Use Cloudflare to Speed Up Your Website For Free


What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is the largest Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the world today. That is, Cloudflare will take part in downloading instead of your hosting.

An astonishing number is 10% of the total web downloads in the world are handled by Cloudflare.

As its name suggests, Cloudflare’s data centers spread all over the world. Let’s find out how to use Cloudflare to speed up your website for free.

For example, in 1 month, Cloudflare can bear approximately 800GB of bandwidth instead of hosting to do it.

In addition, Cloudflare has many other advanced features such as:

  • DDOS protection, website protection firewall creation.
  • Provide free SSL.
  • Stream Video.
  • Provide applications that add features to your website.

Add Your Website to Cloudflare

This is done very simply with 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Add your domain to Cloudflare

  • Step 2: Point the DNS from the domain provider to Cloudflare

Your domain is being stored at a provider, so you enter the domain management interface at that provider to point nameservers offline.

You will receive an email notifying you of the following success:

From here, every time you need to point IP, CNAME, MX or any type of DNS, you manipulate in Cloudflare, not in domain management.

You can use Cloudflare for free. If there is a lot of traffic, you can consider upgrading to a $20/month package.

Free SSL Setup With Cloudflare

I recommend that you use paid SSL, it’s better. However, if you do not have enough budget, use SSL for free from Cloudflare.

Install A Free SSL Certificate From Let’s Encrypt On Hosting

Speed Up The Website

You need to enable CSS, HTML, and JavaScript compression:

Next, if your website has finished installing SSL, turn on Brotli feature:

That’s it, just leave other settings as default.

Explain Areas of Cloudflare

If you want to learn more about Cloudflare, I will explain the role of its areas.

  • Overview: Review the status of your website operation, switch usage packages
  • Analytics: After installing Cloudflare for a while, you can access this area to view data such as Bandwidth, traffic, hazards, geographic statistics, performance security, …
  • DNS: Domain name’s DNS management.
  • Crypto: Free SSL setup
  • Firewall: Turn on/off the firewall, if the website is still small, there is no need to use it. If you turn on, you can track which IP is questioned and block that IP from accessing your website.
  • Access: Authorize a group of people to access an amount of internal content. You also don’t need to use it.
  • Speed: Set up acceleration features for the website as I instructed above, Pro package has some other features like Polish or Mirage. If you want to use it, just turn it on.
  • Caching: Cache management, you can leave it as default. If you want to delete the cache to edit something, just click Purge Everything. You can also set how long the cache will expire.
  • Workers: JavaScript running on Cloudflare’s 150+ data centers reduces page loading speed. Only for those who know JavaScript. You should not use it, and it also costs more to use.
  • Page Rules: Create rules for each page. For example, if you want settings that do not apply to any pages, or which pages do not need security,…
  • Networks: Manage network related issues. Leave it as default.
  • Traffic: You need to buy these services to use. For example, Argo will help your website reduce the connection error rate, or Load Balancing will create backup data. You don’t need it at the beginning.
  • Stream: If you upload videos straight to the website, you can use this feature to reduce the load for hosting. Price is $1 for 1000 minutes of viewing.
  • Custom Page: Edit the content for error pages, only in the Pro package.
  • Apps: Integrating 3rd party applications, giving your website more features. But I do not use because there are other better plugins and tools. Or these apps all have their own version for WordPress.
  • Scrape Shield: Protect your content, such as tampering with email addresses in your content, or automatically hiding content for suspicious access. This item is left to default.

Use Additional Caching Plugin

To improve the speed of your website, you should install an additional caching plugin such as:

These plugins all have integration with Cloudflare, just enter the API Key of the Cloudflare:

The API key of Cloudflare can be found in My Profiles -> Global API Keys.

Instal Cloudflare Now

So, I showed you how to use Cloudflare to speed up the website. Everything is easy and free so you can do it right now.

You will see that the page loading speed is improved immediately after the setup is completed.

If anything is not clear in this article, please leave a comment below.

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