Surrounding the Disney world, discover delicious dishes that all children love

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The world of Disney World (USA) fairy games are not only interesting games to attract all the small but the food at this park also makes the kids crave.

Mickey Ice Cream

This is a popular Disney food, they are sold very expensive, sold most of the food stalls and fast restaurants in the park. For the little ones, this is a great treat.

Dole Whip

This sweet dish of pineapple and cream is available at Aloha Isle (Magic Kingdom) or Pineapple Lanai (Polynesian Resort). The natural sweetness of the fruit, which makes the Disney World experience even more enjoyable.

Cream pots

You can enjoy this huge dessert at Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club. The large pots of ice cream, eyes, mouth, not only the small but also the adult love.

Macaron clamped cream

The crispy crusted macaroni with the creamy kernel is not only appetizing but also eye-catching. The cakes are sold at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot, Florida.

Waffle fruit cake

The crispy crackers combine with syro nutella and fresh fruit to bring fresh, unique flavor. You can buy bread at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom.

Fried potatoes with waffle and barbecue

This dainty dish is sold in the Frontierland at the Golden Oak Outpost in the Magic Kingdom. Young people are very excited when they just chewed the pieces of cake, and continue to experience the fairy world.

Turkey Thigh

Grilled turkey thighs are a must-have dish when visiting Disney parks. The big turkey thigh with fragrant meat sauce, delicious sauce especially the favorite dish of many small friends.

Darth Vader cupcake

The fragrant soft pie, combined with the cream of the fatty fresh cream, especially the cartoon characters are made of chocolate. You can buy these delicious cupcakes at Hollywood Studios.

Mac ‘n Cheese Barbecue

The familiar dish from pasta and cheese is served with a little-torn meat, sold at Fantasyland. Pasta is cooked to the touch, combined with the delicious cheese, accompanied by grilled meats that are great for a small meal to regain the energy to continue Disney World experience.

Round sandwiches with cream

This delightful dish is on sale at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot. Delicious baked bread, bite a piece, you can feel the cream of ice cream.

Horn Troll

This cream cake roll is great for sipping while waiting in line for Anna and Elsa in Epcot. Crispy crust bread crumbs, combined with aromatic cream pie.


The Gyro is a flat-burger, hearty, healthy snack, marketed at the Harambe Market in the Animal Kingdom. Eat with a little potato and salad is a delicious dish of the country’s elusive.

Spicy cheese sausage

Go to the Magic Kingdom, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this aromatic sausage. The long sausage sandwiched in the hot bread, with delicious cheese melted. Often, young people will love to eat cake with a cup of Coca-Cola and some fries.


Cake shaped “animal dung”

These “animal dung” buns are not the only ones that cause fever at Disney World, but they still make visitors curious to try each and every one of them.

Here are 4 types of “animal dung”:

– “Elephant dung” cakes consist of chocolates, peanuts, butter, soft candy along with sweet oats and coconut;

– The “Monkey Squirrel dung” Cake includes twisted biscuits stacked on chocolate, peanuts, butter, soft candy, and sweetly ground oatmeal;

– The “Hippo dung” cake includes brownie chocolate soft candy caramel with ground peanut butter and oatmeal;

– The “giraffe dung” cake consists of caramel-flavored chocolate brownie muffins.

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