TrendBuilder Review – 3-Softwares-In-1 Automate Everything Including Built-In Free Traffic


Hundreds of startups dream of building a brand known and used by hundreds of millions of people every day. So how do you promote your brand? Do you use GIF images for your business? If the answer is not yet – I am sad to say that you are ignoring a crazy money opportunity. Did you know that GIF images are increasingly dominating online? It is like a money machine for businesses.

But to make a profit with GIF is not easy. It was this that inspired a tool to come out and today I will share details about this tool in my TrendBuilder review. It will help you increase leads and traffic in a dizzying way.

TrendBuilder Review – Overview


  1. Homepage: TrendBuilder Official Site
  2. Product name: TrendBuilder (ProfitStream)
  3. Vendor: Gee Sanghera et al
  4. Front-end price: $27
  5. Release Date: 2019-Jan-23
  6. Release Time: 10:00 EST
  7. Recommended: Very High
  8. Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  9. Support: Friendly and Effective
  10. Bonuses: On my review
  11. Refund: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

TrendBuilder Review – What is it?


TrendBuilder is a SaaS platform with one simple goal: to allow you to make massive profits. Perfect for both beginners looking for their 1st dollars online and experienced marketers after multiple hands-free income streams.

The software creates highly engaging, passively monetized pages. These pages are auto-posted across top social platforms… and The creators include their proven Trafficbuilder software so each page gets maximum free traffic for more revenue-generating ad clicks & offer views – this is where the real magic happens.

In short, TrendBuilder leverages the RENEWED excitement in GIFs to bring you a whole new world of passive online income…

Faster & easier than ANY other method. GIFs get clicks. TrendBuilder turns those clicks into 100% passive income on monetized pages the system builds for you.

Sometimes, old is just old. Once in a while… old is BETTER. And this kind of old is the best way ever to make new passive profits! Don’t believe me? Let’s check out the next parts of this TrendBuilder Review as I’ll reveal all about it.

About the Creator


TrendBuilder was created by Gee Sanghera and his partner Ben Carroll. Gee Sanghera is a renowned vendor on the infamous Jvzoo. With a solid background in the marketing field as well as years of experience as a software developer; up to now, he has launched several amazing products, many of which quickly became hit.

He and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years, such as EasyStores, TrafficBuilder 2.0, InstaEngage 2.0, etc. Judging by Gee’s prior successes, I believe that TrendBuilder is going to dominate the entire market in a near future. Now, let’s look at the next part of this TrendBuilder Review and find out its features.

What Are the Features of TrendBuilder?

TrendBuilder gives you a lot of powerful features. I will list them in the most detailed way for you to understand more about it

  • GIF search engine

TrendBuilder will find trends and GIFs in all niches in the market. You only take a few seconds to do this. It will save a lot of time for you.

  • DFY money pages

These DFY money-making sites have a very high conversion rate. They will provide you with excellent DFY pages. You just need to edit it as you like

  • 100% free storage

Your web pages will be hosted on your server. You will no longer have to pay monthly storage fees. I see with this feature you can save hundreds of dollars.

  • Automatically post

This feature is really great. All your posts will be automatically posted to the hottest social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by TrendBuilder.

  • Domain support

You will be given domain names for your site. You just need to copy and paste them or you can edit them to suit your business.

  • TrafficBuilder software

This software has a quite expensive market price. But when you buy TrendBuilder, it will be completely free.

TrafficBuilder will help you drive unlimited traffic to your website and convert it into sales.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


TrendBuilder Review – How Does It Work?

TrendBuilder is extremely user-friendly software. It works with 3 basic steps below:

Step 1: You just need to log in to the software then it will automatically search for the hottest GIF trend in the market.

Login to this app:


Here is main TrendBuilder dashboard:


Step 2: Start building money pages and customize the money making options for you

There are 2 modules in this step:

Module 1 – Creation Process:

Create Library: I put my campaign name as “WilliamReview Campaign”:


Search GIFs: I choose the keyword ” make money online 2019″, then click “Search” button, and you will see my result below:



Now you can save any GIFs you like to your campaign:


View Libraries: Here you can see all of your campaigns:


I choose the Campaign “WilliamReview Campaign” I have created before, and here is my result:


Module 2 – Page Management:

Build Your Monetised Page: I put my monetized campaign with the name ” WilliamReview Campaign 2″:


Customize Advertisements:  Fill your banner URL and banner location URL:


And my money page will be created:step2h


>>>Click here to see my demo page<<<

Step 3: The software will automatically drive traffic from social networking sites then scale your results with TrafficBuilder software.

The TrafficBuilder software is included allow you drive tons of free traffic from Reddit, let’s me try it for you.

The fisrt, you must create your campaign: Fill your campaign name and your URL you want to post it to Reddit:


The next, you must choose your campaign type:


And the last, let’s choose your campaign strength :


And your campaign is completed:


See Some Examples Of Money Pages Created By TrendBuilder


Viral content combine the best attention-grabbing elements of all forms of content







TrendBuilder Review – Why should you buy it?

It’s simple! Let’s take a minute to recap 3 Part Platform For Winning Results!

1st: The ENGAGEMENT Engine – for this we use GIFs. Why?

GIFs are the ideal combination of images, animation and text… which massively increase attention, engagement and click-through rates

The average social media user’s attention span is now less than 8 seconds – GIFs are PERFECT because they run between 2 & 6 seconds, then repeat

According to, “GIFs are leading the way to a world where VISUALS are the main tool of communication online”

They’re INSANELY popular – 300 million DAILY Giphy users share 2.5 BILLION GIFs per day – while Google Trends show interest for GIFs has been rising dynamically for 5+ years

GIFs AUTOPLAY on mobile, so users get maximum engagement from the fastest growing segment of online traffic

TrendBuilder lets users legally leverage OTHER people’s GIFs for personal profit… They generate passive income without creating any content – and we KNOW everyone loves that!

2nd: The MONEY Pages With Hosting INCLUDED

Once a user chooses a GIF, the software automatically and dynamically builds a MONEY page that includes the GIF AND built-in, passive monetization.

Users can monetize with AdSense, Amazon Ads, CPA and more … Each page is built on-the-fly and then hosted on our PREMIUM servers – so there’s ZERO maintenance cost for the user.

Custom domains are supported so people can use their own domains if they prefer.

3rd: Award-Winning TrafficBuilder Integration For 100% Free AUTOMATED Traffic

To explode your results they’ve integrated the Award-Winning TrafficBuilder software on the Front-End making this an A-Z passive profit solution With TrafficBuilder you get virtually UNLIMITED free & targeted traffic – For 24/7 page visits, clicks & profits

As a nice added bonus, TrendBuilder AUTO-POSTS each GIF and/or money page to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for maximum organic reach, free traffic & engagement – audiences on these specific platforms LOVE GIFs.


Pros and Cons


  • 2-Softwares-In-1 automate BOTH passive income and free traffic
  • The only tool of it’s kind
  • Self-updating 24/7
  • Use new “LIVE” technology
  • Included is our one of a kind, proprietary TrafficBuilder software
  • Gets 100% proven results
  • Software that actually works
  • Stacks of verifiable proof inside from users of ALL backgrounds
  • Perfect for both beginners AND experienced marketers after MULTIPLE income streams


  • In default version, you have only 30 campaigns. If you want to unlimited campaign, you need purchase upgrade version.

In addition, you will be getting tons the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action


Personal experience

What comes 1st – the traffic or the profits? Some marketers believe traffic is the most important part of online profits. Other marketers believe that monetization is more important. They’re BOTH right.

  • Without traffic, any online campaign is dead in the water.
  • Without effective monetization … all the traffic in the world won’t matter

Gee Sanghera & Ben Carroll are 2 widely respected experts in terms of online traffic and income generation. Most recently they’ve turned their efforts into exploiting the internet for hands-free profits. TrendBuilder is their most EFFECTIVE tool that lets anyone cash in online.

Here’s how:

  • The software lets you easily find top-trending, VIRAL GIFs that generate more clicks than any other form of content
  • Next, the software builds you customizable, 100% passively monetized pages that turn those GIFs into profit machines – you can bank with AdSense, Amazon Ads, CPA/Affiliate promos – or any combination
  • THEN the included TrafficBuilder software lets you send unlimited traffic at ZERO COST to every one of your passive profit pages

On top of that:

Each and every one of your pages is hosted FOR you on premium servers – so there’s no ongoing cost or maintenance required. You get PREMIUM, step by step training on how to leverage the system for maximum profit.

There are a LOT of systems out there promising so-called passive profits. Sadly, when you dig inside, you’ll find most of them require a LOT of work upfront and further ongoing maintenance.

TrendBuilder is different. A 3-step setup is all you’ll need to crack into consistent passive income online.

Here are some result of beta testers like me when using this product:



Start your Free

Evaluation and Price

TrendBuilder has a sale price on the launch date of $27. But its price will change after some days. So I suggest you should get it immediately.

TrendBuilder has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

– Front-end: TrendBuilder 30 Campaign License ($27) (See Details)

  • SaaS platform
  • Users can instantly search and find top trending GIFs in any niche
  • DFY money pages – each page includes selected GIF & multiple monetization methods, customizable by user.
  • AUTO POSTING of each page / GIF across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for FREE organic traffic
  • HOSTING INCLUDED – every money page is hosted on our own premium servers, saving users $100s per year
  • Award-winning, TRAFFIC BUILDER software included – to get even MORE free traffic to each money page
  • Dedicated & fanatical customer support

– OTO 1: Unlimited Version ($47) (See Details)

  • All features of the front end, with NO LIMITS on how many campaigns they run
  • INCLUDES premium hosting for as many campaign pages as they launch
  • PERFECT for those wanting an ‘all-in-one’ profit solution or marketers after multiple income streams.

– OTO 2: Pro Upgrade ($47) (See Details)

Advanced Pro Features Include:

  • Pro Feature No.1: Advanced, Built-In Graphics Designer
  • Pro Feature No.2: Ability To Easily Include retargeting pixels
  • Pro Feature No.3: Advanced Auto-Posting For MORE Free Traffic
  • Pro Feature No.4: Built-In Link Cloaker
  • Pro Feature No.5: Advanced Analytics

– OTO 3: DFY Upgrade ($67) (See Details)

A huge 25,000+ DFY selection of the most viral and high-value gifs (and growing) in 25 different niches. This will continually grow even into the 100,000+ mark.

Niches include:

  • Actions
  • Adjectives
  • Animals
  • Anime
  • Art & Design
  • Cartoons & Comics
  • Celebrities
  • Decades
  • Emotions
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Drink
  • Gaming
  • Holidays
  • Holidays
  • Interests
  • Memes
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Nature
  • News & Politics
  • Reactions
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Stickers
  • Transportation
  • TV

I recommend that you consider these channels most seriously. You can go to their sales page to learn more about them.


TrendBuilder is really a product that I think you should catch for the highest passive profit. If you miss this product, I’m afraid you will find it difficult to find software similar to this.

What’s more, I want to send my grateful thoughts to those who have patiently followed my TrendBuilder Review until the end. Although I have no idea whether this is precise or not because of my personal opinions, I truly hope that you can get something useful. Let me know if you have any concern. Goodbye!

Quickly catch it and experience it immediately by pressing the button below to get a copy of it.















  • The NEW shortcut for automated commissions in 2019
  • ZERO experience or skills needed … you can do this even without a website!
  • 3-Softwares-In-1 automate everything including built-in free traffic
  • STOP paying for autoresponders, hosting or paid ads … and forget wasting time on product or video creation
  • Stacks of verifiable proof inside from users of ALL backgrounds
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