Three Super Typhoons Are Raging Across The Atlantic Ocean

Three super typhoons in the Atlantic (Source: ABC News)

On the Atlantic Ocean, besides Hurricane Irma, there are two tropical cyclones named Jose and Katia.

In the afternoon of September 6, tropical cyclones Jose and Katia strengthened into a hurricane. This is the first time since 2010 that three super typhoons have raged across the Atlantic Ocean.

Bộ ba siêu bão đang hoành hành dữ dội trên Đại Tây Dương - Ảnh 1.

Three super typhoons on the Atlantic (photo source:

Hurricane Jose is also a super-hurricane. Cape Verde is like Hurricane Irma, a typhoon formed in the far east of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Cabo Verde Islands.

However, Super Hurricane Jose is expected not to move in the same direction as Hurricane Irma. It will circle up the Atlantic Ocean and become a super-strong high-speed level 3 or more with winds up to 185 km/h.

Bộ ba siêu bão đang hoành hành dữ dội trên Đại Tây Dương - Ảnh 2.

The direction of super hurricane Jose (photo source: AccuWeather).

The closest land area that Hurricane Jose may have landed on is the Leeward Islands in the north, which has been hit by Hurricane Irma.

But Super Typhoon Jose will not come close to devastating the Leeward Islands, but only cause heavy winds.

Hurricane Katia, a level 1 hurricane in the southern Gulf of Mexico, was located just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey, just after the United States Bureau of Hurricane Prevention news about super typhoon Katia.

Bộ ba siêu bão đang hoành hành dữ dội trên Đại Tây Dương - Ảnh 3.

Super Typhoon Katia (photo source: AccuWeather).

Hurricane Katia maintains 120km/h of wind and moves at 4.8km/h.

Unlike Super Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katia has moved north and strengthened rapidly, predicting that Hurricane Katia will be approaching Mexico.

It is known that the hurricane season in the Atlantic usually lasts from June to November and usually has 12 storms. Katia was the 11th storm of this year’s hurricane season. Each storm season, only three super strong storms from level 3 upwards.

Bộ ba siêu bão đang hoành hành dữ dội trên Đại Tây Dương - Ảnh 4.

Movement of Hurricane Irma (photo source: Daily Mail).

Hurricane Irma landed on the islands outside the Caribbean Islands flooding, destroying homes, killing three people, sparking a “catastrophic” disaster in the morning of Sept. 6.

Source: Dally Mail, ABC News


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