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WP Blazer Review

Welcome to my WP Blazer Suite Review. Have you ever heard of this product? If not, no problem, WP Blazer Suite is a brand new software for you to manage your WordPress sites.

As you know that, own a lot of websites, blogs mean you have to spend time with them. WP Blazer Suite is a system that helps you to manage your WordPress sites faster and easier and at the same time. You don’t have to waste your time setting up WP websites; you don’t need to add new themes or upload plugins. WP Blazer Suite has nine tools package to help you control your life easier, and earn a profit at the same time.

To solve this problem, a new software has cropped up because of this. It called WP Blazer Suite which can help manage our time reasonable. So now I am going to write this for all of you so let’s finds out more information about my WP Blazer Suite Review.

1.WP Blazer Suite Review – Overview

  1. Homepage: WP Blazer Suite Official Site
  2. Product name: WP Blazer Suite
  3. Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  4. Target niche: WP Blazer Suite – WP Blazer Secures, Automates & Manages Multiple WP Blogs From One Central Dashboard.
  5. Front-end price: $47
  6. Recommended: Very High
  7. Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  8. Support: Friendly and Effective
  9. Bonuses: On my review
  10. Refund: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

2.WP Blazer Suite Suite Review – What is it?

WP Blazer Suite Suite is a software which helps you manage all the sites in WordPress. The cloud-based SaaS platform allows you to automate, backup and secure all of your WordPress sites with just a click. It will save your time instead of switching the sites to duplicate some steps.

If you are interested in WP Blazer Suite, let’s continue my WP Blazer Suite review.

About Author

Cindy Donovan

The vendor of WP Blazer Suite is Cindy Donovan. She is definitely not a newbie in the world of marketing. Until now, she has more than 10 years working in the field with a lot of product launches such as ChromeEngage, Vira Loop, Cinch Tweet and her most recent product – WP Blazer Suite.
Because of her reputation for previous products, I have a lot of faith that her next product – WP Blazer Suite is going to be another big hit. Now, let’s look at the next part of this WP Blazer Suite Suite Review and find out its features.

3.WP Blazer Suite Review – What will you get from it?

WP Blazer Suite has a lot of amazing features, and I will show you right now, let’s take a look:

  • Update the WordPress theme: You can bring up to date the WordPress version, themes, and plugin within WP Blazer Suite. You will no longer have to switch the sites to repeat the same actions.
  • Operate the Central Admin Dial: The Central Admin Dial shows in a clear structure. You can find what you like without having to open and search in each category.
  • Schedule backups: Backup a position is very important to ensure you have a remedy for any data loss, hack, or accident. With WP Blazer Suite, you can backup your site, or plan an programmed with time, data, and servers.
  •  Instant, one-click WordPress backups anytime
  • Off-site remote backups inc. Amazon s3, FTP & Email
  • Post new content on multiple blogs at once
  • Approve/moderate comments for ALL blogs in one place
  • Create new WP users instantly on multiple blogs
  • Group your sites for easier management
  • Bulk action tools (upgrade, install plugins/themes)

Those features are part of the original WP Blazer, loved by hundreds of clients.In WP Blazer Suite They Will Get ALL Of That AND These Extra Features too! Existing customers have the option to upgrade/unlock these extras so you’ll still profit!

WP Blazer Suite Review

4.WP Blazer Suite Review – How does it work?

This amazing software is not too difficult to use because they have each step for you follow. It does not require technical skill or online experience from the user so you can quickly use it. In my WP Blazer Suite review, I will show you few steps to use this software

There are three steps for you to follow:

    • Step 1: Create your WordPress site: add a site to WP Blazer 3.0 with name, URL and the group you want to join in
    • Step 2: Download install blazer plugin
    • Step 3: Update themes and plugin for site group with some click and manage your WordPress site

5.WP Blazer Suite Review – Why should you buy it?

WP Blazer Suite is a unique and amazing software, and it works very well. It also saves tons of your time. Instead of managing a lot of websites or blogs, now just a click you can control all of it very easy. Moreover, this software is unique, and it won’t let you disappointed and save you from boring work. It is a tool to help you get a chance to earn more money for you. I also found it flexible by managing your sites at one time. Finally, it automates almost every task.

After using this software, the effectiveness of my work has increased significantly; I can manage my website and save a lot of valuable time to do more works. This software is one of a kind, and I think after reading my review maybe you will like and I can not deny its essential function. WP Blazer Suite is a perfect tool, and it’s worth the money.

Pros and Cons


✓  Update All WP sites with one click

✓  Install or update any essential plugin or theme on all sites with one

✓  Run instant secure backups that keep your site safe

✓  Schedule backups to run daily/weekly/monthly so you don’t even
need to login to do it

✓  Never have to worry about your sites being hacked


✓  Almost nothing

Evaluation and Price

For a limited time, you can grab WP Blazer Suite Suite with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suite for you before this special offer gone! Remember that WP Blazer Suite Suite has 1 Front End and 3 OTO’s:

  • Front-end: WP Blazer Suite


The WP Blazer Suite is available at $9. 97/month or $37/year, or $47 for using WP Blazer Suite without limitation.
WP Blazer Suite costs $37 which is affordable. I think this price is an affordable price for everyone. Moreover, the features of this product if unique that you can not find the same one on another website.

  • OTO 1:  WP Blazer PRO ($27)- Unlimited Sites


The pro version has a LOT of extra features and is a very enticing offer for your subscribers including the following things:
– Premium Cloud Backup (Rackspace, Dropbox, Google Drive etc ..)
– Media File Backup
– SEO Management including analytics and SEO tools
– Social Management

  • OTO 2: WP Blazer Developer ($67) – Unlimited Clients & Unlimited Websites

membership-card-mockupThe developers license lets you :
– Full access to manage client sites
– Install wp blazer plugin at client site
– Access everything, including seo + social modules
– Charge more money providing this automated service
– Improved management dashboard – so you can allow dropbox/amazon s3/google drive/rackspace/azure backups per customer/client

  • OTO 3: WP Blazer Whitelabel ($97) – Plugin Rebranding

membership-card-mockup-v2The white-label license gives your users the following benefits :
– Full access to resell/rebrand WP Blazer
– Ability to rebrandWP Blazer plugin (if they buy the plugin option)
– Done for you & fully managed and maintained software product
– Wp Blazer promotional tools
– The professionally written copy will help you generate sales instantly.
– Promo email sequences to convert visitors into buyers.

Start your Free

6.WP Blazer Suite Suite Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, WP Blazer Suite is a fantastic tool for you to manage and control your workload and time. I hope you can make the best choice for your selection. Thank you for spending time reading the whole WP Blazer Suite Review. Goodbye, and see you again!

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Exclusive Bonuses From WP Blazer Suite

When purchasing for this product, you will receive 3 big bonuses below:



It is a spinning wheel game which could help your blog more interesting. It takes just a few minutes to set up and start working. You can customize your own game with giveaways, coupons,  or offers. I think it’s a very fun way to boost your sales.



WP InstaPixel simplifies the way to creating targeted Facebook audiences, base on any criteria you like, for example:

  • Viewed content and did (or didn’t) purchase or take action
  • Subscribed to a mailing list, but didn’t download your gift
  • Added item to cart (but didn’t buy it)
  • Read an article, who should also read a different one


WP Crypto Cash

You’ve no-doubt heard the hype about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!  This plugin nine cryptocurrencies for you using the power of website traffic AND builds your list at the same time!

  • Offer visitors the chance to use some of their computer power (CPU) in exchange for earning rewards.
  • Choose the number of minutes they should stay on your site to win
  • Choose the type of prizes (digital, coaching, coupon codes – literally anything will work!)
  • Add your crypto code so you can earn
  • Add your autoresponder code to capture leads

Turn every click into valuable crypto coins and grow your email list too! You will receive video training showing you how to get set up and profitable quick smart.

And Bonus From My WP Blazer Suite Review


Unleash The Power Of Viral Traffic To Your Blog And Watch In Amazement How With One Single ͚WP Hack͛ You Can Drive Hordes Of Traffic – Quickly And Easily.

#Bonus 2 WP POP BOX PLUGIN ($37)

Create easy customizable video popup,social popup,local pop for local business in a minute



Use Built-In Flash Graphic Creators to Create Custom Graphics & To Build Professional Sales Pages Instantly With Ease In WordPress!


This ͚Point & Click͛ WP Plugin Makes it Super Fast and Easy to Get Your Videos to Show Up On Your Blog Pages & Download Link


Capture Your Readers͛ Attention And Guide Them Into Your Sales Funnel By Making Use Of The Most Ignored And Overlooked Real Estate On Your Blog.

#Bonus 6 WP EZ Launcher ($67)

If you are a niche marketer, affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur that have lots of WordPress websites to launch on, having a tool that will automate the launching process would be a huge help to save more time.

#Bonus 7 WP Login PRO ($27)

WordPress is HOT and more and more designers and marketers are providing their offline clients or building membership websites with WordPress, but with more on the rise …This super simple to use WordPress plugin enables anyone to change their generic WordPress login pages to look like it’s built on an expensive professional CMS solution….even if you’re just trying out WordPress for the first time!

#Bonus 8 WP Checkout Maximizer ($47)

WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, enhance your buyer’s experience and also to drive social viral traffic to your blogs.

#Bonus 9 WP Email Countdown ($37)

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You.

#Bonus 10 WP iAsk ($47)

Instantly Create Surveys That Will Give You Important Information About Your Visitors! Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place. Brand New, Powerful WordPress Plugin Now Allows You To Get Insight As To What Your Visitors Are Thinking, So That You Can Make Better And More Informed Decisions…For MORE Profits.


WP Blazer Suite













  • Update All WP sites with one click
  • Install or update any essential plugin or theme on all sites with one click
  • Run instant secure backups that keep your site safe
  • Schedule backups to run daily/weekly/monthly so you don’t even need to login to do it
  • Never have to worry about your sites being hacked


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