Use Social Bookmarking Effectively

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is the marking (or saving) or sharing of websites on social networks for their own purposes. Almost all social networks have a function to help you bookmark or store content like this.

The effect of bookmarking websites depends on the purpose of each person. For a non-business, this bookmark is to store content on the site or to share content or social network for others to see. For the business people, merchandise, services, … In addition to the above benefits, Social Bookmarking can help increase blog traffic, push keyword rankings for websites, search for customers, raise high brand, …

And this article I wrote also only for those who use Social Bookmarking for business.


The Importance of Social Bookmarking

For example, if you post an article to Facebook, your readers will read it, or if you spend more money to get more traffic, specifically, you use Facebook Ads, your website will have more and more traffic. The reader can see or even share your content to another place.


So Social Bookmarking is a place that gives you many opportunities, such as:

  • SEO – Increase keyword rankings (Please next section for more details)
  • Promote your site, content
  • Collect useful information
  • Increase quality visits
  • Make quality backlinks, faster website indexed
  • Branding, increasing the ability to connect with readers
  • Go Viral: If your content is good, there will be a lot of people sharing
  • Cost savings
  • Make more money

Why Social Bookmarking Affects SEO?

Anyone can use the online bookmarking services, someone reading websites, have any information or can use the site that has the bookmark feature to save the link, share the article, or can share with others.

So Google’s algorithm can be based on the characteristics and behavior of a bookmark of a site to help that site index, ranking the keyword on the search results. You can rely on this feature to help your website indexed faster and better rankings.


Synthesis 20 Good Social Bookmarking Websites

Here are 20 popular social networking sites that apply Social Bookmarking very well:

Is Social Bookmarking Good Your Website?

Using Social Bookmarking not only helps you find customers, it also boosts the number of potential customers to your website, and buy or use your services, or simply boost the keyword rankings for your website.


Here are some tips to help you use Social Bookmarking effectively for your website:

  • Build quality content, content targeted to your customers (MUST HAVE)
  • Each post must be unique (no repeat).
  • The title, description of the website display just enough on the social network, highlight the main issue of the content.
  • Post new posts in different social networks, for example, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest,…
  • Interact with other posts that have the same field as yours (to find partners, learn from better people, …)
  • Combine some of the features that increase social interaction on your website, such as Like or Share buttons…

Some Mistakes When Using Social Bookmarking

The role of Social Bookmarking is very large, there are many social networking developers such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, … with a large number of users. And business will definitely emerge and if there is a community, you can take advantage of these advantages. There are, however, no shortages of using Social Bookmarking mistakes and cannot be exploited to optimize its potential.

  • Using caption, title and description does not attract readers. Many people have the content, the quality of posts is quite good, but when posted to social networks are too sketchy, not attracted to the people see. This leads to a very low CTR.
  • Spam: Spamming on social networks, posting too much of the same content in many places or social networks can lead to many bad cases. For example, your brand loses credibility, Google notices you, even worst of all, social networking will block your site’s link.
  • Do not select directories or select directories that are not related to bookmark content. There are many social sites that allow you to select directories for content you post. Remember that from these simple operations you will probably get many customers as they search for content related to your field. Choose the right directory for your field.
  • Abuse of automated software (will be discussed below).

Social Bookmarking Automatically?

Some of you question whether you should use some tools to post to the social network or not?

There are many tools that assist you to do this, it will save your time. But if you use it incorrectly, it will lead Google to detect and spam. The SEO-ers still feel somewhere there is a ‘zebra algorithm’ from Google hit on spam on social networks like this. However, if you do not abuse, you can still use these tools.


Here are four websites, tools and services that help you automate Social Bookmarking by yourself the best.

Each page has free or limited free trial mode, you can go in and see the details, but keep in mind:

  • Do not post your articles on many social sites at the same time (2-3 pages at a time is reasonable).
  • Spin content (create titles, description or different contents) when posting to every social network site.

Some Other Effective Social Bookmarking Tips

Here are some more tips from the knowledge and experience that I want to share with you in using Social Bookmarking.


  • Create an event that motivates users to share your content on Social. This is a great way to promote your product or brand, making your post more visible to people
  • Update your content regularly to social network, which means that you always create content. This is like you are indirectly telling the customer ‘We are still working and bringing more value to you’.
  • Use the ‘Call-to-Action’ tips through the sharing both on social networks and on your website.
  • Interact with customers if they leave a comment and always gather their comments to do better.

Hope this article has answers to your questions about Social Bookmarking and how to use it to bring high efficiency.

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