Summary Of “Top” Websites For Web Designers And Developers


For web designers and developers, keep up to date on design trends, learn new skills, techniques, read analysis articles, find creative ideas for your website or read references. Is very necessary. In this article, I will share the big websites that I regularly visit often to see useful articles, as regularly as reading the newspaper. If you have more useful sites, please comment below, I can consider updating to the “top” list below.

1. Smashing magazine


Top of your list will be this page. All designers and developers are familiar with Smashing Magazine because all of the articles are extremely high quality articles. This site was founded by Vitaly and Sven Lennartz  in 2009.

This is a good reference source for you professional web developer. Besides, it may be difficult for beginners to understand … but if you like to challenge yourself then do it!

2. Codrops


Codrops have a lot of tutorials about HTML and advanced CSS.

Codrops are famous for their web design because unique tutorials are not like other Tut tutorials. One particular thing is that the unique tut here is largely written by a cute girl named Manoela Ilic. On weekdays, Codrops will be releasing a collection of well-known collections from various places throughout the week. Great, excellent, wonderfull!

This is an indispensable address for designers and front-end developers.


3. Tutsplus


Tutsplus is the paradise of designers and developers, this is the truth without having to argue. Here is where the focus of many tutorials on many areas such as: Web design, coding, music, art, photography, business, … Here is the overwhelming, creating “lag browser effect” because many pin for tab or flood bookmark.

Currently tutorials at Tutsplus are free, but if you need to watch more video tutorials, you can sign up for the TutsPlus Membership package for a chance to watch hundreds of different programming and design courses with the highest quality. .

4. CSS-trick


Treasure tutorial for CSS

You want to learn more about CSS, then css-trick can meet all your needs. Css-trick was founded by Chris Coyier around 2007. I learned a lot of useful tips from here as well. Especially recently, Chris has launched Centering CSS complete guide is very grandiose.

Another plus point at CSS-Trick is that Christ Coyier is very funny, if you can hear and understand what he’s saying in the video, make sure you have not only great knowledge but also a great laugh. .

5. A List Apart


Keep an eye on ALA if you need access to new technology knowledge in Web Design

A List Apart is a rare site that has existed since 1998 and specializes in writing new Web design trends. Remember that in the old days I was very ill at some positions in CSS (now a little better), thanks to read a very detailed article Position 101 at ALA that understand a lot.

Perhaps you have not known one thing, it is Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design article published first in ALA.

6. Speckyboy


Speckyboy was founded in 2007 by rel=”nofollow” Paul Andrew. There are quite a lot of tutorials here, as well as a collection of freebie resources for good design. Speckyboy is the first weblog to have apps specifically for iPhone and iPad.

Although you can find code articles here, Speckyboy is currently the most popular in the collection of freebies and resources for Web designers.

7. Webdesigndepot


Webdesigndepot is interesting not only because of the great tutorials but also the weekly comics and weekly retweet categories – just like the Codrops collection and MightyDeals owns a lot of quality, low-cost design products that we do not buy. Waiting for free design to collect.

8. TreeHouse


Treehouse offers many interesting courses like Tutsplus. TreeHouse Blog has quite a nice and unique article about new design trends, techniques “not in touch” with other web tuts. Very worth the reference!

9. Webmonkey


If the above are the resource sites for experienced Web Designer and Web Developer, then Webmonkey is the ideal reference for both newbies and professionals.

If you are a newbie then Webmonkey has a nice section of Browse Our Tutorial and Cheat Sheets so you can read and follow it to get the basics.

10. SitePoint


If you love code then SitePoint should not be overlooked because it contains a great number of great tutorials from HTML & CSS to PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and includes great design articles.

In addition, SitePoint also has a SitePoint Community where webmasters can exchange and learn from each other.

11. WebHostingTalk


Whether you are a Designer or Developer, Web Hosting is still important because it is essential to run a website. If you are interested in hosting discussions, need to find good suppliers, reputable reviews, please refer to here.

Or you can use it as a Web Hosting FAQ, if you need to buy a host somewhere, you can go here to create a topic to consult experts, they will have good advice for you.

Do not worry about the host provider to create accounts and entice you, this is the largest Web Hosting community in the world so the rules are very tight, communication culture is also very high. It is not uncommon for a business host on Site B to encourage you to use a host on Site A simply because they will advise you to choose the host that best suits your needs.



This is the paradise of the web designer. They can search for many kinds of creative ideas here or show other designers their products. A lot of unique ideas, beautiful shimmering that can be caught here.

13. Dribbble


Where “show off” of the designer with a quality product.

Like Behance, Dribbble is also a place for show-offs and creative ideas. The other thing is that in order to upload the product, you need to get the Dribbble invitation, but to get the invitation, you have to go “find” invitation. Quite difficult! Therefore, the quality of Dribbble products is higher than that of Behance.



At you can find a lot of great HTML / CSS / JS code. The magic types of markup language are performed here !!!

Not only as a reference, you can use Codepen for the purpose of storing your markup code or for sharing it with others.

15. Awwwards


This is where every day/month/year honors websites with great designs. Also a good place to refer to the design ideas for the Web designer. The Awwwards Blog is also very well cared for, very high quality.

16. Twitter


If you need to communicate and follow with the Web Developer & Designer in the world, take more time for social networking Twitter because this place is often preferred by foreign individuals (especially the United States).

17. JS Fiddle


As Web Developer, it is impossible to ignore JSFiddle, which is a great place to send and execute Javascript code and HTML / CSS code online.


This is the browse list of your day. What about yours? Have you missed any more interesting pages? Let me hear your ideas. We can update to lengthen this “top” list.

I wish you a good day!?




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