How to Use BackupBuddy to Automatically Back Up Data


Think about the following situation: You have built a large amount of content for your website. And it is bringing you $1000/month.

However, a certain incident occurs, such as the hosting/VPS you use is dead, the provider has a problem with the machine, or you accidentally messed up some important files, then the website stopped working.


And you suddenly startled, you don’t have any website backup to recover.

This heart-attack problem has already happened many times with many people.

They took months to build a website and it is generating a good income. But just because there is no backup, every effort dump the river.

In addition to building and developing the website properly, the stage of backing up and recovering data is extremely important.

This work seems to be quite complicated and only for those who master the server administration and database. Many newbies or less experienced people are afraid to touch backup or server data.

In this article, I will help you to backup data easily by using BackupBuddy plugin – a powerful assistant in setting up website backup and recovery.

Why Should We Use BackupBuddy Plugin?

BackupBuddy is a one-time plugin that I am using.

This is a plugin that can be said to be the most popular in the current market. If you are looking for a backup plugin, many experts recommend using BackupBuddy.

The price of this plugin is quite expensive, so you can buy an unlimited version to share with friends and relatives to save costs. If you do not use much, buy the 50-site one.

While expensive, but compared to manually backing up or using free plugins, the investment is worth with a lot of advanced features.

You just need to install it on the website and set up and you won’t need to worry about losing data anymore. Everything is completely automatical.

With a website that only has a few or a dozen posts, it can be rebuilt in a few days. However, when you have a few dozen contents, then surely, once the incident occurs, you don’t want to cry because of data loss.

Those who just made a website can backup manually when you are free, no need to use a paid plugin.

Here are the basic features that BackupBuddy can help you with:

  • Back up all your website data.
  • Set up automatic backup by a certain time period.
  • Download or send backup files to other places such as Google Drive
  • Recover with easy operations.

Other Features of BackupBuddy

In addition to the above features, BackupBuddy also supports you with other advanced features such as:

  • Real-time Backup: Requires you to use Stash Live data store of BackupBuddy (6GB for free & pay for additional usage).

  • Custom Backup: You can back up full, usually this is enough. However, you can also back up only database, or just themes, plugins, media… or any custom file.

  • Store Backup Files Everywhere: In addition to Drive is a popular choice, you can also store backup files in other services. Some of the names you can hear are Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace, etc. Or you can send it directly to another server via FTP or sFTP.

  • Scan Malicious Code For Your Website: This is a nice feature that BackupBuddy can do for your website. Although they have a separate plugin, iThemes Security Pro is more dedicated. But they still integrate malicious code scanning technology into BackupBuddy.

Operation Process With BackupBuddy

I emphasize, this is a super easy-to-use plugin, you don’t need to know any server skills. The steps are as follows:

  • Install Backupbuddy to the WordPress site.
  • Backup if you want, the backup file will be stored on your host and you can download it to your computer.
  • I recommend you link with Google Drive so that the system automatically uploads backup files to save the host’s capacity. You can also use Amazon S3 or Dropbox.
  • Set a schedule for an automatic backup system, no manual work required. I set every 6 hours.

That’s it, whenever you need to recover, just follow the simple and available instructions.

Is It Difficult to Recover The Backup File?

This work is quite easy, BackupBuddy has guided you through the following 3 steps:

Simpler with Rollback Feature

There are many cases where you do not need to restore the website on a new server.

For example, I had a backup at 6 am, to 8 am I accidentally deleted 1 file in themes, or 9 am I installed the wrong plugin and got a malicious code for example.

Now I can rollback the data at 6am:

  • If you lose data, you can restore files
  • If there is an error in the database, you can rollback the database

How Do I Back Up Data Automatically?

Here is my automatic backup setup:

  • Time: Automatically back up every 6 hours
  • Backup Mode: Full backup
  • Storage Place: Google Drive
  • More Options: Delete backup files on the server after they have been successfully uploaded to Drive

Should We Buy Pirated BackupBuddy?

BackupBuddy is a very expensive plugin, so there are many places to sell you cheaply. But I recommend you:

If your site is still small, backing up manually is fine, you don’t need BackupBuddy. Every 2-3 days, go to hosting and manually download files and database to the computer and store them.

If you want to buy BackupBuddy at a cheap price, I recommend buying a 50-site version or unlimited version with your relatives. For example, there are 10 people, each person just has to pay $20 to get an unlimited lifetime version. And 10 users only. The more you share, the higher chance to be easily locked license.


Absolutely, do not buy BackupBuddy from sources that you do not know who the seller is. Because they may insert malicious scripts into the plugin. For example, if your website is small, your website will be abused or attacked.

By then you will have to spend a lot of money to hire experts to remove malware for you.

Being attacked after using pirated plugins or themes for a while is very common. So if you do not use it, just work hard and be safe. But if you buy it, you will only give money to those who are close and trustworthy.

Or if you have a site that generates a lot of money, the investment for it is good which is respecting the grayness of BackupBuddy team.


When your website has developed for a while, data is something that you need to pay special attention to.

Maybe one beautiful day, one of these 6 issues will be right next to you:

Backup is an extremely important next skill that I think you must master right away when planning to build a website, and have a commercial purpose to earn income on that website.

That said is skill, but almost BackupBuddy doesn’t ask for you too much, just need to follow the instructions.

If there are difficulties or problems during the backup of the website, leave a comment. I will support in the shortest time.

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