Theme Installation Instructions For Websites Using WordPress


After you install WordPress on your website, the next step is to choose the theme for it, the following article will guide you to do this easily.

1. Install Themes Available on WordPress

On WordPress there are already many free themes available, you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to to log into your WordPress admin area (replace with your domain name).


Step 2: In the left column, select Appearance —> Themes.


Step 3: Select Add New.


Step 4: Here you can see there are a lot of free themes, you can search by keyword. For example, I want to make a restaurant website, I will type the keyword “Restaurant” in the search box, there will be many results appear.


Step 5: You see which interface good is and want to install for your website, click Install, and wait for it to finish.


Step 6: Click Activate to activate the interface you just installed.



Complete! You have done the theme installation. Very simple, right? On the theme of WordPress, you can choose one of a number of free themes, but the use of the free theme is limited to functionality. If you want to create a professional website, you should invest the theme paid with a series of optimization functions to support marketing for it. Do not hesitate to contact me, I have many available paid themes that you may need and you can donate FREE.

2. Install Theme by Uploading from Computer

Usually, when you buy a theme or paid theme from someone else, they will send you a compressed .zip file. Your job is simple, just upload this file, then you can install the theme you want, before going to detailed guide, I will show you a number of premium paid theme stores with millions of themes full of categories for you to choose.


Here I will guide you to install the theme by uploading file.
Step 1: Go to Appearence —> Theme.


Step 2: Select Add New.


Step 3: Select Upload Theme.


Step 4: Select the theme you’ve already have (in .zip file). When you buy or ask someone to send you this type of file. Click Install Now.


Step 5: Wait for it to download and install, then activate and you finish.

Theme installation is very simple, there are only a few basic operations so I think you will not encounter any problems in this step, please comment below for support.

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See you guys soon.

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