Top 10 Potential Altcoins Are Being Traded On Binance

The launch of Stop-Limit and commitment to giving coin free to users when BTC and ETH have the split, immediately Binance has pulled a lot of trader from the other floor through & rose to the No.1 position Daily trading volume is reported by Coinmarketcap on 17/12/2017. Although only in 1 day, the five-month trading platform has shown that 2018 is their year.

This time I love trading altcoins (the name of other Bitcoin Bitcoins) on Binance. Not only because of the low cost, but the platform also has a very good user experience, filtering altcoins very thoroughly (Recently coin to be the list up Binance are the strong increase), in addition, Binance also has very good customer service.

In this article, I will be the same TOP 10 altcoins are trading the largest number of Binance. I will not specify what type of altcoins you store because of this you have to analyze and decide because each person has a way of analyzing & judging the potential of different altcoins, not necessarily his judgment is correct.

Note: To use Binance, you need to register an account. After registration successful, you can load BTC, ETH, .. to transaction always, but the withdrawal date will be 2 BTC. If you are a big trade, want to upgrade your account to level 2 to increase your limit to 100BTC / day, you need to verify your identity with Binance.


Ethereum is also called altcoin, but this coin is so famous so I will not put into this.

Since I only summarize in one article, I only briefly introduce what this coin was born for. If you want to detail every coin, find the coin’s home page, read the whitepaper, read more English documents on Google.

1 / TRON (TRX) – Digital content distribution economy


TRX is an emerging phenomenon that increased more than 15 times in just half a month, rising sharply in mid-December, 1977 & no sign of stopping.

The purpose of the TRON is to build an ecosystem of entertainment content enthusiasts around the world using Blockchain technology. The protocol allows users to freely publish, store data, own the copyright and sell it at any time. TRON can be considered as an autonomous social network with super-quality content, linking people together through electronic money.

TRON is likened to a new era of “Content Delivery Economies” as barriers to the publication of content will be removed. For example, you will be creating your own content & publishing yourself through TRON with customers all over the world to make a profit. Those who contribute to the ecosystem of TRON will also be entitled to profit at the rate specified.

The TRON platform also allows individuals to self-organize ICOs with their digital products with accurate income measurement and dividend management. In the future, TRON will also enter the video game market for mobile phones, attracting TRON users and investors in this market.

Homepage: – TRX is currently trading on Binance with a volume of 10,000BTC/day

2 / Verge (XVG) – Privacy is essential.


Wishing to bring Cryptocurrency to the daily lives of every organization and individual – Verge has improved Bitcoin’s original Blockchain platform into a more secure and private platform by using ” “Wraith,” transactional information cannot even be found while still being able to find public figures like blockchain, distribution of coin, number of users, and so on.

Verge’s current target audience is merchant-to-business payments and small-scale personal payments. With this ambition, Verge wants to compete directly with Bitcoin. According to them, Bitcoin is great, but it’s not private & unsafe because anyone can see the transactions of others just by knowing the address of the wallet.

The maximum supply of XVG is 16.5 billion coin. According to Verge, this would allow for fairer distribution, preventing market manipulation to a large extent, and better matching payments.

HomePage: – The XVG is currently trading in Binance with a volume of 15,000BTC/day

3/ Cardano (ADA) – Improved version of Ethereum?


Being both a digital currency and an open source for organizations to build applications that use digital money technology for real life, the Cardano (ADA) has now risen to number six in the thousands of coins being circulated.

Cardano is not just an electronic money, it is also a technology platform capable of running financial applications currently used by individuals, organizations and governments around the world. This is the first blockchain project to be developed from a scientific philosophy and is the only tool designed and built by a team of world-class researchers and engineers.

Thus, if the XVG directly competes with Bitcoin on user privacy, the ADA will compete directly with Ethereum on the Smart Contract platform, as they say, will add defects that Ethereum not to be done, safer, more reliable & more offers.

HomePage – The ADA is currently trading in Binance with a volume of 13,000BTC/day

4/ Ripple (XRP) – “gateway” electronic money circulation


Growing more than 150 times from the beginning of the year to now, ranking TOP 2 in the Coinmarketcap ranking, Ripple’s customers are the entire world’s banks & payment service providers to create networks. Worldwide transactions: Large, reduced costs, increased speed.

Also a payment coin – But the ripple is not a competitor to Bitcoin, which they think is a necessary addition to Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies. Ripple will also be a “gateway” that can help Bitcoin & other altcoins to be accessed and circulated more commonly thanks to reputable bankers & creditors.

The mission of Ripple is to help users get rid of the “magic garden” of financial networks such as credit cards, Paypal. Optimized to save costs & handle delays. The goal of the ripple is to build digital money approaches as to what the internet has done for all forms of online information.

HomePage – XRP is currently trading in Binance with a volume of 5,000BTC/day

5/ Litecoin (LTC) – “Silver” electronic money version


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. With open source, anyone, any organization can modify Bitcoin to complement & create other coin and projects. There are a lot of modifications and additions to the various successful altcoins, Litecoin is an example.

Founded by a former Google software engineer and former technical director at Coinbase – Charlie Lee, Litecoin appears to be a perfect improvement for Bitcoin as having three strong strengths over Bitcoin: Transaction Speed, fairness for miners & their applicability to technology. (For example, Segwit could be implemented much sooner than Bitcoin)

If “Bitcoin is gold” then “Litecoin is silver”. According to Charlie, Litecoin was born not to compete directly with Bitcoin even though they both had the same purpose. According to him, Bitcoin is small, highly speculative so it can be considered as a valuable asset for long-term storage, for large exchanges/purchases such as real estate, cars (For BTC is expensive and transactions are not fast. Litecoin can also be used for daily consumption payments.

HomePage – LTC is currently trading in Binance with a volume of 6.000BTC/day

6/ IOTA (MIOTA) – New technology for electronic equipment.


After reaching the top 10 most capitalized currency in June, IOTA has attracted a lot of attention from the investor community because of the strong rebound of the currency. It has risen to become the fifth-largest market after 500% in just two weeks.

IOTA is a digital coin designed to serve the Internet of Things (simply a network linking all electronic devices from one computer to the other. car,…). IOTA is promising an attractive technology for M2M application developers. The development team at IOTA says that the areas where this technology can be used are: mobility, energy, smart cities and infrastructure.

In addition, IOTA will assist companies in implementing B2B models by turning technical devices into “services” that can be exchanged on the market at no cost. IOTA can also apply very well to microtransactions between people like sending a few dollars from one country to another.

HomePage – MIOTA is currently trading in Binance with a volume of 5,000BTC/day

7/ NEO – Ethereum Chinese version


Any technology highlighted will have “China version“, Bitcoin has Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum has NEO. The old name is Antshares, NEO uses the blockchain algorithm to improve Ethereum’s intelligent contract model. Neo leverages technology and cooperation with the Chinese government towards the stated goal of a ‘smart economy’

The “smart economy” here means that all physical assets can be digitized, with proof of ownership in Blockchain, which can be sold or exchanged through smart contracts. NEO is backed by the Chinese government, which has become the most important element of NEO’s popularity, making it China’s first open source publicly available blockchain project. NEO is also supported by WINGS, Alibaba, and giants like Microsoft.

It’s as if WeChat can surpass WhatsApp or Alibaba can bypass Amazon. NEO exists in its own financial ecosystem and is backed by the government. China has had great financial success and NEO also promises to be a successful platform, competing directly with Ethereum.

HomePage – Currently NEO is trading on Binance with a volume of 5,000BTC/day

8/ Stellar (XLM) – Caliber rival of Ripple


Stripped and invested $3 million by 2014, Stellar has attracted many investors from Stripe, WordPress, and is the official partner of IBM, KlickEx. And with the same mission Ripple, Stellar believes they can connect banks, financial institutions, payment systems and everyone in the world into the same ecosystem.

Ease of use, optimum security, good liquidity and high transaction performance are what Stellar’s team is proud of. Stellar allows you to freely send money across borders without any hassle of banking procedures. Stellar wants to make currency transactions cheaper, faster and more reliable than current systems. In addition, their protocol will connect people from all over the world by enabling cross-border payments more efficiently.

HomePage – Currently XLM is being traded on Binance with a volume of 3,000BTC/day

9/ EOS – The era of decentralization


Is another opponent of Ethereum – EOS is a project developed by Dan Larimer, a technical designer behind two well-known Crypto projects, Steem & Bitshares. While Ethereum is being limited by performance, the EOS improves very well. The speed of processing of up to 100,000 transactions per second of EOS is a point of interest for investors, promising to be a new blockchain operating system faster and more scalable than Ethereum, allowing users Build more efficient decentralized applications.

The EOS team believes that the project is “The New Era of Blockchain,” where developers can rely on this platform to create more decentralized applications than Ethereum, and allow for quick and easy deployment.

HomePage – Currently, EOS is being traded on Binance with a volume of 2,500BTC/day

10/ Binance Coin (BNB) – World’s No.1 trading platform


Finally, a potential “Potential” coin has increased 50 times since its first launch in July 2017. This is also the coin Binance created under their plan to develop the ecosystem – Binance Coin (BNB). As you know, Binance is the new trading platform to rise to the top 1 for the first time in total trading every day from 17/12/2017, ie over the “experienced” as Bittrex, Poloniex, Gdax, … It is worth mentioning that Binance only took 5 months to do this.

With modern design, ease of use, super-user experience, much cheaper transaction fees and full features for professional traders, Binance is attracting a large number of traders from other exchanges. pushing the market capitalization of Binance Coin to half a billion dollars at the moment.

In addition to the coin trading platform, Binance further developed:

  • Binance Lab: Creating a platform for startup applications using blockchain technology can be made easier through the use of available resources, mentors, resources and ecosystems.
  • Binance Launchpad: Create a launch pad for the electronic money ICO. Recently, an ICO thanks to Binance’s Launchpad sold off the Token within 2 minutes (GIFTO)

HomePage – Currently BNB is trading in Binance with a volume of 3,000BTC/day


I have kept a few coins on the top for a long time & are profitable, but at the moment you should decide for yourself, I just play a role in providing useful information. Since I win with electronic money, in the long run, does not mean that the same thing will repeat in the future.

You can choose the potential coin for long-term storage, can also make a living with “trader” trades (buy low prices sell high prices in a short time). If you choose trade coin, the good time to spend and get information is a must. If you are a professional you can learn more about technical analysis from other sources (I actually trade but it is quite time-consuming).

And do not forget, not everyone is profiting from e-money investments. This is a good investment channel compared to the times, but the lack of knowledge is often exploited. Always invest in the capital that you allow yourself, do not borrow, pledge, mortgage or raise capital because even experts can be wrong.

Good luck.

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