What Is Long Tail Keyword And Its Importance In SEO


Long-Tail Keyword is a term quite familiar to those who learn about SEO or the MMO website, the guide also reminds many of this type of keyword. This article will help you new, not have a clear concept of this type of long-term will be mastered, as well as clarify why it is so important.

In the SEO world, experienced SEOers always tell the truth to a new person:“Choose the right keyword set like the middle of the ocean that captures the lighthouse.” And the keyword long to the present time is still “honored” as “lighthouse” when SEOer embarked on SEO strategy for the website.

1. What is Long-Tail Keyword?

Long tail keywords are keywords formed in the form of a phrase consisting of four to five other words that form around the primary keyword, to make it more specific about exactly what is going on in the customer’s mind. When entering the google search box on their search needs. If the language is English, the long tail keyword is a phrase containing 4-5 words. For example: best pomade for thin hair,…


To understand a bit, take the following example, assuming you have a website selling items and items that are men’s shoes/women’s shoes.

At this point, you check yourself using Google Keyword Planner to check the search volume of the word “shoes” or “men’s shoes” is how much a month? Make sure the numbers are extremely “big” right?

But clearly, you both know when you need to find information about shoes you like, where to sell shoes or how many people have used the item. You do not have to Google search box to enter the word “Shoes” and then Enter the right? Because this keyword does not meet the need to purchase, the need to find your purchase information.

And the short-term keyword that huge monthly search is called the keyword Fat Heads (the type of keyword less conversion – conversion rate) is always extremely difficult SEO, I do not think anyone is hard to sit SEO as a keyword from this day to another month. I have talked about this keyword when introducing the types and types of keywords included in SEO in this Full Keyword Research Guide.

When you enter the search box for “basketball men’s shoes” or “where to buy genuine men’s shoes where the price is good” is different, now the results returned by Google will provide for yourself – who searcher correct the information results you need. So, we conducted keyword research to find out exactly which keywords users will perform searches for when referring to their product.

2. The customer’s decision making process

SEO is marketing, so it is important that you understand the psychology/behavior of customers in your purchase. Below I will introduce you to the process from the beginning of the intention to understand the product until the completion of the purchase of an individual took place.

Purchase-Decision-Making-Process (1)

With this summary process, you can see how we are going to do SEO to target the right audience when they are in step 4 of the process, in addition to a total SEO campaign, then There will be other less important stages than you would surround the behavior before or after this number 4 of the customer.

Why? Because when they have a clear intention to purchase, the implementation of search queries using Google Search very specific information they want to know about this product, this service. And at this time, of course, the search query is never a short-term keyword, it includes the “Long-Tail” section after the keyword.

3. How to find and how to SEO a Long-Tail Keyword


Keyword research in the Keyword Research section as you have said a lot, presented very specifically through the three previous articles on Keyword Research. You can find here to learn the following:

  • How to use Google Keyword Planner to find effective keywords
  • Keyword Secrets of Successful SEO Campaigns

The way SEO long tail keywords you think simply, after having in hand the keyword potential, the rest of you are planning to produce quality content that surrounds those keywords and have a good content promotion strategy (SEO Offpage).

I especially emphasize that Quality Content surround the keyword is not a bunch of content. Although Google values web pages with lots of pages and lots of content, the fact that you abuse a long keyword that generates nearly identical content is very important to be careful with Panda and Hummingbird.

After about 10 minutes reading this article, I think you are clearer about this Long keyword in SEO then, there is a problem to exchange more you leave comments below for yourself. I always reply as quickly as possible



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