Visual Content And Common Forms Of Visual Content


Visual Content is eye-catching content, attracting visual readers. This form of content has a more compact, condensed text, combined with images to convey content that becomes vivid and easy to follow.

Viewers like pictures more than words, prefer to watch than read. Therefore, visual content is always more attractive to viewers than regular content.

See what types of Visual Content are popular and most popular at the moment.

1. Infographic – Visual Content Form Is The Most Preferred

This is the most powerful form of visual content. Because infographic helps readers get quick overview information without making them feel confused or eye pain.

The content is streamlined, coherent, separate stratified to help readers not get bored.


2. Meme/Quote

Meme and Quote are text-based images, this is a new way of transferring content that is spread quickly on social networks.

Meme is funny and entertaining to help readers feel comfortable. In the meantime, Quote is a quote that is more deep and concise.

Meme’s and Quote’s common sense is that they touch emotions, directly affect the feelings and moods of readers, making them stop their eyes longer on your content.

3. The Chart Specifies Data

Complex types of data are always the reader’s obsession, making them boring and ignoring that article.

The best way is that content creators should use charts that specify data through charting, drawing tables, and dividing the scientific information layer to make the numbers more accessible.

4. Beautiful Image Branding

Think of the brand image as your own style. Build your brand with a clear personality and show it through unique images.

The content of those images does not necessarily have to be too unique, just the right topic and pops up the brand image.


5. Screenshots

Screenshots are often used to guide features and usage of products to make it easier for readers to read.

In addition, screenshots are also used to show off achievements or positive reviews from previous users. Screenshots are more reliable and easier to see than plain text.

6. Video

It is no coincidence that Facebook prioritizes videos over other forms.

Video is a combination of shapes, letters, sounds and vivid effects, showing different topics.

So this is the form of visual content becoming more and more popular.

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