Unique Selling Point)?

Not related to Facebook Ads, however, USP greatly affect whether you sell products on Facebook or not. USP (Unique Selling Point) is simply your unique selling point relative to your competitor.

Many of you complain that Facebook does not come up with a single, but when you give your product/service out for yourself, it’s like “shit.” Product not only outstanding but also more expensive then you expect customers to buy from you?

Your advantage here may be in terms of product characteristics, price, point of sale, customer care policy, etc.

List all the things you think the customer will choose your product rather than your competitors. Because now Facebook Ads are easy to run, anyone can do so do not think only your product runs on it.

When running Ads, in addition to highlighting the “BENEFITS” of the customer, it is best to emphasize the USP, point out why customers should buy yours rather than your competitors.

Any product/service, you have a competitor. In terms of product/service, you do not have the advantage, at least.

2. The Role Of Ad Content

Ad content is what your customers see when they show through their eyes. For example, image ads, title, video, link display,…

You know, customers or us all have the habit of surfing Facebook very fast, if a post does not stand out, this time faster can be less than 1 second.

Advertising content is like a normal post, so if the content is not prominent for the viewer, they will also go like a wind.

For example, in Slashdot advertising because they invest in quality images, when landing the landing page they also do pretty well.

The aesthetic factors promote good performance, it decides directly to the purchase behavior.


Chatbooks advertising is very good “trend” or write content to help readers “entertainment”.

This company has many videos with very creative ads that have a positive impact on customers when surfing newsfeeds, both advertising and entertainment customers rather than cramming products as most people are doing.


Here are two examples of good ad content, I was also their customers through Facebook Ads so I take for example always let you understand the importance of taking care of content running ads.

3. Who Are You Targeting?

To run a Facebook ad, you have to know who is the target customer you are targeting. There are 3 main customer groups that you should know:

  • Cold traffic: Is a “cold” customer group. These people do not know who you are. Running ads to these people, the rate you sell is very low. Products must be prominent, advertising content must be good or have the ability to have good results.
  • Warm traffic: Is a group of customers “warm”. These people have been interacting with you in the past, such as visiting your website, reading your fanpage, joining events you create on Facebook, using your application, Enter the name & email to your email form, … With this group of customers, the conversion rate will be higher.
  • Hot traffic: Is a “hot” customer group. Be the ones who used to buy or use your services. If your product or service is good, ‘hot traffic’ will be among the top three. Because they used your product/service once. If they have a good experience, they will definitely spend the extra 2.3 … n

So the best approach you can apply is: Bring value to Cold Traffic, target sales to warm traffic, take care to upsell (sales of related products) to hot traffic.

Meaning of Cold Traffic, you have to approach them as “I’m not a salesman,” but to bring them something useful or valuable, or entertaining, learning. From this, you can convert them into Warm Traffic, you are now beginning to sell.

As advertised below, Campaign Monitor (An email marketing service provider) will give users email marketing tutorials first, rather than promoting their products here.


For example, PillowProfit (App Shopify sells shoes, bags, pillows, etc.) instead of directly advertising their app, they donate a free training course. This training course will guide customers on how to sell using their app:


4. What Is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is the basic ad management area that any of us have to write into this area to create, manage ads, and view advertising reports as well? In addition to Ads Manager, there will be another advanced ad management area, the “Power Editor”, but I will not put it into this article temporarily.

To access Ads Manager, go to Business Manager Menu => Ads Manager


The interface of Ads Manager is as follows:

Staying in Ads Manager you will be able to manipulate creatives, manage ads as well as see the results that ads bring as amount of reach, amount spent, amount of interaction, conversion, …

If you are new, Ads Manager is the tool that you will approach to familiarize yourself with Facebook Ads first. To create an ad campaign, simply go to Ads Manager, select Create Campaign, then follow the steps that Facebook set up to set up the campaign is complete.

When you do not want your ads to run anymore, you can also go to Ads Manager to disable the ads. Before each campaign name, there is an On/Off button. Or you want to edit the budget, edit the settings created will also revisit this area.


5. Three Levels Of Advertising: Campaign – Ad Set – Ad

Facebook has three levels of advertising, namely Campaign, Ad Set and Ad. More specifically, when you first create your ad, you will create a campaign, in the Campaign you will create Ad Set and in Ad Set you will create Ad.

(Best to turn on Ads Manager, click on Create Campaign to better understand what you mentioned)


You can also create a new Ad Set in an existing Campaign or create a new Ad in an existing Ad Set. Now I will explain about these three levels in more detail.


As a campaign, it will contain Ad Set and ad in. When you create a campaign, you choose your Marketing Objective. For example, the purpose of running your ads is to increase traffic to your website, so you choose traffic. Or your goal is to increase the amount of installed applications, you choose App Install, …

Ad Set

Within the campaign, each campaign can create multiple ad sets to test which Ad Set is most effective. If in the campaign, you only select Marketing Object, then Ad set will be where you set more things, such as:

  • Audience: Select the client file you want the ad to display. For example, you want to run ads to Custom Audience files who have been to your website, or your audience may be like your fanpage, target according to available Facebook data, geographic location, age,…
  • Placements: You can customize the position of the ads displayed: on the desktop or only on the mobile, whether to run on Instagram or not, whether to display in an instant article or not. FIND OUT MORE HERE
  • Budget & Schedule: Set up your budget and schedule your ads. You can let it run immediately or schedule it to run.
  • … Depending on what your Marketing Object will be, there are other specific settings.


As your ad, it will be in Ad Set. This will be where you create your Ad content (read section 2 on ad content). That means here you will write ads content, use images, choose which fanpage to run, what link, what video,…

Similarly, in an ad set, you can create multiple ads to see which ad is the most effective (A/B testing). However, my full A/B testing with Ad Set is enough. Meaning that with most of your campaigns in the Ad Set you only to a single Ad. If you are new you should do so for ease of management.

6. What Is An Marketing Object?

When you start creating an ad campaign on Facebook, the first thing Facebook asks you is “What is your marketing object?


The three main target groups that Facebook offers are:

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration 
  • Conversion 

There are a lot of different goals in the three categories, including the following: brand identity, increased traffic, increased interactivity, increased app settings, increased video views, increased traffic change,….

The purpose that Facebook offers this first when you start creating a campaign is to help you reach the right customers and optimize your advertising more effectively.

Each goal will have its own characteristics, so Facebook will have different settings when you choose Marketing Object different, such as when you choose Marketing Object Engagement, when set up Ad Set, you just set up Audience, Placements, Budget & Schedule.


But when I choose Marketing Object is Traffic, in addition to the three items, there are two other items to set up an Ad Set: Traffic and Offer


Of course, anyone running the ads also clarified their purpose and answered the question: “I run ads for what purpose.” So you choose the Marketing Object for your purpose to get started.

7. Conclusion

I will go into the guide to create some popular ads and optimize it, but you need to pass this article, that is to understand all the basics you can use Facebook Ads.

After this article, you need to find the USP of what you are preparing to market on Facebook if your product does not have any strength it is difficult to sell leads to run ads.

Next you have to understand the importance of ads content: beautiful photos, good videos + write or always attract customers.

If you have bad ad results before, reinvest the ad content, you will see results change noticeably.

In general, Facebook is just a tool to help you reach the message to the user, you have to flexibly customize that message to get high results.

You need to know who your customers are, focus on building customer relationships to get “warm traffic” rather than rush into selling ads with cold traffic.

Understand the purpose of users on Facebook is to entertain rather than to buy.

Also, go to Ads Manager to find out a bit, click on create a campaign and look through the interface, know where to set the campaign level Campaign – Ad Set – Ad and know the purpose of advertising. What is the Marketing Object?

Understanding this 100% article is the first way to start creating your first ads. If you do not understand the problem, please comment below. I will try to reply in the day.

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