Top 3 The Most Powerful Influences On Local SEO In 2020

According to the evaluation of SEO experts in the world, from 2020 the local SEO on Google will become more prevalent and more intense.

More than 46% of Google search is related to local search. Let’s find out through Local SEO with the article below.

Focus On The Three Most Powerful Influences On Local SEO In 2020:

1. Entity Authority Is A Key Factor

A reputable website (business) can be favored by Google displaying more local search results. The factors for Google to identify a reputable website are:

– The popularity of the business: business name, address, people are referring to businesses in newspapers, forums, MXH, youtube, … This can be considered a brand problem in the online environment of enterprise

– Interaction with business: what people say about your business (reviews, ratings on channels)

Factors That affect the seo local entity authority

2. Engagement Metrics – Interactive Data

Interactive data when local search like saving business contacts to phone contacts, searching for business locations on Google Map.

Google has controlled all the sources of information needed to assess the popularity and reputation of a business to be able to rank best at the top of local search results.

Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps, Gmail and Google Assistant are all such services. They contain user data. User interaction metrics monitored by such services will play a decisive role in the local rankings.

3. Voice Search (SEO Voice) Will Take A Leading Role

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, about 56% of users have searched for a local business using smartphones in the past 12 months.

What is voice VOO – local SEO (SEO address) What will it look like in 2020?

Moreover, the same survey shows that restaurants, grocery stores and food delivery are the top three local businesses that people search by voice.

Most Powerful Influences On SEO Local - SEO Voice

This suggests that voice has begun to appear much on local search results and businesses delay in optimizing their presence so that voice search will soon struggle to rank high. Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your business for voice SEO:

– Correct keyword list

– SEO long tail keywords

– Optimize the business information board

– Choose keywords “recently, here, ..”

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