Top 7 Content Marketing Trends In 2020


Digital marketing is a constantly changing field.

Looking back a year, you see a lot of new trends and more knowledge to update. If your approach becomes obsolete, its effectiveness will be reduced.

Whether your area is a website or social media, content marketing plays a huge role in determining to rank and conversion rates.

This is a good time to get started and keep up with content marketing trends that will become a core trend and deliver high levels of performance in 2020.

I will take a look at the top 7 content marketing trends in 2020 that promising to be fully exploited, help you prepare for more & more ideas for the new year.

Landing Page & Pre-Lander

Landing Page is a way of delivering content that gains a much higher conversion rate than a regular website.

Read Neil Patel’s Advice For Landing Page & More: Neil Patel’s Advice For Affiliate Marketers

The pre-lander is a conversion add-on page that customers will access before getting into the main landing page.

Another name of pre-lander is a pre-landing page.


Only implement this form if you have enough specialized knowledge & can practice it professionally.

Podcasts can be understood as simple as a radio series for your brand. Users can listen to while they are doing housework, exercise, driving,…

The trend for content for the future is that the content must be “portable” – ie people will easily enjoy that content at any time.

If they are free, they can read. But if they need more details then the video should be available. Or if they are busy, they can still access content in the form of hearing.

Podcasts are gradually spreading in the brands from individual to international business with many contents such as:

  • Interview with influential characters about something
  • Share, give perspective on updates in the field that they are doing
  • Talk about the case studies from customers, partners, …

This method is popular in the field of digital marketing, but can still apply well in many other digital product niches, even for any brand that wants to enhance professionalism.

Shane Melaugh’s ActiveGrowth blog, founder of ThriveThemes, has not taken the lead yet, but he has been successful in applying podcasts.


If possible, invest heavily in video building alongside the text.

In addition to publishing on large social platforms, you should also embed video into your website to increase competition for content.

Many still feel that building video is something very difficult, my advice is to start with simple videos.

Then, stronger that that is Livestream. If you cannot sell anything, then first live share or create minigame to attract the audiences.



After having a lot of knowledge & resources, you can hire a team or yourself continue to implement a video channel on the niche you are trading.

Real Photos & Infographics

Visual Content will be the key to confirming your competition against opponents. Your image and infographic on your website or social media will be what you need to deploy.

You can see a lot of units, businesses or individuals willing to spend big budget to hire KOL to capture the product lookbooks or testimonials.


Or the images on the sales website that are professionally invested, increasing the rate decided by the customer’s feelings.

And as this trend continues to grow, rivals that can not deploy will go backward in comparison to you.

With infographics, the high viral content will still be deployed vigorously on the social media platform.

Through infographics, you easily introduce to your brand to your users or the products that you are marketing, which are complementary to the field being mentioned.


Personalized content will continue to have a positive impact on readers and create a positive purchasing effect.

Most people are easy to believe in people like them that have been through the problems that they were experiencing.

From there, build content stories that connect with them and warm up the buying process or lead to a service.

Content Upgrade Tactic (Locked Content)

This is a way to inspire the reader to do an action that you want to be able to read the hidden content they are curious about.

Content upgrade makes it easy to achieve three goals:

  • Build a list email or chatbot: You share the content as unfinished posts, or posts with a title and intro intriguing, making the reader curious to see next step by email or join in chatbot.
  • Popularize free content: You can make your content go viral by asking readers to share on social networks to read more.
  • Easily retarget potential audiences: You can redirect readers to pre-landing or sales page & retarget them by GDN or Facebook Ads by adding Facebook Pixel & Categorize.

Chatbot For Spreading Content

According to myself, Facebook chatbot is now a very effective online marketing tool. It is easy to apply in every corner of the business.

Especially, for those of you having difficulty deploying email marketing, chatbot is a perfect replacement.



So I went through the top 7 content marketing trends in 2020 that you can apply very well. Sometimes you only need to do well 2 – 3 trends so that you can bring perfect results, doing all 7 above trends is not required.

To overcome the enemy, you should be a good chance catcher and always change to fit the trend. Instead of looking at other people to do more and mass and apply then this will encounter many difficulties.

If there is any information in this post that you do not understand, please comment below.

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