Use Different Themes For Page Or Post

Use your own themes to make the article stand out

Have you ever wanted to make a difference to your blog using multiple themes at the same time? You have probably seen this function several times in some major information sites such as Foodnetwork, Cnn. If you ever wanted to apply that functionality to your WordPress blog, now it is the time to read it.

Of course, if you are familiar with the features of WordPress then you can use the Custom Post Template feature for deployment. But to do so, at least you have to understand the structure of the theme and use this feature can be easily achieved. But regardless of the angle and the level, we always want to simplify it to make it easier to do, and you can do it easily. You do not believe? Download the Headspace2 SEO plugin now and activate it.

HeadSpace2 SEO is a plugin that supports article SEO by customizing its own content independently (using javascript and css files). But here we will use a small feature in its featured features to create a function that uses a different interface for each article.

Activate the Page-specific Theme module

As I said before, this plugin supports a lot of different features and we will use a feature included in it to use a dedicated interface for posts, in HeadSpace2 SEO it is called Page -specific theme and you can activate it by going to Setting  HeadSpace  Page  Modules

Headspace2 SEO

After this, you look down to see the frame is Disabled and at the bottom of the frame it has a module named Page-specific Theme, now drag it to the Simple green frame above.


Then, now the next step is to post a new post, look down to see the input frame of Headspace SEO information, you will see the selection of themes for the article there.

Headspace2 SEO 1

Similarly, you create new Pages and also customize so if you want to use another theme for that page. Then, save it and see the results.


If your original themes use complex menu bars, there may be some errors when using the second theme in the article because of the menu conflict. Then you need the second theme and revise the menu display code to match the original theme.

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