SpyStream 2.0 Review – Brand New WEB App Reveals The Hidden Reasons Your Visitors


So, you found your niche.
Created a nice Landing Page.
Put on an amazing offer.
You’re sending targeted traffic.
You’ve done everything you’re supposed to.
But your bounce rate is through the roof.
Your opt-ins are limp.
And your sales are flat-lining.
You’ve set up Google Analytics to find out what’s going wrong, but the problems…

Google Analytics is not telling you the whole truth!

Google Analytic

So, what about split testing? Problem is…

Split testing sucks, too.

Because you’re shooting in the dark!
There could be dozens – maybe hundreds – of things to test.
How do you know where to start?
Right now, you’re blindfolded…
… and your website and Landing pages are choking to death.
But what if you could rip off that blindfold…
… stop guessing…
… and finally, SEE why people aren’t converting…?

Now you can, with…

1.SpyStream 2.0 Review – Overview

  1. Homepage: SpyStream 2.0 Official Site
  2. Product name: SpyStream 2.0
  3. Vendor: Rohan & Harshal
  4. Front-end price: $27
  5. Recommended: Very High
  6. Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  7. Support: Friendly and Effective
  8. Bonuses: On my review
  9. Refund: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

2.SpyStream 2.0 Review – What is it?

Stop guessing and start seeing why your visitor doesn’t convert…

SpyStream 2.0 is an advanced application that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a listed building, money-making machine.
Anonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers and cursors are drawn to (and what they’re ignoring.)

In addition to the advanced video mouse tracking, SpyStream 2.0 can also track and show click heatmaps, do DOM click tracking, can provide deep analytics ie: geolocation, visitor age, browser type, keywords used, and even comes with a full ecom tracking and analytics suite!

In other words, SpyStream 2.0 does what Google Analytics and most conversion tracking programs can’t. This provides exactly the same technology enterprise software like Clicktale can do only for just a fraction of the cost.

About Author

Rohan & Harshal

Spy Stream 2.0 was created by Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav. They are the men behind Rack InfoTech – a company who have successfully delivered an array of solutions for all industry verticals including small and medium enterprises, Medical and Healthcare, retail, e-commerce, education, Travel & Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale trade, Financial and Insurance Services, Consumer Products and Utilities, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate, Government Organizations, Education and Social Networking.

Rohan & Harshal are one of the most committed product creators around. They have a great technical team and a lot of dedication to their craft. I’ve known Rohan and Harshal for some time now – they are great guys and have put out quality stuff in past such as VidViral. I feel confident recommending their products to my customers.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Spy Stream 2.0 Review and find out its features.

3.SpyStream 2.0 Review – What will you get from it?

Make smart, profitable changes with SpyStream 2.0

Record Video Sessions Of Every Visitors

Watch real, recorded video sessions of users interacting with your site/Landing Pages to move important content, forms, links and buttons into your site’s hidden hot spots…and enjoy more options and sales.

SpyStream2.0 Review

Optimize Heat click Technology

Use heat click technology to replace buttons, images, links and forms that aren’t getting clicked, and watch your CTR skyrocket… no more random split testing.

SpyStream2.0 Review1

Advance Video Session Analytics

View video sessions and track analytics anytime, across any page to see what’s distracting your visitors from taking action.

SpyStream2.0 Review2

Pin Point Tracker

Watch in real time to pinpoint the exact place where people stop scrolling and stop reading. Replace or remove these sales-killing bottlenecks in seconds.

SpyStream2.0 Review3

Find What Visitors Are Looking For

See what information your visitors are searching for (but aren’t getting) on your landing pages. Move that content to your landing pages and keep people focused on your message.

SpyStream2.0 Review4

Trending Keyword Finders

Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases & traffic from all major search engines.

SpyStream2.0 Review5

Detailed Visitors Analytics

Know exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day

SpyStream2.0 Review6

Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

SpyStream2.0 Review7

Birds Eye View Of Your Funnel

Add Unlimited Sales Funnels in SpyStream 2.0 and Get a Birds Eye View of Stats of Entire Funnel and How Visitors are moving from start to last.

SpyStream2.0 Review8

Advanced Heatmap & Funnel Visualization Technology

Plus Get access to easy to use tools in Funnel view such as Heatmap, Video Sessions to see what’s causing issues in funnel conversions and improve conversions.

SpyStream2.0 Review9Lifetime Stock Video - WilliamReview


4.SpyStream 2.0 Review – How does it work?

Stop wasting money on traffic that doesn’t convert, and quickly boost your conversion rate in just 3 simple steps.


Install the SpyStream 2.0 Tracking Pixel on Your Site/Landing Page


Watch the real-time video recordings of your visitors, heatmap of clicks, and how they interact with your website. Also visitors country, device, operating system


Instantly see what you need to optimize, remove or simply switch around on your websites to get visitors to take action

5.SpyStream 2.0 Review – Why should you buy it?

The opportunities are endless…


Are you trying to grow your list, but after using Spy Stream you see you’re only getting clicks on your About Us page?
Try putting more of your company info on the landing page or the opt-in form.

Wanting to make a sale but Spy Stream is showing you’re only getting clicks on the Privacy link below your order button?
You should remove the link and explain how their details are safe right below the order button, so they don’t have to click away from the page.

Do you want to get people to read your most popular content in your right side navigation bar, but Spy Stream is showing they’re looking at your logo in your top navigation bar instead?
The solution is – place a link to your most popular content right there beside the logo!

Are you trying to make e-commerce sales, but Spy Stream keeps showing that people keep clicking on all the product images without buying?
You should try adding better images of your product to the listing.

Do you want to get people to read your article and share it on Facebook, but the Spy Stream heat map clicks show people stopped scrolling halfway through?
You may try to shorten up your article, break up paragraphs and reword or remove the part where they’re dropping off.
These are just some of the ways SpyStream 2.0 can help turn your website into a money-churning machine.

Are you already starting to realize what a time and headache saver this is going to be?

Plus, SpyStream 2.0 works with

All Leading Page Builders. So doesn’t matter where your Site/Landing Page are built, SpyStream 2.0 Tracking code will record each and every step your Visitors makes.

SpyStream2.0 Work with2

All ECom Store Builders.. Own a store on Shopify, Magento, Opencart or any shopping platform you name. SpyStream 2.0 is compatible with all of them.

SpyStream2.0 Work with3

And Even Web Apps. Own Web apps? SpyStream 2.0 new version makes it easy to track the behavior of your web app customers to find out leaks in the app. Pinpoint each flaw with Video Recordings and improve the overall experience of the app and not only Retain them but also Make them Loyal.

SpyStream2.0 Work with4


Let’s take a minute to reap the benefits that you will get:

  • Anonymously tracking your visitor’s mouse movements & patterns in real time for you to play back & see why they didn’t convert
  • Saves months of time wasted w/ A/B testing by seeing the issue & answer instantly
  • Has Heat-Click mapping, advanced video spy technology & DOM action tracking to 10x options & sales
  • No monthly charges or restrictions unlike enterprise level software that charges $300 a month
  • Doubles conversions to drastically reduce your PPC cost & amount of traffic you need to drive
  • & more!

Who Should Use SpyStream 2.0?

As far as I’m concerned, SpyStream 2.0 is such a useful tool for all who are Online Marketers, Business Owners, Product Launchers, Ticket Sellers, eCom Marketers, Service Providers or anyone who want to see exactly what your visitors are doing on their website

User Experience

In my SpyStream 2.0 Review today, I want to assure that SpyStream 2.0 is a valuable tool since it does what Google Analytics and most conversion tracking programs can’t. This gives you exactly the same technology enterprise software like Clicktale can do only. All you need to do is add a SpyStream 2.0 tracking code and everything gets tracked and stored on its secured servers. There are real case studies as well as results to prove how valuable this is

Evaluation and Price

I consider SpyStream 2.0 is a powerful tool that gives you complete power to track any website you own. Therefore, if you are looking for this kind of product, I highly recommend you to give it a try. During launch time, SpyStream 2.0 offers you early bird discount which means you can purchase SpyStream 2.0 with the lowest price- $27 for with one-time payment. I think it is a great deal! It is also easy for you to ask for the refund during first 30 days if you feel miserable with it. After reading my SpyStream 2.0 Review, please
mark your calendar on November 18 2017 in order not to miss its launch time.

Remember that SpyStream 2.0 has 1 Front End and 2 OTO’s:

Front End – SpyStream 2.0 ($27/Lifetime) 

OTO 1 – WebStream 2.0 ($67)

OTO 2 – SpyStream WhiteLabel ($97)
Start your Free

6.SpyStream 2.0 Review – Conclusion

Well, It’s the end of my SpyStream 2.0 Review. I hope that I gave useful information. Feel free to contact me anytime if you got any question or concerns. See you later!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% RiskFREEalong with 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

By checking and purchasing the product through my link, you don’t have to spend any extra fee or anything, and I will have some commission to build my review site to provide you more and more honest reviews.

Lifetime Stock Video - WilliamReview1

During Our Limited Time Launch, You’ll Also Get
The Following Exclusive Bonuses
















  • Work for Any Niche
  • Easy to use and follow
  • Resources saving ( save time, money and efforts)
  • Full Support And Quick Response
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • I consider SpyStream 2.0 is a flawless tool


  1. Rohan & Harshal are one of the most committed product creators around. They have a great technical team and a lot of dedication to their craft. I’ve promoted a lot of their products and always made good commissions. Good partners to work with


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