What Is SEO And How To Earn Money Online With SEO Affiliate Marketing



Not only in affiliate marketing, but also in other types of marketing, such as bloggingadsensepersonal brand buildingservice supply,… SEO is absolutely integral. I would like to present you the following post and hoping you have a concise view of this concept.

Definition of SEO And EMO

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about trying to optimize higher rank in search engines in order to be friendly with Google and provide positively beneficial information for readers.

This work aims at getting your website to the top of Google search. It means when someone searches for a keyword, the most relevant results will appear at the top of a page. For example, the keyword ‘keyword research’ is a phase of SEO. If you search this keyword on Google, the most optimized websites will be showing up on top.

SEO is the work that you manipulate with PC, laptop, website,… and use a lot of data, information resource from the Internet.

The most important thing is, you can definitely earn money online (even with tremendous amounts of money) if you develop and apply your SEO knowledge accurately. Therefore, SEO is not boring, like some people think. SEO brings to you many brilliant things, especially when you earn money online.


What is EMO?

MMO stands for Make Money Online, this name makes you easily imagine the way it works. All you need is just a PC or laptop connected to the Internet, a creative and open-minded head and an enduring spirit.

EMO is also known for these popular and prestigious methods

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sale T-shirt with Teespring Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Youtube Partner
  • Blogging

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I am also pleased to show you one of my typical achievements

The Internet is huge, so your creativity has many chances of earning money online, depends on how well you concentrate on doing it.


SEO & EMO – Inseparable Partners

According to my experience, many professional marketers in marketing online & EMO emanate from SEO when they began with EMO for the very first days.

You may ask me, why do people usually begin with SEO but not others methods like advertising, email marketing,… I tell you this, SEO is a good start point for you to practice your skill and logical thought. SEO will not cost you much in an incipient period but make you tenacious. And tenacity is a vital factor to succeed in earning money online.

There are 6 main jobs that most of the SEOer have to undergo

  • Website Building (you should use WordPress)
  • Keyword Research (search keywords for your SEO area)
  • Content Marketing (your content must be useful for viewers)
  • SEO Onpage (optimize your website to be friendly with search engines)
  • UI/UX Optimization (optimize User Interface and User Experience)
  • Link building (have qualified links connect to your website)

When you understand clearly 6 jobs above, you might be confident to earn easily $1000-$2000 per month. But first, you have to be proficient in applying them


Some EMO Methods that need SEO Skill

Affiliate Marketing is a prestigious and sustainable way to earn money online, especially for newbies. If you start Affiliate Marketing, you will receive important SEO and marketing knowledge.

This way even contributes up to 40% of Amazon’s revenue.

Affiliate means you are marketing someone’s products, which has many methods, such as

  • Making product review blogs
  • Making product introduction and review videos
  • Running Adwords, Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Or any ideas that you could think

Of these above methods, making blogs and videos are the most friendly and simplest methods for newbies in SEO.

Why is it related to SEO? It is quite easy to understand because when you have a review website for a product, you need users to find your website through Google and purchase product through your link that you can receive a commission. So, you have to SEO.

For example, keyword ‘GoPro Hero 5 Review’ has more than 10,000 search traffic per month (sometimes 40,000). This keyword is noticed a lot.

When you search ‘GoPro Hero 5 Review’ on Google, you will see some top result websites

All of these websites have affiliate links that when customers click the links, website owners will receive commission

Google Adsense

To earn money with Google Adsense, you need to build a website and unique and beneficial contents for it. Google will approve your website and allow you to see advertisement banners on it. When visitors click the banners, you will receive money.

Therefore, your website has to be visited as much as possible, and when there is a search requirement related to website’s contents, if your website is on top, it will have traffic and you earn money from Google advertisement.

Earn money blogging

When you have a skill and good knowledge about an area, you definitely make money blogging. There will be loads of readers interested in what you share. So they might come back and become potential customers. Because you have solved their problems.

You should write blogs with all your passion that include friendly interface and constructive information. Especially, if you want everyone to notice your website, you have to know how to advertise a product. Therefore, you need SEO knowledge.

Nowadays, Internet users often tend to require high interaction rate, so this method is very potential in the future.

There are a lot of ways for you to earn money from a blog. They are affiliate, adsense, and product or service advertisement. And even if you have a decent knowledge of SEO and writing ability, you will earn more money than usual.

A good blog contains relevant content and related articles on menu bar that can lead to article ‘Shop’


Become an SEO freelancer

Companies, enterprises need SEOers, desperately. If you rather like safety and need a sustainable job, you can apply forms for companies you want.

SEO is not just a skill, it is becoming an official job. Even some companies have their own SEO departments that you can easily see this news on the Internet.



Product/service advertising

You could completely earn money thanks to your outstanding knowledge about an aspect. Moreover, you will have flexible time to do it for sure.

If you are good at SEO and interested in EMO, you do not have to be employed but self-employed. Be creative, invent your own product and do what you want.


Why Should You Choose SEO First?


You may say ‘I could probably advertise product or website by Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, email marketing,… and do not need SEO’. I agree with you because every marketing method can show its strength if you try your best.

However, with experience whose started EMO and met thousands of people start EMO, I assure you up to 70% newbies get those problems


Limited Investment

Most of EMO newbies are students or graduates, so they might find difficult investing a large number of money in advertising. Besides, advertising does not mean earning money immediately. You have to have time and money to test. More testing, more profitable advertising you find out.


Poor Marketing Online And Practical Computer Skill

Not everyone has a chance to approach a computer for enough time or a person with highest IQ to make the profit right away. Therefore, if you start with difficult ways, you will be depressed and then give up this interesting EMO work.

So, maybe SEO is not the most appropriate method for all aspects, but I believe SEO is a suitable start point for those who want to go further in EMO.

What Skill(s) does SEO Bring You?

I strongly recommend that SEO is the most suitable method for EMO newbies because it is a website advertising method that does not ask for a fee. But I do not mean it will be easy to learn, to do.


These following interesting things of SEO make me assured to tell you this, SEO is very friendly and useful for newbies.


You will know how to optimize a website

With a very strong assistance of WordPress platform, you could build a website yourself, easily, even effortlessly. Besides, your website needs to repair its appearance and content so visitors and Google robots could find it. With SEO, you will know how to optimize a website.

You have an opportunity to practice your writing skill and widen your knowledge

You are a SEOer, not just a writer. Therefore, by using your knowledge of SEO and attraction ability, your writing ability is improved gradually. Moreover, if you work in a particular aspect, you can widen your knowledge about it.

You can create a good marketing platform

This is the thing I like most because now SEO is not linking spamming and a temporarily high top.

To please requirement of Google’s customers, you must skilfully build an excellent interface, increase users’ experience, write good content and understand customers’ psychology.

So you can create a good marketing platform for yourself.


SEO gives you perseverance

To SEO effectively, you should not use a temporary way but a sustainable one. Then, you will understand how necessary perseverance is.
Unlike other kinds of advertising marketing, SEO is suitable for your limited investment, and even when you have good SEO skills and knowledge, you possibly earn investment by other high-level EMO methods.

SEO and EMO complement each other and reach every target customer. They do not ask you to be a genius or have a huge money number, you can do EMO perfectly with just SEO. And once you do it, you positively extract a small number of money for SEO to multiply profit.



I hope through this post, you comprehend what SEO is and the relation between SEO and EMO.

For those who have just started EMO, I hope you could have a proper orientation for your long-term development. For those who have had experience in EMO and SEO, I believe you could do even better in the future.


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