1. The Negators

The Negators enjoy spending most of their time finding the faults of others rather than to see the strengths in everyone. Personally, they would also concentrate on their weaknesses relative to others. By focusing on all the negative aspects of life, they will continue to attract more negative events along the way. After a period of time, they would find that the world is ‘indeed’ a very unfair place. When dealing with a Negator, think totally the opposite! Almost every problem can be a potential opportunity, depending on the perspective that one adopts.

2. The Detractors

Not only would Detractors never be successful themselves, they would also help the people around them to be unsuccessful too. Their goal in life is to – have no goals. On the bright side, although they probably can’t write a book on how to succeed, they could teach you valuable lessons on how to fail for sure in life. Some of the Detractors that we can spot in our daily life are those who not only don’t have a sense of urgency in life but also stand in the way of other people who wants to succeed. Unless you can be sure you can bring the Detractors back on the ‘right’ track without getting yourself ‘derailed’, avoid them at all cost!

3. The Mr. Oks 

When Mr. OK meets a successful person, he starts to learn how to be one. But when Mr. OK meets an unsuccessful person, he also starts to learn how to be one. Mr. OKs always follow the plans of others, be it successful or unsuccessful people, so they always end up nowhere, as they abandon every good or poor plan halfway. When having a Mr.  OK as a team member,  do not put too much weight in his words.

4. The Mr. Planners 

The Mr. Planner is somewhat the opposite of the detractors. They have goals. They have plans. For themselves. As well as for you. The Mr. Planner would try to get you into doing what they want you to. If you do not have a plan in life, they would have one ready for you. Unfortunately, it isn’t one meant to benefit you. Unlike the Detractors, they do not lead you to become an unsuccessful person, but rather, they would help you to help them to become successful. A win-win situation is often possible but a Mr. Planner would not mind a win(him) – loss(you) situation if you don’t mind too.

However, if we have a Mr. Planner who truly plans and works towards a win-win scenario for all, he could probably be one of the best collaborators to have. This would be rare of course, but not impossible though.

5. The Instant Gratifiers 

Procrastination is never a problem with the Instant Gratifiers. Their motto- ‘Act first. Think later.’ The Instant Gratifiers always seek to maximize current pleasure and consumption without regard to its consequences. If you are someone who enjoys ups and downs in life, make good friends with them. You will learn to enjoy and suffer more than ever before. Give a Mr. Gratifier a fish, you feed him for a day; Teach a Mr. Instant Gratifier to fish, you also feed him for a day. Instant Gratifiers, however, can be valuable team members if the project is of short-term nature and one-off task. They would seek how to make the best out of every situation to put their team in the best possible position.


This article is not written to put any kind of people down, but rather, to prepare ourselves for different scenarios of handling people should they arise. In any case, some of us may be used to be one of these or still is. It is a whole lot more productive if we spend our time and energy on things that we can change to make it even better rather than to get ourselves frustrated and demoralized by trying to change things, not within our reach.

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