What Is The Genesis Framework? Why Should You Use This WordPress Theme Framework?

You are using the WordPress source code for your website and searching for a theme to install. If you find information on Google you will certainly have tips to use the Genesis Framework. What is the Genesis Framework and why should it be used, the following article will define this type of WordPress Theme Framework and its outstanding advantages.ScreenShot 20171223110242

1. What is WordPress Theme Framework and Genesis Framework?

You know WordPress Theme is an interface for websites using WordPress open source. What is the WordPress Theme Framework? This is a library that you can customize and have many functions to help you create a sub-theme.

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Genesis Framework is a WordPress Theme Framework developed by StudioPress, it is a platform, a library for creating child themes. You can learn to programme and write sub-themes like this.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

And StudioPress developers have created a variety of child themes based on the Genesis Framework. Why is Genesis so popular all over the world? Take a look at some of its advantages.

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2. Why Should Use The Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework is updated and well supported

Genesis’s developers are the world’s leading developers of WordPress, and of course, their products will please all users and developers alike. Genesis Framework is such a product, it will always be updated to the latest version of WordPress that will not affect your existing website structure, you will not need to reset anything.

Genesis also has a good support community, you can search for the #genesiswp hashtag on Twitter to see the interaction, support each other in the installation process occurs every day. There is also a forum for exchange and support. More specifically, there is a support ticket system that helps you solve problems from the experts. Lastly, each child interface has specific instructions that make it easier for you to use.

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The Genesis Framework is extremely good SEO

Ranking in the first position of search results (especially Google) is always the first goal of the website. Genesis is the perfect choice to help you do this. With its ultra-light and intelligent design, Genesis makes it easy for search engines to easily access and understand the content of your site, helping indexes, rankings become easier.

Perfect for SEO

Supporting properties for search engine optimization are also supported for posts, pages, categories, tags, and more. The Genesis Framework also supports Schema.org, which makes it easy to customize microdata for your website. Help search engines better understand and display more about your website. You can learn more about website optimization with Schema.org on Google.

Moreover, the speed of loading of the child’s theme of Genesis is very fast, this is the factor affecting SEO and users are also more comfortable when surfing on a site so fast.


Easily customize many different themes

You can visit the following link to see the programmers of StudioPress have created a lot of child themes available in many different areas for many topics of the site.


And you can also learn code to write a child theme like this based on the Genesis Framework, not too hard to get started. If you do well you can make money by making Freelancer, website design for other individuals and companies.

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Prices are not too expensive to invest

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For only $60, you will be using the lifetime Genesis Framework, updated and supported forever, much cheaper than a WordPress Framework, also known as Thesis (http://diythemes.com/plans/).

With the price of the child theme range from $30 to $50. These numbers are not cheap for those who want to make a real investment in their website. However, if you are afraid to spend money, then you can search the internet with a number of people share free.

There are many dedicated plugins for Genesis

Genesis offers many plugins with various functions to meet the needs of users, some typical plugins such as:

  • Genesis eNews Extended: With this plugin, you can create a beautiful email collection box, compatible with many different Email Marketing services.
  • Genesis Simple Hooks: helps you to easily insert HTML, Shortcodes, PHP,… into your website.
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce: Replace the default WooCommerce interface with the Genesis interface.
  • There are also many other plugins, such as a plugin, support for creating slide, customize footer, customize Breadcrumbs, create features post, convert data from other themes,…


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to use the Genesis Framework today. This is a perfect choice if you want a neat, lightweight site, fast speed, good SEO, and not afraid of being outdated.

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