10 Ways To Increase Effective Interaction In Facebook Advertising 2020

Ways To Increase Effective Interaction In Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are increasingly fierce. When there are too many ads appearing together, the reach is narrowed, the effectiveness of advertising decreases.

William Review will share with you 10 ways to increase effective interaction in Facebook advertising 2019.

1. Select The Golden Time To Post

The number of people online on your social network or your attendees will change according to the time frame. So know how to choose the time of posting with most people online or attend the most.

This gold time depends on who you are targeting. But usually in the following time frames:

– Morning: 7 am or 9 am

– Afternoon: 1 pm or 5 pm

– Evening: 7 pm or 10 pm

2. Use The “Fill In The Blank” Technique

Usually, it is to give a picture and ask people to give their opinion on the image or name a funny image, use emoticons to Vote, choose one of them – like it, like not like it, comment…

This is a fast and effective way to increase interaction. However, to avoid repeating this way too much, your customers will be bored.

3. Invest In An Interesting Article Title

Every day you read a lot – hundreds of different forms of information, so what makes you stop watching. Too simple or repetitive titles will make the reader feel nothing new and they will go over and not stop watching it.

A good title will greatly increase the readability of users. You refer more on Google by keywords: the title of the article is interesting and apply to your product appropriately.

4. Write Well And Enough

Writing will help the readers increase quickly and the interaction will increase as well as writing enough when sharing a certain topic, you need specific feedback for the comment or there is another article attached later to explain to the previous article.

5. Use Attractive, Engaging Or Emotional Images

Images contribute greatly to increase user interaction. Usually, images that increase emotions such as:

– Attractive dish stimulating taste

– The images create the association

– Funny and strange images…

6. Aim For The Right Target Audience

Aiming at the right target audience is targeted and potential customers. If you are a tester, the tools for optimizing online marketing work, but it is very difficult to sell tools that don’t have a clear result.

Therefore, you need to find online marketing tips of experts and those who have used the selling tool you want to sell to share with your customers.

For example: The list of your friends who like to go to school share with them the good words, or the courses you have experienced, experience doing something and so on.

7. Filter Friend Interaction On Facebook Before Sharing

Please actively share from personal Fan page to Facebook because it will help increase the reach for your ads.

However, many business people, or KOLs on Facebook, have very old friends lists. And this list many people no longer care about, no longer see your content posted anymore.

So why don’t we filter interactively to have a better quality list?

To avoid wasting time, you can learn about interactive filtering tools to filter out friends who haven’t been interacting for a long time and cancel automatically.

We will then have plenty of room to connect to new and better friends.

Please do this for 2 – 3 months, your interaction will increase and efficiency will increase significantly.

8. Do Not Post Too Many Post Sales & Set Frequency

This is the fastest way to reduce interaction. And a lot of business people make this mistake.

Change your thinking! Please select the most appropriate level to post. The advice is 1-2 posts/day will be quite appropriate.

The frequency between out-of-stream articles and sales should be at 80-20. That is, 80% of post-rate posts provide useful information, there will be 20% article sales.

9. Please Livestream & Share Extremely Useful Values!

Content is King! And it is always true at the present time! Livestream is a good way to call for action. Attract more views & more attention.

However, you need to build really useful content to increase follow and like Fanpage.

Ways To Increase Effective Interaction In Facebook Advertising - Facebook Livestream

10. Take Seeding Skillfully

Seeding is an indispensable job to promote advertising. Customers often have crowd psychology.

If a lot of people are interested in your product, the first thing people will take is to stop at your ad.

If quality products, good prices, attractive content, the ability to change orders will be very high.

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