TXTVideo 2.0 Review – Texting-Style Videos To Bloom Your Video Marketing On Top

TXTVideo 2.0 Review

As you may know, video is the surest shortcut to grab more social media & search engine traffic.

Nowadays, Facebook & Instagram get billions of video views per day. Such a goldmine to engage your promo campaigns and generate promising results.

Plus, more than 82% of your viewers usually watch a video without sound as they race through their news feed.

In order to stand out, attract views & get clicks to your offers, you need to say it with words in your videos.

And if you are thinking that I’m talking about an old technology that inserts lame texts to illustrate videos, I must say it is not.

TXTVideo 2.0 will uniquely turn social scrollers into buyers thanks to pre-existing SMS video templates.

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with TXTVideo 2.0.

TXTVideo 2.0 Review – Overview


Product name TXTVideo 2.0
Vendor Jamie Ohler
Front-end price $37
Homepage https://secure.txtvideo.com/mainoffer
Release Date 2020-Oct-11
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Niche Video
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 600 Bonuses Value At $250,770
Refund 15 Day Money Back Guarantee  

TXTVideo 2.0 Review – What is it?

TXTVideo 2.0 is a creative video marketing tool that helps you build text dialogue-showing videos to immediately captivate your audience and naturally promote your campaigns.


About Creator


TXTVideo 2.0 is launched by Jamie Ohler, Simon Warner, and Lee Pennington.

Lee and Jamie are colleagues in the DropMock team which is responsible for building high-converting video tools: Video Deck, DropMock Video, DropMock Scene Creator, TXTVideo Direct, etc.

While Simon is also a famous sales executive for extraordinary releases: PR Rage 2.0, Mailvio, UltraSuite, SociSend, Marketing Summit Videos Vault, AthenaSuite, BotEngage, Funnelvio, and more.

This would be innovative and draw the crowds so do not be left out. Scroll down my TXTVideo 2.0 review and enjoy.

What Are the Features of TXTVideo 2.0?

After purchasing TXTVideo 2.0 you can take advantage of these:

Cloud-Based Software

Nothing to download or install. Access your account from anywhere. Work from home, from the bed, from the beach – wherever!

Scripts To Create Videos Instantly

No matter what your business is, you can start creating right away with their pre-made conversation templates.

Swap out the details to make them your own, and you have a video that’s ready to go in minutes.


Add Images

This displays just like your phone to make the video more realistic.


Show Link Previews

Link abstraction: add any link to TxtVideos and the app displays the website info within your video.


Preview Your Work

Get everything perfect before you download and launch your video. Save time and avoid the headaches of having to redo everything after you’ve rendered your work.

Superfast Rendering

No more waiting forever for your videos to finish rendering.

Mega-fast speeds ensure your videos are ready in a flash, so you don’t have to worry about your video masterpiece timing out.

Ultra-Realistic Videos

Customize your texts so they look EXACTLY like looking at a conversation on a real phone screen. You can add:

  • Personal images
  • Signal strength
  • Wi-Fi strength
  • Battery life
  • Time
  • Mobile provider
  • And more!

MP4 Download Format

Create your videos in MP4 so they’re easy to upload, share, and play on any platform and any device.


Multiple Language Support

Create TxtVideos in your language, for your audience. Just like you would on your own phone.


Add Emojis

Emojis – what would a TxtVideo look like without them?


Upload GIFs

Upload GIFs directly to your videos.


Edit Your Text & Your Feelings

In TXTVideo 2.0, you can simulate the deleting and re-writing of messages for a more authentic look and feel.

Brand New Text Messaging App Skins

Select from iMessage or Facebook messenger.


Exclusive Access To The Private Txtvideo Facebook Group

Become part of the TxtVideo family. Celebrate your wins, share with marketing friends, get a ton of new ideas for your business – and ongoing training & Facebook LIVES from the BEST!

A FREE Commercial License At No Extra Cost

When you purchase TXTVideo 2.0 on this offer, you’ll get a commercial license included. No upgrade needed!

Start creating and selling your videos for profit to make an instant return on your purchase.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work?

Using TXTVideo 2.0 is as easy as ABC:

  • Step 1: Log In To The TXTVideo 2.0 Dashboard


  • Step 2: Add A Name To The New Chat


  • Step 3: Edit Texts As Desired


  • Step 4: Adjust Other Settings & Save Your Work



TXTVideo 2.0 Review Is it worth buying?

TXTVideo 2.0 maximizes your conversions with powerful messages to drive clicks and convince viewers to take action.

Video has been, and continues to be, the king of both online traffic and conversions.

Creating videos has always been a massive challenge for marketers, and Videosly removes this challenge.


People usually stay alert with so-called commercial video ads, but feel comfortable and curious to discover private conversations of other people.

This is the trick to have them willingly stop and watch your promo videos and they are likely to believe intimate advice so it easily leads to instant action.

I consider this a brilliant strategy with no flaw at all unlike those hyped-up advertisings out there that make customers run miles away.

There’s never been a video creation platform as easy as TXTVideo 2.0.

Video traffic and conversions made so simple that it feels like cheating.

Get everything now for less or pay much more later. You know what to do.


What People Say About TXTVideo 2.0

Compliments for TXTVideo 2.0 are countless:

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Who Should Use It?

Generally, TXTVideo 2.0 is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business

Pros and Cons


One-Of-A-Kind Video Marketing Platform For Any Campaign & Business

Drag More Attention With Real-Time Text Message Conversation Videos

Effortlessly Sell More Of Your Products & Services Than Ever Before 

No Installation, High-Priced Designers, Complicated Tasks Or Anything

✅ 15 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


TXTVideo 2.0 has 1 Front-end & 3 OTOs:

Front-end: TXTVideo 2.0 ($57-$67) (See Details)


Option 1: Personal ($35-$65) (See Details)
Option 2: Commercial ($37-$67) (See Details)
  • Lifetime access to TXTVideo 2.0 software
  • Access to two skins (Facebook and iPhone/iMessage)
  • With new five niche-specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • With three bubble backgrounds that can be used instantly and make the conversation more lively and engaging
  • Ability to add image and gif
  • Ability to add emoji
  • Profile customization – person’s image, signal strength, Wifi strength, Battery Life, Clock & Mobile Provider
  • Create up to 60 seconds of video
  • Conversation speed selector
  • Dynamic typing and message deletion and replacement
  • Font size selector
  • MP4 video download
  • Preview – Check your work before you render (create a video). Save time & headaches of having to redo work after you render
  • Superfast rendering times
  • Access to exclusive FB group
  • Full support by dedicated and praised support team

OTO1: TXTVideo 2.0 Elite ($37/Month-$297/Year) (See Details)

Option 1: Monthly Plan ($27/Month-$37/Month) (See Details)
Option 2: Yearly Plan ($197/Year-$297/Year) (See Details)
  • Unlock more and more pre-made specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • Unlock more bubble backgrounds instantly
  • Access brand new niche scripts delivered monthly
  • Access brand new bubble backgrounds delivered monthly
  • Ability to create – 180 seconds video
  • Can add unlimited images
  • Can add unlimited gifs
  • Can add unlimited emojis
  • Ability to add video to the conversation
  • Ability to add Voice Messages
  • MP4 and GIF video download
  • Monthly TXTVideo 2.0 Creation Contest
  • With the possibility of adding new skins per quarter
  • Ability to have group conversation

OTO2: TXTVideo 2.0 Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds ($97) (See Details)

With this 1st EVER Custom Personalized Video Background you can even go to your local dentist, chiropractor, florist, or any small business and film them holding a phone and texting then upload it to your account and create a custom personalized video with your customer as the STAR of the video.

Instantly position your company as a leader in video marketing.

OTO3: TXTVideo 2.0 Extensive Business Toolkit and Bootcamp Training ($67) (See Details)

  • Three-day session on how to Monetize with TXTVideo 2.0
  • TXTVideo 2.0 Associations FREE downloadable PDF
  • Certified TXTVideo 2.0 Expert Document Signed
  • Additional seven niches script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Apparel, Lawyer, Real Estate)
  • Persuasive proposals that land the project
  • Done-for-you quote sheets
  • Bulletproof contracts and agreements
  • Get paid faster with invoice sheets
  • TXTVideo 2.0 Email Scripts
  • TXTVideo 2.0 Phone Scripts
  • Client Getting Toolkit
  • Newly Acquired Client Kit
  • Payment Emails Kit
  • Save The Sale Kit
  • Additional five bubble backgrounds


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TXTVideo 2.0 sounds like it’s exactly what my business needs to grow – but I’d like to think about it more. Can I buy TXTVideo 2.0 later?
    You can buy TXTVideo 2.0 after this special offer ends, but the price will be much higher. Plus, once this offer expires you’ll need to sign up on a recurring monthly subscription basis.
    Buying now with this low one-time fee means you only ever have to pay for TXTVideo 2.0 once and it’s yours for life. You’ll save money and get a faster return on your investment.
  • I have an agency and I’d love to sell TXTVideo 2.0 as a service. Is this okay?
    During this limited time offer, they’ll give you a commercial license enabling you to sell TxtVideos as a service at NO extra cost.
    Once this offer ends, you’ll need to pay more for an extra licensing fee to upgrade TXTVideo 2.0 for commercial use.
  • I’m worried this TXTVideo 2.0 might not get me the results I’m looking for. Is there a refund policy?
    TXTVideo 2.0 is used by thousands of customers who are seeing amazing growth in their business and revenue. They’re so confident that you’ll find the same success that they have a 15-day money-back guarantee.
    Try out all the amazing TXTVideo 2.0 features for 15 days, and if you’re not totally thrilled with your purchase, they’ll refund you in full. No questions asked!
  • I’m a video newbie. What happens if I can’t figure out how to use the TXTVideo 2.0 software, or I get stuck?
    Their customer service gets constant praise from TxtVideo users for being fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. Support is always on hand to help answer your questions or troubleshoot any problems.You can even contact support directly through the chat feature in your TXTVideo 2.0 account.
  • This TXTVideo 2.0 product and pricing seem way too good to be true! Are there any hidden costs?
    TXTVideo and the DropMock brand are trusted by over 20,000 customers who appreciate their honesty and transparent business ethics.
    But I get it – there’s a lot of shady offers out there!
    What you see on this page is exactly what you get. That’s why their loyal customers come back time and time again to buy their new products – and tell their friends!


Secure your access to TXTVideo 2.0 now and it guarantees your satisfaction.

I hope that in my TXTVideo 2.0 review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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And Special Bonuses From Me For You To Grow Your Online Marketing (Mega 600 Bonuses Value At $250,770)

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BONUS #10 Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Bootcamp (Value $979)




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50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 7 Bonus 301 – 350 (Value At $21,302) (See Details)

50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 8 Bonus 351 – 400 (Value At $21,852) (See Details)

50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 9 Bonus 401 – 450 (Value At $17,485) (See Details)

50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 10 Bonus 451 – 500 (Value At $25,896) (See Details)

50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 11 Bonus 501 – 550 (Value At $29,607) (See Details)

50 Special Bonuses Updated – Package 12 Bonus 551 – 600 (Value At $13,067) (See Details)

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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TXTVideo 2.0













  • One-Of-A-Kind Video Marketing Platform For Any Campaign & Business
  • Drag More Attention With Real-Time Text Message Conversation Videos
  • Effortlessly Sell More Of Your Products & Services Than Ever Before 
  • No Installation, High-Priced Designers, Complicated Tasks Or Anything
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
5/5 (5 Reviews)
5/5 (5 Reviews)
5/5 (5 Reviews)
5/5 (5 Reviews)


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