Top 5 Elements Create An Effective Email Template


In this article, I will talk about the top 5 elements that create an effective email template. This field is quite supportive in doing Affiliate Marketing.

There are many factors that make up a good email template, but I summarize them into 5 main elements.

1. Content

Content is the most important thing, not just email. An email that has a good idea of building content always takes up more of a win. For me, good email content is not too long, I do not want to say is short because many of you will say the email nature. But try to shorten the email content as best as you can, that is what I always do regardless of any campaign.


The content should be clear, sharp, not unclear or lack of honesty. If you have a story idea that is not short, the idea is you should split it up into multiple emails and send it. Connecting your customers to the story through short email templates will be easier than throwing a chain of text in their face. Be careful not to mistake the content or interrupt it by email with other content.

2. Limit The Use Of Long Email Content

As I said above, I do not encourage you to have a long email with a lot of words. Try reducing, limiting long content writing, optimizing short content and you’ll see the effect soon!

Try to set the importance of email from the beginning to the end. Why so? My simple mindset gives you three cases to understand:

  • Case 1: The importance of email DECREASES from start to finish

Do you want the email recipient to read it? If the answer is YES then you should not be in this case. As the email’s important level decreases, the less focus your customers have, the more likely they do not take any actions before they to ignore your email. Give them something about that email clearly.

  • Case 2: The importance of email INCREASES from beginning to end

If you are the one who has the email school of emotion, this is it. But, the writing style which is a story to sell is too cramped, should not so frame it? How to start a normal email, increase emotion and sales? If you go this way, expect customers to read the first few sentences before they leave your email.

  • Case 3: The importance of email always stays level throughout email

Only one sentence: The ability to read your email is very high. Everything should be balanced when the customer really needs a genuine review, a sharp review and a balance of pros and cons, the benefits they have when using your product,… Customers want to be the real decision maker themselves!

Use sub-headings, key ideas,… throughout the email so that customers can see the content and consider if it suits them or not.

Creating ‘SEE MORE’ places to help customers that really care can find out more information but still not affect the length of your email.

3. Prioritize Easy-reception Email Content

Almost every customer has very little time to read all the email information you say. You should prioritize the information that is acceptable so that customers easily receive it.

Your email should be clean rather than colourful. Usually sending a white background and an easy-to-read font makes your email friendly. If you want to colour the brand, it is okay, as long as it is not difficult to read and eye pain.

Call-To-Action buttons should be placed from top to bottom. But no need too much. Two to three are ok.

4. Design Your Email And Leverage Your Brand

Being a loyalist, I kept a design pattern for an email marketing campaign, just changing the layout, keeping the style and design for every campaign.

Simple, clean design will easily fit in with the majority, so do not change it, do not make it complicated. The design is often simple but elegant. An email will usually be in a single color. Call-To-Action buttons or other buttons must be in other color highlights, the rest will use a color to brand the campaign.

Fonts in email should be clear, easy to read. It should not be more than 2 fonts in an email. The font size is about 14-16px is reasonable (I usually use 16px). Fonts should match the content of your email and brand.

As mentioned above, the branding of the campaign is important, it makes it easy for customers to recognize that email is yours instead of anyone else. You should insert the logo, the quotation, your brand,… in the email campaign that you are doing. If it’s a long-term campaign, it’s even more important if you want customers to recognize you in a ‘brand crowd’ out there.

5. Call-To-Action

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is always the highlight of your email, so there’s a need for customers to know what to do. To get the maximum ROI for your Email Marketing campaign, CTA is always an indispensable factor. CTA should match the audience that you target. You should specifically call for action to be more interactive than the generic call. For example, instead of ‘Download NOW’, I usually use ‘Download DW-Argo NOW’.

The CTA should be short, easy-to-understand, and immediately imaginable what it will do. Place CTAs where customers can easily see them in emails. An outstanding CTA is always an advantage to attract the attention of customers.

Here are just 5 subjective factors through the process of using Email Marketing as a tool for online money campaigns, or even the actual campaign that I use. Do you have any other factors to consider? You can post comments so I can update my article! Thank you and good luck.

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